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Music to Me...A Reflective Essay Written by §SpiritHunter§

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OFFLINE   Dre Hype

Dre Hype

    Andre Graves

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Music to Me...
by §SpiritHunter§

Most people know me as a type of guy on my studies. They donít know my life outside of school. I play video games, use the Internet, and listen to music. The music I listen to is much different than everyone else in my school. Rap is very major in my school, but it is not the only music I listen to. Well I did a lot when I was younger.

Years ago, I hung around my brother and cousins a lot. I was the youngest and they influenced my mind to forget about the constant profanity used and just enjoy. I spent most of my childhood listening to this genre of music before I stopped listening to music. Although, being born in Newark I never knew of anything other than Hip Hop and R&B.

I stopped listening to music in 2007, only hearing some music on the radio. I had completely given up on music as something important in my life. Eventually, I realized music was always going to be around, in my mind, on the radio, and playing video games. In 2009, I started listening to more music, but not rap. I began listening to various genres of rock music such as alternative, a little bit of metal, and the casual rock we hear on TV shows.

I listened to this music for another year until I got my first iPod. I instantly began to listen to the rap music my cousin put on my iPod. However, rock was still on my mind. It was at that time when I began to use YouTube as a music source. In 2011, I realized that these two genres are going to be the music I listen to for a long time. I donít listen to much current music, but more music from 2009 and back as far as the 1970s.

I can obviously know what you are thinking. I am indeed more like the people in my school if you donít know the real me. With me being inside of a school that is very pro on club music, I need a change of the casual constant beating on tables and lockers at times. I need to listen to some of my favorite artists like Kínaan or Zion I; really any of the artists making the music I listen to. To me, whatever I listen to doesnít have to matter to anyone I know. It is really the music I do listen to and what I care about my music. We all have our secrets that involve popular culture: and I revealed mine.

This is just one of my thought-filled essays. I might share some more if you like this one. :asd:

NOTE: Keep in mind, I am not the best writer. I'm just an 8th grader who "is 19"

OFFLINE   Ramm Junge

Ramm Junge

    The Crazy Boy

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Music are influenced very different people. Is different from a man to man. I didn't seen 2 guys influenced on the same style with the same music. BTW is really great that you opened this topic to see your opinion on the music style, and how was your own history on listening the music.

OFFLINE   CM Punkette

CM Punkette


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I love music. It has gotten me through a lot of things in my life.

I have a hard time finding people with similar music interests. I listen to older music (Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Yardbirds, The Animals, etc.) and a lot of different kinds of metal, particularly black metal. Most of my friends like pop music or hip hop/dance/r&b.

Anyway, nice start there, it was a good read.




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I listen to music all day, every day on my ipod or on the computer . Even in school sometimes xD.

Music is a big part in my life .

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Guest, the last post of this topic is over 120 days old. Post only if you have something relevant to add to the discussion.

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