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WWE 2K14: What's new in the Creation SuiteSuperstar Heads, Championship Editor,100 CAW Slots, Piper & Heyman

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3rd notable thing about WWE 2K 14 is good.

Which is this,so well done thq 2.0.

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The article said "first batch of superstar heads", so I'm thinking there will be more available via DLC

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This is amazing news. I created well over 100 CAWs last year, and had 3 different storage devices on the go. Looks like i'll actually be able to use every CAW in the same universe mode this year.

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Superstar heads sounds promising. This is gonna be sweet for my promo making. We can even keep superstars t-shirts up to date now.


FINALLY I can have Triple H rockin a suit, FINALLY I can have The Rock in his tank top and trackies without having to spend hours on CCreations searching for a decent looking CAW, FINALLY. I don't even care that we only have 14 superstars available and not the whole roster because I'm just happy we have this in the game, its something different.

Also, odd that they didn't reveal Piper in the roster reveal but he's available in superstar heads?


I'm also happy we can FINALLY edit superstar threads entrance attires. It was so overdue. Cena's hat colour can be changed :D


Belt thing looks cool too with the logo although I hardly use it. Comes in handy when I make my NXT show in Universe tho. And the custom side plates on the new WWE Championship sounds awesome, so you have it representing whoever is holding the title just like real life.


Also, I can rest easy since story designer is confirmed to return :dance:

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Well this hyped me, can't wait for this game! Glad I already pre-ordered :dbryhappy:

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Only 14 superstars tu use in the superstars head mode?? Where's Christian?

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I'm going to make mohawk Undertaker with the Lord of Darkness top and his current tights.

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But can we upload/download the edited superstar in CC?



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I hope there will be DLC for extra editable superstars such as Christian since he have no entrance attire since when?



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Readin this Topic again i can do what i always wanted give Del rio A black scarf and black trunks. Making your own title is awesome probably gonna make a title for my future divas division :)

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Won't really use Superstar heads since the current roster never change their gimmicks or attires anymore anyway. Really happy about changing entrance attires though, more created arenas, and hopefully they've added a lot more stable entrances since you can cast who does what now. 



Also where is this from? I thought we were getting info from the stream? This is so much better, reminds me of the days we got facts from IGN in articles, 2 months before then game came out. 

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I don't want to see that ''It's just Wwe 13''...shit anymore...

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I'm not to happy about 100 CAW slots and only 14 Superstars being used in Superstar Heads (especially when one is a manager) but other than that I am so ready for this game now. I can't wait to get using the Create a Championship and Create an Arena modes this year. It looks so promising.



The article said "first batch of superstar heads", so I'm thinking there will be more available via DLC


They're more than likely just the heads of available superstars when the game is released and to get more, you have to unlock the superstar or diva it's attached to.

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Create a championship sounds cool and does this mean we can add logos to brock lesnars shorts and other superstars?

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Nice stuff :) so excited


Just a quick question can i Change Dean Ambroses Shield attire to his FCW attire 


Not unless you create him from scratch.

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Great stuff, guys that make promos and that stuff will find this really useful :yep:.


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Glad they brought create a championship back, though I wish we could defend them online -_-

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After today, I'm off to pre order!

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so If piper isn't on the game roster at least I can use his head in superstar threads to make him

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