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GTA V DLC Release Date Rumor: New "MPLTS" DLC Coming Soon [VIDEO]

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It's time again for your GTA Online rumors update. This time we turn again to renowned leaker and YouTuber DomisLive, who shows us some pretty compelling evidence a new update is coming to GTA Online soon. However, there are no real hints as to what this update could be.



As the above video shows, the new DLC pack coming is named "MPLTS." But what could that be? Let's break it down a little. Seeing as how other updates Dom listed in the video start with the letters "mp," it's safe to assume this update will be for GTA Online, with the letters standing for Multiplayer. "LTS," on the other hand, isn't so clear. Dom suggests that it could stand for "Last Team Standing," however that is already a game mode in GTA Online.


Rockstar is known for giving its updates different names than what they are released, though, such as the latest update being titled Flight School, but appearing in the code as "MPPILOT." Is "LTS" just a placeholder name for right now, or some sort of working title? Possibly. It seems like we shouldn't be waiting long to find out though. 


Seeing as how references to this mysterious update are popping up now, it's likely we will see this update rolling out on this coming Tuesday, Sept. 30. Rockstar is known for releasing updates on Tuesdays.


What else could be coming to GTA Online? Based on other leaks, there could be plenty in the works. Let's start off with rumors of monster trucks and assault snipers.



This information comes by way of the source code used on Xbox Live. As Dom points out in the video above, all items get put up on Xbox Live Marketplace must be logged in the source code. This method was used to uncover many other items, such as the Not a Hipster update and the Flight School update. Seeing as how the source code, as shown in the video, directly calls out to a monster truck and assault sniper, it seems likely that these items will be available somewhat soon.


Fans may question these new items, especially the monster truck. While GTA Online did already update with The Liberator during the Independence Day Update, that vehicle is no longer available for players to buy. If you missed out the first time, it seems Rockstar is offering this new monster truck for you to go crazy with.


There is a catch with this news, though. Normally, any DLC or update gets put up in one batch whereas these items have popped up individually. Dom theorizes in his video that these items may actually be for the new version of GTA V coming to PS4, PC, and Xbox One, and they would act similarly to the Atomic Blimp, which was a downloadable item for those who pre-ordered GTA V for either the PS3 or Xbox 360.


As far as other rumors for GTA V, the most likely one is definitely the thermite grenade leak. The thermite grenade appeared originally in art files found in GTA Online's updated code, along with two different flare guns. After GTA Online was updated to the 1.16 patch, half of the grenade could (and still can, as far as I am aware) be seen in the game's menu. To see for yourself, either watch the above video, or pause the game and scroll over to the "stats" section. From there, scroll down to the weapons area to access the weapons menu. Scroll all the way to the right to find the fireworks launcher. The top half of the thermite grenade can be seen poking up from the bottom of the fireworks launcher's image. That is, if the fireworks launcher has been purchased in your game. If not, the whole box will just appear blue. Seeing the thermite grenade just as it was laid out in the leaked concept art is pretty solid evidence that the new weapon will be showing up in GTA Online soon enough.



Another likely rumor is the potential GTA Online Military Pack DLC. Not only has references to a "mparmy" popped up in code, it is tied to a new military jet. This jet also looks to be featuring a nifty vertical takeoff. The thermite grenade may even be a part of this pack if and when it is released. Also, more clues that point toward a military pack include the men featured in the Flight School trailer. They all sported tattoos, dog tags, and military gear. Could those items be included in the possible Military DLC pack? November 11th is an upcoming Tuesday, a launch day for GTA DLC packs.... just saying.


The last rumor with some heft to it is the Zombies DLC. Official PlayStation Magazine seems to know things nobody else does, as their newest cover shows. This may also point to the statement the Vice President of marketing at Sony North America, John Koller, has said in the past about a potential for exclusive GTA V content for PlayStation owners. In an interview with Kotaku, he stated that PlayStation owners could expect something special. Specifically, when asked if there would be any reason to play GTA V on the PlayStation 4 over any other console, Koller replied with "I don't think we announced anything publicly on that, but there will be." Sure, this statement is incredibly vague, but with PlayStation Official Magazine hinting at a story, maybe there is something in the works behind the curtains at Sony and Rockstar.


Unfortunately, everyone is still in the dark about the long awaited Heist missions coming to GTA Online. While we know they are coming, it's a matter of when. The promised delivery time has slipped by more than once, and fans are getting disappointed. There seems to be no information, solid or otherwise, on heists other than Rockstar's word that they will eventually show up. Come on, Rockstar, give us just a little something to keep fans happy. Please?






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All sounds good to me, even zombie outbreak DLC. The Assault Sniper was a weapon I wanted in GTA V as soon as I learned about it some months back and think it should have been the game's level 1 sniper rifle, with the type progressing as such: Assault Sniper (high rate of fire, low damage), Sniper Rifle (slow rate of fire, medium damage), then Heavy Sniper (medium rate of fire, high damage). Or even up the Heavy Sniper to extreme levels and put it in the destructive weapon slot with the Minigun and RPG.

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