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WWE '13 Roster Reveal [Full Details Inside]August 18th at 2PM PDT / 5PM EST!

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Since the obvious reason why Gangrel was omitted, is because White wolf owns the rights to the name, I hope they at least put in his entrance, and the Broods fire entrance.

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I don't like the fact that multiple versions took up roster spots. 3 HHH's? 2 Lita's? 2 Bradshaw's? Really? REALLY? Overkill.

The inclusion of Hunter Hearst Helmsly is beyond me. That was back in New Generation Era. I mean I don't hate that version, but I think they could have used that slot for somebody else. All they really needed was 97 HHH and Current HHH.

AE Jericho is pretty cool I wasn't expecting him to be in the Roster just 2012 Y2J but he was younger faster and he had The Liontamer not today's crappy Walls of Jericho :sleep: so thats cool, John Laurinaitis was another unexpected Roster spot but come on they could've atleast make the guy wear his goofy People Power attire :facepalm:, Triple H as Hunter Hearst Helmsly is a waste but I do like his theme if it is the one THQ used on LOW it was funny, another complet waste of space like Hunter but this is much more of a waste for every WWE game is Vince Mcmahon DAMMIT!!! THQ take him out of the game but since this year WWE '13 is about the AE I guess they put him in since he was a big role back then in the AE storylines and was used alot in the SCSA rivalry.




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How does this "roster spot/slot" myth keep persisting? The only thing limiting the amount of characters that can be put in the game is disc space, meaning that third HHH or second Cena doesn't mean Tyler Reks or Trent Baretta were crowded out of the game. If Vince wanted Reks, Baretta, Kaitlyn, or any other lowcarders, midcarders, NXTers, or Divas in it, they would be regardless of how many versions of HHH there are.

I'm not saying wanting said individuals in the game is wrong or anything (I've wanted the Usos and Tamina for two years now and Matt Bloom's history with WWE as Prince Albert/Albert/A-Train alone should guarantee him a place in the game in many people's eyes, including mine, so I know where you're coming from and, to an extent, agree), it's just that the belief of the game roster being whittled down to "make room" for duplicate characters is totally false. This is an example of one situation where I'll defend THQ from slander because the roster isn't their decision.

Besides, the way I see it, the duplicates are a benefit anyway because I have total control over fine-tuning entrances and movesets based on the period and, assuming this year we're able to remove people from Universe entirely (even though it hasn't yet been stated, might Tweet Cory and ask if he can say anything), I don't have to worry about current Cena popping up when I want Thuganomics Cena instead. Alt. attires are basically seperate models althogether anyway.

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