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Do you guys think SVR07 may have been the best SVR

Old topic!
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21 replies to this topic

OFFLINE   jshowers


    Backyard Wrestler

  • 30 posts

If not what was your favorite?


K Money

    The Beard. Is. Heeeeeere!

  • 1,593 posts
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Pure Michigan

For me personally, my greatest memories were of playing "SVR '08" for its CAREER MODE and ROSTER .

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OFFLINE   The 10th Doctor

The 10th Doctor

    SDH's Resident Gallifreyan Time Lord

  • 2,912 posts
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: In The TARDIS

2008-2009 were the worst out of the wwe games



    Instagram: @brodienissen

  • Moderator
  • 6,798 posts
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia
  • Already Better

Nah, SVR 2006.

OFFLINE   LordoftheFlickies



  • 918 posts
  • Gender: Male
  • SonicWonderman

I would say SvR 2007 or 2006 were the best.



    Know Your Role!

  • 3,363 posts

I very enjoyed  2006, 2007 and 2008  but 2011 was a huge step for WWE games too

OFFLINE   jshowers


    Backyard Wrestler

  • 30 posts

Yeah I'm only 13 and I've played SVR 07 and 06 on PS2 and they were fun. It went downhill after 09 but there pretty good

OFFLINE   Asesino



  • Supporter
  • 2,649 posts
  • Gender: Male

My favorite one is SVR 2008, I really liked the GM mode with ECW roster and legends.

OFFLINE   The Dwayne

The Dwayne


  • 215 posts

I like 07 for what it is but it took out so much that 06 had that I can't put it in my favorites 

OFFLINE   reborn


    to those left in sadness, i'll be the one to lead you out.

  • 825 posts
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: the edge of sanity.
  • RebornRated

I really enjoyed 2011. The physics were great. The models looked awesome. But SvR 07 was pretty fun too. 

OFFLINE   Fireshock


    The Match Shocker

  • 249 posts
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: UK (Where it rains a lot)
  • ROCKERT799

I preferred 2006 and 2008. 2006 had a cool roster and 2008 had a amazing 24/7 mode  

OFFLINE   Nic Virtue

Nic Virtue


  • 1,937 posts

06 and 07 were my favorite. All else failed in comparison. 

OFFLINE   Sir Vee Wells

Sir Vee Wells

    What do I even put here?

  • Hall of Fame
  • 4,636 posts

06 for sure.

OFFLINE   Spyder78


    The Grandfartherly Jester of SDH

  • 7,203 posts
  • Gender: Male

SVR 06' was the be all and end all for perfection, everything onward has been a steady decline into the crappiness

OFFLINE   fufu



  • 2,101 posts

2007 is my favourite. I used to come home after school and just play it for hours on end in the winter. I just played the GM Mode, making feuds and playing them out. It took a lot of imagination, but it was such fun. Also, the Hardcore Triple Threat Tag matches were amazing. The little section in the crowd was a lot of fun too.

OFFLINE   ĐopeIntentions


    - AZH -

  • Supporter
  • 9,408 posts
06 & 07 were the greatest imo.



    410,757,364,530 DEAD COPS

  • Supporter
  • 1,145 posts

2008 was the best for me. Hard, challenging and nice looking.


2007 is just garbage for me.

OFFLINE   Andy The Honey Head

Andy The Honey Head

    The Shovel is coming

  • Supporter
  • 2,591 posts
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: scotland
2006 I still play it to this day. Well last month, epic roster, excellent Gm mode, only complaint is the story mode gets repetitive.

OFFLINE   The Walking Deadman

The Walking Deadman

    Backyard Wrestler

  • 37 posts
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: Death Valley

2006 and 2007 for me.

OFFLINE   Sir Vee Wells

Sir Vee Wells

    What do I even put here?

  • Hall of Fame
  • 4,636 posts




Old topic!
Guest, the last post of this topic is over 120 days old. Post only if you have something relevant to add to the discussion.

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