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How is your Universe going?Figured out how to make it work well

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Universe mode is the feature that keeps me buying the game. I think they've nailed it for the most part this time around. I still wish there were a bit more cutscenes, but whatever. What are some of your feuds, who are your champions? Anything unique happening?

I'm using Raw and Smackdown but I have almost every superstar on either of the two brands.

Raw Champions:
WWE Champion - CM Punk
Intercontinental Champion - Dolph Ziggler
WWE Tag Champions - Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (I didn't have a tag division originally, at Extreme Rules I had a tag ladder match between The New Age Outlaws and Kingston / Truth, Kingston and Truth won)
Women's Champion - Eve (I hate the Divas title :P)

Smackdown Champions:
World Champion - John Cena (Won it after a feud with Kane, I'm not a Cena fan, I just used it to set up a different storyline)
United States Champion - JBL
WWE Tag Champions - Kingston / Truth
Women's Champion - Eve

I'm only about a month and a half through Universe, I changed brands up for superstars, started a couple of feuds, so here we go:

Alberto Del Rio was my inaugural WWE Champion, Punk won it in an Extreme Rules match at Extreme Rules.
Dolph Ziggler was the inaugural IC Champion.
Kingston and Truth won the vacant Tag Titles at Extreme rules in a ladder match against Road Dogg / Billy Gunn
Eve was the inaugural Women's Champion.

Kane was the inaugural World Champion, Cena won it in a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules.
JBL is the inaugural US champion.

Mark Henry vs The Great Khali (Smackdown), this feud has a lot of potential. I'm trying to push both more toward main event status with Mark Henry as a flat out devastating heel.

Trish Stratus vs Lita (Smackdown), I want one of these two to eventually take the Championship from Eve :P.

CM Punk vs Edge (Raw), another feud with a lot of potential. I want Edge to eventually (months and months down the road) take the championship from CM Punk. My goal is to have Championship reigns last a decent amount of time.

Christian vs The Miz (Raw), started with The Miz interfering in one of Christian's matches. It's sort of gone on from there.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett (Smackdown). This was sort of given to me. It culminated in an I Quit Match at Extreme Rules in which Randy Orton won. He went on to a World Championship match the next Smackdown winning the Championship from Cena, I customized this match. The feud is active and will likely go on for months and months.

Triple H vs X-Pac on Raw. Triple H won a large match in one of the earlier weeks and X-Pac hit him with a chair afterward, starting a feud that I have just kept going.

Superstars I want to incorporate into Major feuds soon:
Daniel Bryan (Probably after Cena and Orton)
Chris Jericho (Probably after Punk and Edge)

Again, I'm only about a month and a half through my Universe, I'm interested in knowing how other users are managing theirs. :)



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Mines going kind of slow!




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I am getting prepared for what kind of feuds i will create when I get the game in 4 weeks or so.

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Gotta be honest. At this point, I'd take Universe 2.0 over 3.0 in a heart beat. I just don't understand.. why shit on the presentation?

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I'm a bit confused, does anyone know how to...Implement the Cutscenes into it? I mean, I unlocked AAAALLL the feud cutscenes and stuff, and they're all turned on...but, none are happening. Well, I had one and it was Big Bossman attacking Cena '04 from behind, and that was today.



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Raw champions:

WWE Champ: CM Punk (Injuried Cena in the first raw, then fight with Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules and won, now Cena comes back with the Dr.Thuganomics gimmick and want a match for the WWE Championship against Punk
USA champ: Ziggler (Won the title against Santino Marella in the second RAW)
Tag team champs: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara (Won against Kofi & Truth in a tornado tag team match in Extreme Rules)
Divas champ: Kharma (Won against Beth Phoenix at Extreme Rules in a singles match)

SmackDown champions:
WHC: Sheamus (SmackDown's GM (Mick Foley) made a tournament to decide the n1 contender for the WHC at Extreme Rules, Orton won the tournament and my plans was to Orton win at Extreme Rules, but unfortunately i lost to Sheamus in a Falls count Anywhere match, now i'll give Orton a rematch at OTL xd)
Intercontinental Champion: The Miz (I've put him on SmackDown and he was already with the title, he was in Foley's tournament but he lost against Mark Henry, so in Extreme Rules he retained the title in a 6-man battle royal)

