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John Mercer Moveset

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comeback,move theft,hammer throw,resilsensy

standard actions
hhh,roll ring out
hhh,normal 2
outlaw,normal 2

hhh,wrestling hero,hhh,wrestling hero

strike attacks
hhh 2, taker 1,hhh 4,taker 5,left punch

strike combo
hhh 2,taker 1,hhh 4

strong strikes
boxing punch,double axe handle 4

kick reversal
reversal clothesline 1,bell to belly reversal,stf,abdominal stretch,shove back

chain grapple
suplex 5, bell to belly suplex 5,scoop slam 1, gutwrench suplex 2, bearhug

side headlock
sidewalk slam 3,military press slam, irish curse,backbreakerdrop 6,snapmare and chin lock

wrist lock
firemans carry 2,back sideslam 2,headbuttt 3, double axe handle combo,snapmare and butter fly lock

waist lock
back suplex 1, belly to back side slam 3, back side slam 1,half nelson suplex 2,full nelson

front groggy grapple
pedigree 2,adjustment piledriver,book end,tombstone piledriver 4

back groogy grapple
german suplex 2,spin out powerbomb 3,regal plex,wrestlin hero slam 3

abdominal stretch,full nelson

strike attacks
angry stomp,wrestlinghero stomp

grapple facing up
fist drop 4,standind leg drop,belly stomp

grapple facing down
elbpw drop 6,ground punch 2,knee slam

surfboard stretch,camel clutch,single leg crab

strike attacks
shoulder block,shoulder thrust,jumping body splash,clothesline,stomping 3,boxing punch

top rope
uppercut,big boot

tree of woe
kick to gut,running body splash,

grapple moves
snake eyes,slingshot body splash

grapple from from behind
head slam,toss into ring post

top rope grapple
superplex,super powerslam

top rop back grapple
back superplex,tornado bomb

ground grapple
alley hoop bomb

tree of woe rapple
foot choke 2

running tope rope grapple
belly to belly 5

slingshot backbrewaker 2

right hook,axe handle to ringide, apron big boot,suplex 2,shoulder block,pull down 1,pull down 2,fist drop ,big boot,clothesline,knee attack

diving standing
flying clotesline,fying shoulder block

diving down
diving fist drop 2,body splash

running strikes
clothesline 6,shoulder block(Cena's)

running grapples
facebuster 4,german suplex

running back grapple
german suplex 1, german suplex 3

ground strikes
double axe handle

irish whip rebound
spinebuster 6,back body drop 1,big boot(first one),none

pull back attacks
clothesline,belly to belly

tag team standing
double suplex,neck hangig chokebomb,tag punch,clothesline and chop block

tag team corner
double back suplex,double back body drop,death device, backbreaker and elbow drop 3

come back
orton commeback

wakeup taunt

brogue kick,spear 3


quick grapple
knee lift,shoulder block,body punch,shoulder block

powerbomb,attitude adjustment,spear,players boot

strike attack
punch to face,powerful punch

ladder grapple
slam to ladder,back suplex

rock bottom,attitude adjustent

spear,attitude adjustment

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