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WWE Legends DLC out January 7th

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just give it up giving a whole pack for AJ would not sell well people complain about Divas getting DLC over other male superstars all the time. But keep living in your AJ fantasy land.

I don't discriminate gender. Ever.


And how do you know it would not sell well? You don't seem to give things a chance.


go to other forums and look at how many people bitch about Diva dlc. 2k doesn't care what crazy AJ fans want. After this DLC no more so deal with it.


I'm not CRAZY! And I don't really give a damn about people that "bitch" about diva dlc. It's nothing different from superstar dlc. And no more DLC after this? That sucks. WWE '13 had the best DLC (drew mcintyre and AJ LEE!!!!!!)


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I've had some time to think this through; and DLC Pack #3 gives me more legends for me to move over into "RETRO SUPERSTARS" in my Universe Mode to add to the roster for the "WEDNESDAY NIGHT REWIND" show! Also, I'll take a look at the new Superstar Heads and see what I can come up with for long-haired Punk or bald HHH.

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I only want the Superstar Heads... idc really about the legends 

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Can't wait to play as Jake The Snake Roberts. 

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  • Kaliz0r

Pumped about this. One of my favorite CAWs from last year was Rick Rude, so I can't wait to use this DLC version. Also...Jake the Snake! Don't care for the rest too much but I'll still use them.

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I'm only getting Virgil.

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