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Divas VS Superstars

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Poll: divas vs superstars (39 member(s) have cast votes)

do u want male vs female back

  1. YEH bring it back! (26 votes [66.67%])

    Percentage of vote: 66.67%

  2. NO leave it like this! (13 votes [33.33%])

    Percentage of vote: 33.33%

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OFFLINE   Peter1678



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Woman can wrestle guys... but in a game i don't want to see Divas vs. Superstars in real life i don't want to see it so why are you guys/girls so crazy that your diva wrestle with a man, i mean Divas can wrestle divas just if you girls/guys want so let's all divas wrestle in all MATCHES, that would be funny...

totally agree with ya ;)

OFFLINE   NaughtyGirl286



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Good grief this site is just FULL of women haters. I can see my stay here won't last much longer. I do agree that WWE and new TNA have no clue how to market female wrestlers. But attacking Shimmer is just silly. Those women can wrestle. And a hell of a lot better then quite a number WWE men. It's getting past amusing how emotional you guys get when this topic comes up. You must be the guys who get turned down by all the women. That must be why it stings so badly. Crazy sexist kids.

Well I agree with you 100% you know that from the get go.
and I kinda feel sorry becasue when we first meet on here you asked me what
this place was like and I told you it was a very nice place that was very open and tolerant
and excepting of women. I feel I kinda let you down and told you something that wasn't true.

I have been a member here since May of 2010. that is roughly 7 maybe 7 and a half months
since I joined (I joined the 13th of May and its Dec 5) and I brought this issue up countless
times in various posts and no one really said anything about it. Now that there is a thread
about it actually 2 threads about it all hell has broken loose and everyone is showing their
true colors now. You ask why it is important I point to why it is important but you would
rather hide behind a bunch of macho-bullshit and saying it is "unrealistic" and be hateful,
selfish, sexist and ignorant and refuse to listen.

Also I have news for you the whole game is "unrealistic"
Paul Bearer appearing as a Ghostly apparition to the point that other characters walk through him
then he at the end of the story disappears in a flash of light <--- that is unrealistic
A time Machine?? <--- that is Unrealistic
having to fight the likes of Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka in there prime <--- that is unrealistic
( legends are unrealistic in general if the person has passed away they shouldn't be in the game
if they are still living like Snuka they should be presented at their current age. snuka is I think 66.
This character in the game he should appear as 66 in the game he looks like he just steped out of the
80s that is unrealistic)
Create mode which we all love is of course Unrealistic
blue skin? purple skin? bat wings coming out of your back? fangs, blacked out eyes?
horns? there was even a Dinosaur head at one point! do you see where I'm going with this?

One more "unrealistic" is not going to hurt the game its going to make it more fun!
but people don't don't seem to grasp that concept so I just don't know want to say anymore.

"so let's all divas wrestle in all MATCHES, that would be funny..."

let divas wrestle in all match.. that is all I want.

and we know you might think it is funny now but the moment a diva tosses you out of the rumble
or the moment you loose Money in the Bank to one you know damn well you will all be clamming
to have the option removed again becasue you can't handle it.

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    Stephanos Oro Sonne Ramsteen

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Great point ^^^ Youtube will be cluttered with videos of online geeks destroying thier consoles after losing online matches to divas in Royal Rumbles, Hell in a Cell, Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank, and championships matches (offline) everywhere imaginable LMAO

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OFFLINE   Garo112



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I think It should be back... that's why videogames aren't progressing to become intergender they are limitating womens.... If gaming wants to get to another level they should kill the belief that only men play videogames or that women only play Dancing, singing, Roll play dating, cooking and so on....

