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AJ Styles Potentially Leaving TNA

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Updated with info of Devon and Mr Anderson and what is happening with AJ .


To bring fresh faces ? They fired Christian York and Joey Ryan ...

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^ Exactly. They say this but when they bring these talents in they do nothing with them and their gone before you know it. I didn't care for Joey Ryan and I was glad to see the back of him but Christian York did have a push after his Gutcheck match. I seem to recall they put him in there with both Roode and Hardy (who was the World Champion at the time) and he delivered good matches with both of them. Then they made him a top star in the X Division before choosing to go with Kenny King instead and then he became irrelevant and got the boot, they missed an opportunity there in my opinion.


I just can't picture AJ being anywhere else after all the times he has turned WWE down in the past and stayed loyal to TNA. I'm sure they'll be able to convince Anderson as well because he wasn't the most like guy in WWE after the incident with Randy Orton. Truth be told, if any two wrestlers (and I use that term very loosely when describing these two) need to be released right now it's Robbie E and Jesse Godderz and then bring in some young TALENT to replace them.

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Hopefully he'll come to WWE, he's done everything he can at TNA.  

What can he gain in WWE? He's too old and already developed, also WWE is so restricted when it comes to Wrestling. Be logical. Also I believe he should leave TNA and go to either ROH, or Japan where Veteran Wrestlers from All over are excepted for in Ring ability.

I hope he doesn't come to wwe I have never been an AJ Styles fan he has horrid mic Skills and he is a bit overrated by tna

How is he overrated? Do you even know what overrated means? Or are you just upset that he has more fans than your Fanboy FAV. AJ Styles can get it done stop lying to yourself.



What can he gain? Err, more money, more fans, a chance to work with the likes of Punk & Bryan again, he could headline Wrestlemania, win the Rumble. He's not long turned 36, that's still enough time to have a good run in the WWE. Yeah, unfortunately they do restrict wrestlers, but from what I've seen of him in TNA over the past year he doesn't seem to fly in & out of the ring like he used to anyway. It would be much smarter to join WWE now whilst he's still young and then - if he feels like it - go back to indys or over to Japan in his 40s; the alternative would be throwing away probably his last chance of joining WWE for what's pretty much an early retirement. He's one of the best in the world, so I want to see him on the biggest stage possible...and that's the WWE. 

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I would mark out if he came to WWE. But realistically speaking, he'll re sign with TNA.

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