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Walking The TrailHardcore Holly vs Number 4 Feud

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I have a wrestling federation In my Universe Mode called Walking The Trail.


Hardcore Holly has just lost to Number 4 at the One Year Anniversary show in the first ever Inferno Match for the Underground Hardcore championship. Their feud with each other began last year after Number 4 put Hardcore Holly's face through a table that was on fire. The move Number 4 executed was a Running Bulldog and as a result, Hardcore Holly's face got burnt. At the time this incident happened Hardcore Holly was apart of the biggest stable on Walking The Trail, The Corporation, however Vince McMahon who led The Corporation immediately kicked Hardcore Holly out of the group and stated he didn't want a "Monster" giving the group a bad look. Hardcore Holly first joined The Corporation after having a successful tag team run with Al Snow and they were both recruited by Vince McMahon to represent the tag team division on behalf of The Corporation. They were called The J.O.B Squad and  at one time they held the ECW Tag Team championships which were mainly tag titles for the mid card division. So although Hardcore Holly got kicked from the group, Al Snow remained corporate turning his back on his former partner. So Holly's dreams of becoming a successful tag team wrestler came to an abrupt end and following multiple surgeries Hardcore Holly had his face re-constructed. When Holly returned to the ring he reached out to his cousin Crash Holly who he used to wrestle with back in the early days of Walking The Trail but due to their personal differences they disbanded. Now they were reunited once again! Little did we know, Hardcore Holly was actually about to embark on a path of destruction which would eventually catch the attention of one man, Number 4. The Holly Cousins were scheduled in a tag team number one contender match for the mid-card WCW tag team championships against Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan. The match got off to a fine start but minutes into the match Hardcore Holly and Scott Hall turned on their partners! They were working together. Hardcore Holly and Scott Hall had been in talks about establishing themselves as a new tag team all along. But it didn't stop there. Hardcore Holly was using Scott Hall as well. Weeks later officials were shocked to find Hardcore Holly pouring petrol over Scott Hall in a parking lot and attempting to set him on fire. Scott Hall was tied up and unconscious! It became clear that Hardcore Holly only used Scott Hall to send a message that he was a threat. Security quickly rushed to the scene and removed Hardcore Holly from the building whilst Scott Hall was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was treated with severe skin poisoning. Holly had gotten everyone's attention and it was at this point that he called out Number 4 after all this time! Number 4 appeared and told Hardcore Holly to stop! But Hardcore Holly refused to leave without a fight. Number 4 ran down to the ring and the two began to brawl! A week later Number 4 was scheduled to defend his Underground Hardcore Championship against Rico Aceman, a former friend who he too had issues with at the time however the match didn't go ahead after Hardcore Holly attacked Rico Aceman backstage. Hardcore Holly continued to attack various other wrestlers including Al Snow, his former Corporate partner. Holly threw Al Snow through a window causing him a massive injury. Holly also  attacked Number 4's long term tag team partner and best friend The Ron (me) by setting his arm on fire! Clearly Hardcore Holly had become an extreme threat and Number 4 had to put a stop to it so he challenged Holly to a match and to add importance to the match Number 4 put his Underground Championship on the line. A title that meant so much to Number 4. Holly accepted and the two fought battle! Number 4 won the match but moments after he collapsed and was removed by paramedics close to the scene. He had been hurt. In fact leading up to their match Number 4 had been hurting. His body simply gave in! But Hardcore Holly said that he would wait for Number 4 to return and that this time he would finish Number 4 off. Reports came in that Number 4's body was stable and that he could return to the ring within only a few weeks. That made Hardcore Holly happy but of course Number 4 wanted to get his hands on Hardcore Holly too. With the One Year Anniversary show only a few weeks away Number 4 challenged Hardcore Holly to match that had never been seen on a Walking The Trail broadcast. It was a match that would push each man to the limit. With the Underground Hardcore Championship put on the line Number 4 challenged Hardcore Holly to an Inferno match! The crowd went nuts! Holly accepted and the match took place marking one of the greatest moments in all of my story lines!  I've attached a picture of Hardcore Holly who lost the match. He now has burns down his right arm! 


This feud will still live on!


So that's just one of my storylines that I've got going on at the moment in my Universe Mode.


Want to hear more story lines? Let me know  ;)


The Ron


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