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CAW Height Restrictions, Etc.

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The "etc." refers to other things I will briefly discuss in this post.


As for the CAW height, the actual shortest you can make a CAW is actually 4'9". I arrived at this figure by applying the below changes on my Midna CAW, and increased her height until she was level with the figure of Rey Mysterio (indicating a height of 5'6"). I had to increase her height to 6 feet even to make her even with Rey Mysterio, indicating she was actually six inches SHORTER than the game's given height.


To make a 4-foot-9 CAW, maximize the height of the head (makes the body smaller overall, decreasing the CAW's height), and minimize both the size and height of the forehead. Also, minimize the height/length of the neck, chest, abdomen and legs. Arm length and foot depth do not affect the height of the CAW.


A final tip to those who complain about the AI being too easy to pin: reduce the grapple and strikes attributes of the superstar you play as most (I use the value 50 on my Midna CAW).


The grapple and strike attributes reflect both the strength of your grapples and strikes, as well as how susceptible you are to having them countered. Obviously, the higher the values in these attributes, the stronger your grapples and strikes are, and the more resistant to counters they are.


Here's a fairly concise list of all the methods the AI uses to try to screw you over and score a rather cheap and unfair victory:


--Jabs and jab combos

--Abusing the stunned state (spamming grappled strong strikes, for example)

--Suddenly counter-proof ground grapples and strikes (they will even HIDE the reversal icon!)

--Irish whipping you at the ropes, setting you up for a hard-to-counter apron clothesline

--Suddenly becoming a "reversal god" when you so much as attempt a SIGNATURE MOVE (let alone a finisher!).

--Use the "Jedi mind-trick" to make you target someone else, so your attack doesn't affect them.

--The above usually makes you target either your tag partner or the referee. I've even LOST matches by DQ due to the AI's abuse of the Jedi mind trick to make me repeatedly attack the referee!

--Suddenly taunting or using the Durability ability RIGHT when I press Triangle to attempt a signature move or finisher.

--The FRIGGIN' AUTOMATIC AI HOT TAG!!! This is the single most unfair thing in the entire game!*


*The AI gets to complete every hot tag it attempts. No button icons, no NOTHING. It just occurs as a cutscene where the tag partner flies into a rage, knocks you down, then your tag partner, than attempts a finisher on you. It is definitely NOT automatic when you attempt a hot tag...

Old topic!
Guest, the last post of this topic is over 120 days old. Post only if you have something relevant to add to the discussion.

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