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WWE '13: All the Details about the "Championship Editor"


The Championship Editor allows you to change parts of the in-game belts similar to how you can change the color of an attire in Superstar Threads. In addition, there are also 3 custom designed belts that can be selected and customized. However, as opposed to Superstar Threads, saving Edited Championships will result in a completely seperate and different title, with the option to set:

- A custom Championship Name and "Short Name"
- The gender of the Title between Superstars and Divas
- The type of the Title between Single, Tag Team and Cruiserweight Only

In addition you will be able to create an announcer name for the Championship, with up to 6 words to string together choosing from 88 different call names, listed below thanks to SmackTalks:

Action, Alliance, All-Star, And, Atlantic, AWA, Classic, Continental, Cruiserweight, Deep South, Divas, Dragon, Eastern, ECW, European, Extreme, FCW, Female, Fighting, Full, Gate, Global, Grand Prix, Gulf Coast, Hardcore, Heavyweight, Heritage, Honor, Hybrid, Impact, Intercontinental, International, Internet, Junior, Light heavyweight, Lucha, Lucha Libre, Male, Martial Arts, Mens, Middleweight, Million Dollar, Mixed, NWO, National, Nonstop, Northern, NXT, Of, Prestigious, Pro, Pro Wrestling, Proffesional, Pure, Rated-R, RAW, Ring, Smackdown, Southern, Stampede, Super, Super Heavyweight, Superstars, Tag, Tag Team, Team, Television, Total, Tri-County, Triple Crown, Tri-State, Ultraviolet, Underground, Undisputed, United States, Universal, WCCW, WCW, Welterwight, Western, Womens, World, Worlds, Worldwide, Wrestling, WWE, Yukes, Zone

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