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SmackDown Backstage 2014

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Welcome to the SmackDown backstage. Here you can roleplay for the development of your character and even start feuds with other people or make alliances/teams/stables. Have fun!

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*Ryback stands in the ring with a microphone in hand.  The crowd is uneasy at the site of the human wrecking ball.



Ryback:  I stand before you to remind you of the destruction I can cause.  To remind you that the human wrecking ball will once again dominate in every aspect of this business. 


I've been cheated out of the WWE title in the past, but no more.  No more cheating me....now, it's time to feed me again.  I look at the competition and it makes my mouth water at the chance to turn every superstar in the back into the residue of a demolished building.  If you think i'm kidding...take a look yourself.



*Ryback points at the titantron:






*Ryback smiles as he brings his mic up to continue.



Ryback:  And that was just a warm up.  Starting tonight, you see why every one of you in the back is just a slab a meat on the table and I'm ready starving for a full course meal.  Tonight, the first slab I meat I get to devour is Sheamus.


*The crowd pops for Sheamus as Ryback looks very unimpressed.


Ryback:  So why don't you come out here Sheamus and do you job.  I'll take a number 1, supersized with extra sauce on it and no pickles....heaven help you if I find a single pickle on my Big Mac.  I want my fries with no salt and a Hi C orange with no ice.  Hurry up....I'm hungry.


*Ryback laughs at himself as the crowd boos.


*Ryback points at the titantron again.






Ryback:  If this is your idea of someone who can stop me, I laugh in your face.  A overblown Ronald Mcdonald in wrestling shoes is still a ridiculous clown that does nothing but FEED ME MORE!  Tonight, I'm going to rearrange Ronald Mcdonald's face into a point of no return.  You will be left nothing more than a mess in the ring for some other slab of meat to clean up.  


Ronald, tonight, you get introduced to the destruction that the human wrecking ball can cause and you will be my appetizer because I have nothing but gold on my mind and i'm not talking about gold that's shaped in a deformed "M."  


Tonight, ronald, you won't be saying "i'm loving it" no no no.  The only words you will hear running through your head is "FEED ME MORE....FEED ME MORE.......FEED ME MORE













*Rybacks theme song starts to play as he continues to screem "Feed Me More" and awaiting the arrival of Sheamus.

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*The lights dim. The titantron is pitch black. A quiet wind like noise can be heard through the speakers*
*a strange voice can be heard over the top of the wind*

*crowd shouts what*

"Soon this roster will know what it's like, to be stung...by the scorpion HAHAHAHA"

*crowd chants what again*

*orange and yellow lights flash around the arena as heavy music plays then a sudden silence*


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*after commercial break*

"We're Here"

*Bray Wyatt music plays*

"Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime is onnnnnnnnnn my side"




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If there are more man 32 people in that tournament for the PS3, why can't we get this part of the fed up and running?





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