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Ruminations on an old PSP Wrestling Game

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I still play SvR 11 on my rather beat-up PSP Go (the slide is broken, the power switch is gone--I removed it myself, and the R trigger no longer works). To get around the R trigger issue, I simply remapped the buttons' functions around (SELECT now functions as the reversal/change target button, START is the new Cross button--chosen to make it easier to Irish Whip, and Cross now functions as the new START button). This game is still very playable, though it seems a bit "harder" to compete at the level I used to compete at (winning about 99 percent of the matches I played in, even on maxed-out AI).


Now, for those of you complaining about the "AI being too easy" in this game, just set the master difficulty to Legend, max out EVERYTHING (even Finisher/Foreign Object damage), but zero out the stamina slider (even with the stamina system turned off, the game still gives both you and the AI more "gas in the tank" with this slider zeroed out). Also, turn Reversal Damage ON, because this actually makes the AI even more aggressive, but it seems to dampen some of the "cheapness" people sometimes complain about.


Also, what I did, to make it fair in submission matches (and any other match where submission wins are possible), is set everybody's submission attribute to 80. This makes it so that you can only hold submissions for maybe six or seven seconds before the AI breaks out (it drops to about three seconds if the AI is using its Resilience ability).


For the most part, I left most superstars' other attributes alone (though I did give more durability to the likes of Big Show, Kozlov, Mark Henry, and even Finlay). Undertaker is still one of the strongest characters in the game with a 98 overall, with Mewtwo tying him and only Lugia beating him...by ONE point.


Finally, here are ways to deal with some game-freeze issues which may be plaguing some people.


The 6-man tag glitch only happens if you try to "break up" a stable containing three or more members in 6-man tag matches. To eliminate the possibility of game freezes, simply fill all three team slots with stable members (for both teams, if need be), and you're good to go.


The Championship Scramble glitch is something which I believe could be caused by more than one singles champion participating in the match, where one of the titles is not up for grabs. This does not affect tag titles, as they can only be defended/won in tag team matches. I had two different Scrambles, one five minutes in length and the other the full 20 minutes, and both of them ended successfully. The first one ended in a draw (which I chalk up to simply being too "short") and the other had Candis win the WWE Title, lose it to Randy Orton (when he pinned another superstar), then win it back (again, NOT by pinning Orton).


The CAW RTWM glitch has a very easy solution: simply replace your CAW's finishers (if he uses CAFs) with other, in-game finishers. The easiest way to do this is to replace them with another superstar's sigs/finishers via the Auto Set feature. You don't have to restore your CAW's entire moveset to default, but you still can, if you want to (just have a backup copy of that CAW handy so you can restore your CAW's moveset once you're past Week 9 in the RTWM storyline--the one where you fight 15 Druids).

Old topic!
Guest, the last post of this topic is over 120 days old. Post only if you have something relevant to add to the discussion.

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