Feuds: Christian vs Cody Rhodes
These two fighted in foley's tournament for n1 contender for WHC, but Rhodes hitted Christian with a chair and won in their match, then Christian interfered one of Rhodes matches for the n1 contender and helped Daniel Bryan to win against Rhodes, at the Extreme Rules Christian won a tables match against Cody Rhodes, but their feud continues)

Randy Orton vs Big Show: In the first match of Foley's tournament, Randy Orton defeated Big Show, then Big Show asks for another opportunity and Foley give another opportunity to Show, then Big Show starts to help Orton to win the tournament matches to fight against him at the finals, and in the finals Randy Orton defeat Big Show, now Big Show wants revenge against Randy Orton)

Primo vs Epico: Everything starts in a tag tem match against Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara when Primo leaves the ring and Epico fight alone against Mysterio & Sin Cara and loses, now these two keep screwing each other to see who's the best of the tag)

CM Punk vs John Cena' 04: After getting injuried on the first raw, Cena make his return to raw as Dr.Thuganomics and want a match against Punk for the WWE Championship, he won a match against Punk in the raw after Extreme Rules and now is the n1 contender for the WWE Championship.

Kharma vs Bella Twins: Basic feud of divas, nothing special

I've played 1 month in the universe mod and i'm in the first week after Extreme Rules

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Damn, I must be doing something wrong, because I'm 6 months in and I don't see any of this going on in my universe. Granted I'm also not using every superstar on the roster. There are quite a few, but most of my league are CAWs and Attitude Era with a select few current superstars.

I downloaded a Bane CAW from community creations. About every week on Raw, he's attacking a new superstar as their coming out to the ring to fight in a match that has nothing to do with him lol. He's shaping up to be a good heel, but no feuds have really resulted because of it.

I have another feud between two of my CAW's. One of them got injured (broken arm) and his been out for a while. I can't select him to compete in matches, but for some odd reason, he'll appear in some matches that the computer has set up

Booker T and Big Show are a team feuding with Kane and The Undertaker

At one point before a Trish and Kelly Kelly match, Lita was sitting at the front row of the event. As Trish, I went over to talk to her. They argued, Lita hit Trish and then left. And I haven't seen anything else about that feud come back up.

Oh, and my Stacy Keibler came out after Kevin Nash won a match against a CAW. She grabbed his arm, and they walked up the ramp together. I'm pretty sure that he got lucky backstage.

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Raw Champions:
WWE Champion - Jack Swagger
US Champion - Money(My Best Friends Caw)
WWE Tag Champions - Primo & Epico
Women's Champion - Alicia Fox

Wednesday Night Heat:
WWE Heat Champion - Undertaker '97-98
WWE Heat European Champion - British Bulldog
Heat Tag Team Champions - New Age Outlaws
Heat Woman's TV Champion - Lita '00

Smackdown Champions:
Rated R World Heavyweight Champion (My Personal Caws Championship) - Triple H
Intercontinental Champion - Cody Rhodes
WWE Tag Champions - Primo & Epico
Diva's Champion - Alicia Fox

I've Played about a year already in Universe Mode lol anyways here's the Fueds so far

Ryan Riley(My Personal Caw)/ Sheamus - Ryan Riley when he first started in Universe Mode he was Face but after a Year and 3 Months He Turned Heel witch is pretty cool i didn't Expect that at all lol anyways since he turned Heel he's been having matches with Sheamus every Smackdown but the matches were different lol and well its put my rank up in the Rated R WHC i was ranked 16 because Riley Interrupted a Match from Sheamus and then it put me from 16 to 5(#4 Contendership) witch i thought was pretty cool seeing how the interruption is giving Riley a Push.

Triple H/ Chris Jericho - This all started before the Capital Punishment PPV the Fued started when Triple H was fighting in a Tag Team Match Triple H Tagged with The Great Khali and Big Show Tagged with Ryan Riley, Big Show won the Match and after it went to a Cut scene and Khali and Big Show were standing in the Ring looking at the Titantron and The Beginning of the End appeared witch imo thought was awesome plus Triple H's Theme Song played and then at Capital Punishment it was Chris Jericho vs Triple H for the Title.

