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"Independent Wrestling Show"

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I would like to start a big show filled with people of various gimmicks and talents on WWE 2K14. This will not be storyline based but will have cutscenes to help the matches and give them some excitement and make it feel like an actual show. I have no official name yet for this show but I would like to throw the idea out there to see who is interested. 

This show would be PS3 based and consists of 3 singles competitions, 2 tag team competitions and a Divas showdown(match slots may increase depending upon demand.) All fair play rules apply. I must also stress that the object IS to win but however not to cheat to win or use cheap tricks and exploit in game glitches. Based on how your match happens will be what cutscenes go in between and help the show flow. You may request promo times and etc. but we will get to that later.


I have no set date, as soon as I get interest and people that sign up, then i will start recording matches and setting up match cards. i want this to somewhat emulate the shows you see on the independent circuit rather than a large company like WWE so the chances of this show coming back may be slim, but it's not impossible. My PSN is in my profile feel free to shoot me any questions. Here is a template for a "sign up" and yes this is CAW based and no you may not use Caws of real wrestlers.




Weight class and weight:


Singles or tag competitor? :




Wrestling style(High flyer, grappler, submission specialist, Unorthodox etc.) :




Finishing moves:

Signature moves:

Brief Background on your character( History, wrestling debut background etc) :


Experience(How many years has your character been wrestling) :




What time is best to contact you? :


Please do sign up I would love to be able to take this project and make it great!







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