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Aaron Jones‘s interest in wrestling started back in 1994 where he would spend his break times and lunch times at school wrestling with his classmates. At school he created his own wrestling gang and called them the Swindon Wrestlers Gang (SWG). Although only a playful gang, it began gaining popularity in the school. Years later when Aaron moved to secondary school, he continued the gang. Not only was it popular at school, it also became popular outside of school with Aaron’s other friends. It was during this time that Aaron met his best friend Derek Welton, who joined the SWG and formed a tag team with Aaron. They called themselves AD, using their initials of their first names. Both Aaron and Dereks parents saw how interested they were in wrestling and decided to enroll them in a wrestling academy known as Ludford’s Den, ran by Ted Ludford. It was here that Aaron and Derek met Toni Fasulo, the fourth person to join the academy. Aaron, Derek and Toni became good friends early on and formed a group called TAD (including Toni’s initial). TAD took the academy by storm and during events that were put on they had the crowd reeling with excitement. It was here that it became apparent how much the three were dedicating to the sport. High flying moves were becoming the norm with TAD and every month the crowds got bigger for their events.

After several years at Ludford’s Den, Aaron decided it was time to persue a professional career in wrestling, more notebly Sports Entertainment. After spending his young years watching WCW and WWF on the TV, Aaron grew more and more fond of a career as a pro and made it his goal to one day become a champion within a professional organisation. Toni and Derek remained at Ludford’s Den for another year before leaving, by this time Aaron had joined the UK’s top wrestling academy, the United Kingdom Wrestling Division (UKWD) where he had fast become a heel, going by the name I-Ron, a play on the word iron and the end of his own name. I-Ron was despised by fans due to his controversial swearing and hand gestures. His sarcastic personality however had gained him a cult following. Many people began turning up to UKWD events just to see I-Ron’s sarcasm at the other wrestlers. The UKWD began to embrace this and created storylines where I-Ron would interfere in matches by turning up at ringside to mock other wrestlers whilst the fought. His popularity grew and within a year I-Ron was given a shot at the UKWD’s top title. The stage was set for I-Ron at an event held in Manchester. He was to face the then champion Nvagio, an older wrestler who was near retirement. Nvagio was the father of Nvagio Jr, and you lad who had began to follow his fathers footsteps. I-Ron won the match by pinfall after a long 45 minutes. This cemented his transformation from heel to face. I-Ron held the title for two months before losing it to a young wrestler called Havoc. The following year, he won it back and held it for six months. During this reign, I-Ron had caught the attention of a scout working for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). I-Ron was offered a two year contract with ECW, which he accepted. Finally Aaron had reached the big time. ECW gave Aaron the chance to create a new persona. After much deliberation he called himself Iron Jones. It was during his time at ECW that Aaron began to enjoy extreme rules wrestling. Every chance he got he would pull out a chair to use on his opponent. Soon he had turned to bringing tables into the ring. He was fast becoming a fan favourite as his shomanship was unmatched.The fans had also began chanting various thingsduring his matches, most notebly chanting Ron Ron Ron, shortening the name Iron. His sarcasm remained but a maturity had began and Aaron fought many of the younger stars in extreme rules matches. Aaron was enjoying his time at ECW but something was missing. Although he felt he had made it, it didn’t seem to be enough. ECW never put Aaron forward for any titles due to their roster of already popular wrestlers. This gave Aaron the push he needed to leave.

Aaron remained in the USA after leaving ECW and within a week was contacted by none other than Vince McMahon of the WWE. Vince explained to Aaron that his people had been watching him since he was in the UKWD, and also had been watching another two young wrestlers at other academies. He explained that after delving into their wrestling pasts that these three wrestlers were once all together. The other two wrestlers were Derek and Toni. Vince explained that he was putting together a new show for the WWE and was really pushing the extreme rules side of his company to make up for the collapse of the Attitude era. Aaron was willing to listen and soon met with Derek and Toni to discuss what to do, knowing that they would be very keen on joining the WWE. Derek decided that it wasn’t the right time for him, but Toni being a few years older than Derek jumped at the opportunity. Soon both Aaron and Toni were signing the contract to make the WWE superstars.

Their debut into the WWE was not on the new show Vince was talking about as it was still being finalised. Instead they debuted on an episode of Monday Night RAW. Both Aaron and Toni had created their character names, Aaron became The Ron, and Toni called himself Number 4. Together they called themselves The Fallen. After a few weeks of being in the WWE the Fallen had settled right in. Both men were high flyers and were not afraid to take risks. Both had come from a background of extreme rules wrestling, one of the main reasons Vince had picked them. This made for very enjoyable watching, mainly for the fans who were used to the extreme rules and carnage displayed during the Attitude era.

Since then, Aaron “The Ron” Jones has been enjoying huge success as one half of one of the worlds best tag teams and has already achieved his goal, and more. The Fallen have been a driving force to the WWE’s success, appearing every Thursday on the federations biggest weekly show, Walking The Trail, a show created to enhance the hardcore style of sports entertainment, a show destined to include The Ron.

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Lol, cool. Welcome to the Hotel mate, I'm Brodie. :)

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