Universe Tag Teams
Primo & Epi - Primo & Epico & Dude Love (Have No Idea how this Happened lol)
HBK & Mr. McMahan - HBK & McMahan
Kofi & R Truth - Kofi & Truth
BoD - Kane & Taker (Old School Brothers of Destruction)
The N.W.O. - Kevin Nash & Money
Bret Hart & Vader - Bret Hart & Vader
Hunter & Edge'99 - H. H. Helmsly & Edge'99
Team Henry'98 - Mark Henry'98 & Triple H(DX)
Acolytes/APA - Bradshaw & Farooq
The Corporation - Ken Shamrock & Shane McMahan (Over Time Everyone Left except these 2 lol)
Team Cobro - Santino, Zack Ryder, Chris Jericho & Eddie Guerrero(Don't know how this happened)
Bella Twins - Brie & Nikki Bella & Brock Lesnar(Brocks The Ladies man xD)
Christian'99 & Animal - Christian'99 & Animal
The Awesome Ones - The Miz & Mike Tyson
Badass Stone Cold - Billy Gunn & Stone Cold
The Rock N' Sock Connection - The Rock & Mankind
Hunico & Del Rio - Hunico, Del Rio, Cody Rhodes & Wade Barret

Thats basically my Universe Mode




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OK post a rivalry between a certain amount of superstars, hoe long you want their rivalry to go for, whether its for a title or personal issues go for it guys and ill do my best at attempting to make the rivalries good




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first of all am i the only one placing story designer cutscenes into my universe mode

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If you are changing matches odds are you WILL NOT get any of the branching storylines.




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My universe is going like this:

Show Schedule:
Monday: Raw Supershow
Tuesday: NXT
Wednesday: Superstars
Thursday: Raw is War (Vintage Collection)
Friday: Smackdown
Saturday: None
Sunday: PPV

PPV Schedule:
January: Royal Rumble
February: Elimination Chamber
March: Wrestlemania
April: Backlash
May: King of the Ring
June: Judgement Day
July: Money in the Bank
August: Summerslam
September: Night of Champions
October: Unforgiven
November: Survivor Series
December: Vengeance

Misc Shows:
March: Hall of Fame
August: WWE Network
October: Tribute to the Troops


Raw Supershow:
Major: WWE Championship
Minor: US Title
Tag: Unified Tag Titles

Major: NXT Championship
DIva: DIvas Title

Raw is War:
Major: WWF Championship
Minor: European Title
Tag: World Tag Titles

Major: World Heavyweight Championship
Minor: IC Title
Tag: Unified Tag Titles

Will upload the rest tomorrow let us know your thoughts

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This type of thread was at Caws.ws and Dazzman suggested I create it after I got the game but I was too occupied with Attitude Era mode.

Anyway currently right now I got my first branching on Saturday raw is war between gangrel and Matt hardy. After the match Matt hardy attacked gangrel (my choice)

This should be the official universe mode thread
If you are not getting Ny branching stories, do not skip or edit matches. I've noticed that doing that can cancel out some stories

My shows for wwe current
Monday - raw
Tuesday - superstars
Wednesday - nxt
Thursday - main event
Friday - Smackdown
Saturday - raw is war

Ppvs: 2 per month 1 for raw is war and the other for current wwe

Champs: wwe punk us cesaro Ic miz tag hell no divas Beth
Wwf Bret hart Ic hunter tag nao women's sable




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Cool can't wait for my game i will get my game this thursday

OFFLINE   Hardkore jai

Hardkore jai

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Very nice... I'm starting a new save on a different profile it will be AE only

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So how does that work with setting up guess and storys? I am about to start mine. Do I make my guess and stories first then begin playing matches etc?

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Yeah we kinda have this already.

OFFLINE   Hardkore jai

Hardkore jai

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Very nice... I'm starting a new save on a different profile it will be AE only

Damn...must be a pain in the ass.
Too much going on in your universe. xD
Are you trying to re create ae era or just some dream storylines and dream matches?

I always have about 4 or 5 different universes 1 is original the other 3 are wcw wwe attitude ruthless aggression ecw on TNN and wwe current

Haven't started with wcw yet cause I'm waiting on good quality caws to be made lol

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I merged all the "Your Universe" threads in one.

OFFLINE   Hardkore jai

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I merged all the "Your Universe" threads in one.

That's cool Andy.

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