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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 Preset Movesets List

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    - The Gov -

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Moveset 1: Gregory Helms
Moveset 2: Charlie Haas
Moveset 3: Jaime Noble
Moveset 4: Shane McMahon
Moveset 5: Paul London
Moveset 6: Brian Kendrick
Moveset 7: Lance Cade
Moveset 8: Trevor Murdoch
Moveset 9: Big Daddy V
Moveset 10: Elijah Burke
Moveset 11: Boogeyman
Moveset 12: Hardcore Holly
Moveset 13: Val Venis
Moveset 14: Kung Fu Naki
Moveset 15: JBL
Moveset 16. Carlito
Moveset 17. Umaga
Moveset 18. The Great Khali
Moveset 19. Mr. Anderson
Moveset 20. Trish Stratus
Moveset 21. Brock Lesnar
Moveset 22. Goldberg
Moveset 23. Kurt Angle
Moveset 24. King Booker
Moveset 25. Jeff Hardy
Moveset 26. Samoa Joe
Moveset 27. AJ Styles
Moveset 28. Ric Flair
Moveset 29. Eddie Guerrero
Moveset 30. Roddy Piper

Credits: Brad Ward

OFFLINE   Awesome John

Awesome John


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Samoa Joe and AJ Styles? :(

OFFLINE   El Fantastico

El Fantastico

    El Negro Heat

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AJ Styles was in WWF in like 2001 and 2002 and Samoa Joe is an all around athlete, I see AJ but not as much Samoa Joe, maybe they joined with TNA seeing as they have the Tower of London and Canadian Destroyer

OFFLINE   Sir Vee Wells

Sir Vee Wells

    What do I even put here?

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It's just a move-set. Doesn't matter if they are TNA or not. As long as they don't put, "AJ Style's move-set" "Samoa Joe move-set" then I am sure it's fine.

OFFLINE   iLikePatrick


    Minister of Propaganda.

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oh yeah Trish Stratus!!

OFFLINE   El Fantastico

El Fantastico

    El Negro Heat

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lol Trish is the only girl

OFFLINE   The-Nick



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lol Trish is the only girl

lol i think its couse she was in svr 10

OFFLINE   Goldberg


    Bah gawd

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lol at kunfu naki , I going check his moveset out, he only kicks xD

OFFLINE   Ramm Junge

Ramm Junge

    The Crazy Boy

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Samoa Joe and AJ Styles? ;)

I'm surprised too. Why? ;)



    Stephanos Oro Sonne Ramsteen

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Making custom movesets takes much time and patience. Correcting the generic movesets and incorrect movesets given to many on the roster due to 450+moves removed just kills me. Thanks for posting! Movesets can get messy and confusing, no doubt!

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