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Creating new game, Would like some thoughts and suggestions

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I am in the middle of creating a new kind of Ewrestling game called the EWrestling league. Here is all about it and how ok works. please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions.


The EWL is a role playing game where there is several promotions.
These promotions will have to hire and sign contracts with the talent.
The talent then submit a small Rp for that promotions next event. After that the promotion owners will post their results in brief format.

I am hoping that this game will be different that most Efeds out there as you will not be expected to write big role plays and results. Basically you want your wrestlers to wrestle as much as possible. The more they wrestle the more money and popularity they get. The more events and matches promotions get the more popularity they get.


Promotion Guidelines

The Aim of this game for a promotion is to have the most popularity and money. You Get Popularity and money via shows. You can have one weekly show and One PPV Every month.

Each New Promotion that signs up will start as a new Wrestling Promotion. from there you will have some starting money to hire wrestlers from the talent pool You will have to strike deals with wrestlers first before you can book them for your next show.

Once you have signed the wrestlers you want you will then book your show. Once booked your wrestlers will then post a small role play that will determine who will win the match. Then you will decide who has the best RP. Then your job is to write your show. Now in the EWL this is not full on written results you just want a basic review of what went down on you show with a few segments from your wrestlers.

after your Show we will the award you money and popularity and take away costs for wrestlers and give it to them.

The money you get from shows depends on how popular your promotion is.

Talent Guidelines

The aim of this game is to work as many shows as you can so that your wrestler can grow via popularity and money.

Each show you work you will get Money and a little popularity bonus. The bigger your popularity the more money you can charge to be booked.

Here is how you will go about doing what you do best in the EWL

1. Create a Character
Take some time and thought to create the character you want to run with in the EWL. There will be a basic outline in the talent pool for you to use.

One you have made this page you will need to keep it updated with History and how much money you have earned

2. Sign some deals.

2. You will need to now sign contracts with a promotion or two. Sometimes a promotion will advertise for specific wrestlers so keep your eye out on if they are looking for someone like you.

Now you may not get much at first but you may get 2 promotions after booking you on the same day, this is where you can hold out for the best deal.

3.Once you have signed contracts with promotions they will book you on their next show.
You will then be required to write a Role play for that promotion.
This doesn’t have to be long there will be a word limit of around 600 words.

4. Segments
keep an eye out on the promotions area as they may send out requests for segments that you can send in that feature around your wrestler.
The more you put in = the more you will get out.

5. Once results have been posted you will be given the money you are owed by the promotion and your popularity bonus.

6. Championships.
By winning a championship you will earn a popularity bonus.


Promotion Popularity and Income

For every 25 shows you will get a 5% popularity boost.
If your promotion has 5% popularity you will earn around $2500 for each event 10% you will get $5000 and so on.
For each match you put on you get an extra $100.

You will also earn extra from merchandising income so if you have a wrestler with high popularity you are more likely to sell their stock.


Shows Popularity Income 25 5% 2000 50 10% 3000 75 15% 4000 100 20% 5000 125 25% 6000 150 30% 7000 175 35% 8000 200 40% 9000 225 45% 10000 250 50% 12000 275 55% 14000 300 60% 16000 325 65% 18000 350 70% 20000 375 75% 25000 400 80% 30000 425 85% 35000 450 90% 40000 475 95% 45000 500 100% 50000






Promotion Popularity and Income

For every 25 shows you will get a 5% popularity boost just like promotions
If your wrestler has 5% popularity you will earn around $100 for each event 10% you will get $200 and so on.
Below is what you should be looking to ask promoters for when they want to book you.

If your wrestler has high popularity you can try to haggle with promoters for more money as they will be selling your merchandise at the shows.


Shows Popularity Income 25 5% 100 50 10% 200 75 15% 300 100 20% 400 125 25% 500 150 30% 600 175 35% 700 200 40% 800 225 45% 900 250 50% 1000 275 55% 1500 300 60% 2000 325 65% 2500 350 70% 3000 375 75% 3500 400 80% 4000 425 85% 4500 450 90% 5000 475 95% 5000 500 100% 5500


All promotions and wrestlers get their own website so they can keep there data updated. Here is a look at the wrestler site. The site can be customized,


There will also be other jobs in the game like Banker, Events manager and more.


that is what i have so far.

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I don't have any suggestions, but this looks really interesting from these lists.

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