If you don't want to wrestle against a Diva on the game just don't do it just change the oponent.... If you don't want to do it online just leave the room and let her know that you don't want to wrestle her

sorry for the bad english

OFFLINE   NaughtyGirl286



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I was going to post this in the other thread but being that it is closed I'll put it it here before this one is closed.

people are saying don't complain to THQ about this but actually you should.
you need someone to champion your idea becasue if you tell them hey
If you put this in fans will be happy and possibly more people will be playing
it and more people will purchase it that means more money and so on..
Hopefully they will go an tell WWE this. WWE will see that it is a good business
decision and it will generate more money and Vince likes his money!
So you have to appeal to their Greed!
and its a win/win situation we get what we want and they get what they want
I don't see the problem.
Also I don't get it...you guys are so heartless.
various moves were removed and people went ballistic and my reaction
was very sympathetic I'm sorry your Neckbreaker 27 was taken out if
I had the power to put it back in I would.
that is how I feel, but when I (and other who share this problem)
I/we get laughed at and and jokes are made
and are told that I/we should forget about it and move on.
Your neckbreaker 27 might not be important
to me but at least I had the decently to show some compassion
for my fellow game players instead of being a total ass about it.

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OFFLINE   Lokita Bebé

Lokita Bebé


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Its really not that serious at all. THQ are not the ppl we/you should talk to or confront about it, because its out of there hands. They cant do anything the WWE wont let them do, THQ just follows orders. Personally, I dont feel the same way you other ladies do because I too like the realism. When I 1st got 2010 and found out I could play Superstars with my original Diva, I wasnt upset at all, and it made sense to me.

The points you brought up about the unrealistic parts of the game are a bit lopsided to me though. Almost every year we have legends, so that technically would be unrealistic aswell since none of them wrestle anymore. I think the realism ppl want is with the Gameplay. If you dont want it to be realistic, then theres not much anybody can do about it. The game has been gravitating towards realism, like how things are on programming, so getting all touchy about it is like beating a dead horse.

If there was an option for it then kewl, but if theres not, then you cant get mad either. Chillax ppl.*~



    Stephanos Oro Sonne Ramsteen

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It would be realistic to have more than only two weight classes (featherweight & light heavyweight) for divas in SVR11. Example, Awesome Kong (height: 5'9, weight: 272) was a TNA knockout wrestler (although no longer around in TNA) and would be easily classified as superheavyweight, or MAYBE heavyweight. Alosia was 6'9 and was fired before her in-ring debut on NXT season three. We never get to see divas EVER like her in WWE. Two weight classes for divas---How's that for realism? WWE/THQ should pay more attention to thier divas, tag teams, and cruiserweight wrestlers. At least Kaval and Daniel Brian have joined. Although there's talent---it needs a serious boost in these areas. More competitve action and storylines. There's less emphasis and attention on these subjects and with that being said it shows in thier promoting, advertising, video games, commerce, media, and every avenue available where WWE/THQ are involved. They are most concerned with thier top commodities---The "IT" guys that bring in the most revenue and popularity. This is the sharp contrast that defines the business we see today and how it works in action.

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OFFLINE   rockrocks27


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No don't bring it back! So My stalker on youtube can't send me that god awful caw porn ;)

No don't bring it back! So My stalker on youtube can't send me that god awful caw porn ;)

but then again he could start sending gay porn. ;) ;)

OFFLINE   BobbyParkhurst


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Well, I'm a girl, and to be honest, I'd like to face some of the actual superstars.
I don't see why just because I made a 'Diva' character because I'm female should mean I have to fight Divas. If I'm honest, I don't even class Divas as wrestlers, and I'd just like to play the game against superstars without making a male character.

(Also, there are some Divas who I'd like to see get K.O'd.)



    The Mentalist

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But your New here So its an exception for sure.

Read the Rules and Welcome To SDH! ;) 

OFFLINE   Wolverine



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Depends who's facing each other,




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It's a freaking video game for crying out loud! It has no bearing on real life! If we want to have men vs women, we should be able to. If we want to make a female First Blood match, we should be able to. 



Oh, but, but, but.....



But nothing. It's a game. It's purely fictional. There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with doing it. That being said, I'd be up for a Ryback vs AJ Lee First Blood match!  :dance:



    The Softcore Icon

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Unless Chyna and Awesome Kong are in the game I really don't see the point. What, are you gonna have Big Show bitch slapping divas?

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