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The Grand Theft Auto Saga Chronology and Story

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Grand Theft Auto Chronology


The Grand Theft Auto series is considered by Rockstar Games to be split into separate universes based on the graphic quality of the games of the years they were released . These are the 3 universes , who are separated : "2D Universe" (that goes from the original Grand Theft Auto to Grand Theft Auto 2) , "3D Universe" (that goes from Grand Theft Auto III to Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stories) and the "HD Universe" (that goes from Grand Theft Auto IV to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V) . As this is in general , game endings and many important events with spoilers aren't really told for people who want to play the games if they didn't (In case of 3D Universe , GTA III and Vice City were the first released , so it was already known what will happen with prequels) .
2D Universe :
(The beggining of the series . These games were released in 2D and based on the concept of killing and stealing cars . The games had mixed success .)
The story starts with GTA London : 1961 , even though the characters that appear in the game doesn't appear in any other game . Same happens with the next , GTA London : 1969 .
The following game is Grand Theft Auto , that happens in 1997 . However , the game doesn't have any story or a remarkable event .
The closer game of this universe is Grand Theft Auto 2 , is hinted to happen between 1997-2013 . Something curious is that , even though he's an important character and protagonist of the 3D Universe , he's the playable character on Sega Dreamcast , PC and PS1 .
3D Universe :
(The 3D Universe is considered the breakthrough of the Grand Theft Auto series , with sales and reviews rising giantly . It began with Grand Theft Auto III , released in 2001 and happening on Liberty City)
The 3D Universe starts with Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stories , happening in 1984 with Victor Vance as protagonist , who joins the United States Army . He's the brother of Lance Vance who arrives at Vice City wanting to gain money to pay a doctor for his other brother , Pete , who has asthma . In the army , he will meet sgt. Jerry Martínez , who he will clash with . After take control over a true business' empire in Vice City , Victor decides to leave the city for a few time and never be involved with the drugs' business anymore , even though Lance steals 20 kgs of cocaine to their boss at the time , Ricardo Díaz .
Next is Grand Theft Auto : Vice City , happening 2 years after , in 1986 . The protagonist is Tommy Vercetti , a criminal that has been released from Liberty City's prison . Trying to restart his career in the mafia , does a drug buy job for the capo of the Forelli Family , Sonny Forelli , with the bad luck that the exchange is interrumpted by 3 men of Díaz , who wanted revenge on the sellers , Victor and Lance Vance , selling the 20 kg of cocaine they stole . In the deal , Victor dies , becoming the first protagonist to die . Tommy , on the other hand , manages to scape quickly , leaving the money and the cocaine behind . Sonny orders him to recover both parts of the deal . Nevertheless , Tommy creates his own criminal organization that powerful that they take control over all Vice City .
After it , the next one is Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas , that occurs on 1992 . The protagonist is Carl Johnson , who comes back from Liberty City to the street he was born in Los Santos , for try to discover what happened to his mother , who was killed by a Drive-by from a green Sabre . Back there he meets with the problems he left behind : the drugs , the rival gangs , his brother angry with him ... During it , he meets the cousin of one of his friends (Cesar Vialpando) , Catalina , who falls in love with Carl and they go out together , until she breaks with him for Claude Speed and the couple leaves Los Santos for Liberty City .
The game that followed it was Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories , that occurs on 1998 . The protagonist is Toni Cipriani , a thug smarter than he looks that works for Salvatore Leone . Toni comes back to Liberty City after been a long time out of the city for kill a rival gangster . His objective is become the right hand of Liberty City mafia's boss .
Next in line is GTA Advanced , that happens in 2000 , where the protagonist , Mike , who works with Asuka Kasen , leader of the Yakuza . In this game is explained the reason of the rivalry between the Cartel and the Yakuza , how 8-Ball was arrested and how Catalina became the boss of the Cartel .
For end the 3D Universe , we have Grand Theft Auto III , that happens in 2001 . In this game we play as Claude Speed , who is betrayed by her girlfriend Catalina during a bank robbery . Nevertheless , with the help of 8-Ball , he manages to keep going forward and after do a lot of missions until he finds Catalina and her new boyfriend , Miguel .
HD Universe :
(The HD Universe incorporated much more realistic gameplay and graphics . All the games of this universe , except Chinatown Wars , use the Euphoria animation engine , that adds realism to the game , and Rockstar Advanced Game Engine aka RAGE , for the game graphics .)
The story of the HD Universe starts with Grand Theft Auto IV , in 2008 , where the protagonist is Niko Bellic , an inmigrant from Serbia guilty of kill , sell and traffic of humans . Niko decides to start a new life when he ruined his boss Bulgarin after a ship with humans to traffic with was sink . His cousin Roman sent him various emails about how he was living the "american dream" and inviting him to live with him , and after the problem told , he decided to do it , but when he arrived , he discovered Roman has been lying to him . Through the adventure Niko meets the protagonists of the game expansions , Johnny Klebitz and Luis Fernando López .
The story is continued and built at the same time in Grand Theft Auto IV : The Lost and Damned (still in 2008) , where the story focuses on Johnny Klebitz , a veteran member of The Lost Motorcycle Club . Johnny has been doing important business for The Lost in Liberty City , but his loyalty will be tested when the President of the Club , Billy Grey , after be released of prison . When Billy returns , he just want to do blood's baths , and Johnny will be forced to participe in the middle of a war for the control of the city .
The story is continued and built at the same time in Grand Theft Auto IV : The Ballad of Gay Tony (still in 2008) , where the story focuses on Luis Fernando Lopez , a thug who is assistant of Anthony Price , known as Gay Tony , an important businessman who owns 2 night clubs : Hercules and Maisonette 9 . He will he involved mainly in the night life and with the rich people of Liberty City .
Next in line is Grand Theft Auto : Chinatown Wars , that happens on Liberty City one year after , in 2009 . This game uses the cell-shading . The protagonist is Huang Lee , 25 years old , who comes back from Hong Kong after the death of his father . He brings a relic sword of the Lee Family , Yu Jian , with him . Huang arrives , but a few streets passed from the Francis International Airport , he's attacked and hurt badly . The sword is taken from him and he's thrown to the Humboldt River , but he wasn't dead , he simulated it , swim to the beach and headed to his uncle's bar . Huang tells him everything , and Wu Lee (his uncle) , furious , orders him to recover the sword . Not only he will have to recover it , but also avenge his father's dead .
The newest chapter in the HD Universe is Grand Theft Auto V , that happens in 2013 , in the city of Los Santos . For the first time there's 3 protagonists : Michael De Santa (a professional bank robber now retired in his 40s after make a deal with the FIB and enter their protection program . He's trapped in a appearence marriage and he doesn't understand his kids .) , Franklin (member of the Groove Street Family with his best friend Lamar . They also work as repo-man for an armenian car dealer called Simeon Yetarian . He's 20 years old and have a rottweiler called Chop) and Trevor Phillips (ex-soldier on his 40s . He's a drogadict , deals with drugs and is crazy . He is Michael's best friend and also one of his partners during the robberies Michael made . He's friend of Ron , a conspiration paranoid .) .

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Awesome stuff. Thanks!

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Siickk! Thanks for posting this.

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Thanks for posting! GTA London was fun game, It had one of the best radio stations.

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I remember playing GTA London, ahh the good times. I hope they do another one in the future

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