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PokemonTravel to the unknown world of WWE

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well my story is that in between a battle between ash ketchum (looks great) and a team rocket grunt (crap because of pants), a move combined of pikachu's thunderbolt and meowth's (unknown move here) made a transporter that sucked the grunt and ash into the reality world in the wwe studio. Ash is found in the catering area and the grunt found in a locker room. ash is taken to the gm's office and after being laughed at ash gets to choose where to be trained by batista or rey mysterio(branching story.) Meanwhile the person who doesn't look after ash finds the grunt and after a small talk he decides to help him. they both give them hard and easy training sessions until finally they meet and the week before wrestlemania, who ever wins the tag team match between ash and rey/batista and the rocket grunt with rey/batista gets to choose what match will be in the wrestlemania match between ash and the grunt. after the match edge comes and congratulates you when you win and lends you and the grunt their time machine so they can go back in time to when they had their pokemon battle.

most of that i just made up then but will happen. do you like the story? also do any of you guys have any idea how to make a pikachu and meowth CAW for the PS2?

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Yes is a good story. I like but you will have to decide who will train Ash. Will be Rey or will be Batista? Honestly I want to be Batista. :D

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That was kinda weird....but awesome.

And Pokemon theme is freaking badass!!! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!!!

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That was kinda weird....but awesome.

And Pokemon theme is freaking badass!!! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!!!

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