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WWE 2K15 (Last Gen) Review by IGN

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WWE 2K14 was a boring game, but it buries 2K15. 2K should be ashamed of themselves for this bull shit.

Have you played the game yet?
Sure have! Its called WWE 2K14!
Are you trolling or something? or am I missing something here?
You mean WWE 2K14.5.
My mistake. I meant WWE 2K14.25

I think you mean WWE 2K14-.5

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I can see why a lot of people are disappointed with a few key features being removed.  But, giving the game a 5.9?  LOL, coming from the same site that gave the original RAW on X-Box a 9.1?  And it still didn't have half the amount of depth as 2K15.  I mean, yeah the roster is smaller and there are no Story Editor and CAF, but otherwise it is still a fun game.  To me, the graphics look slightly improved and sharper than last year.  And the ring looks more realistic in size, with the ropes moving more fluidly.  Not to mention the cool new OMG moments and the inclusion of a couple NXT guys, arenas and belts.   


Is this game a letdown?  In a lot of ways, yes it is.  But there are some good points to it that seem to have been overlooked.  If you can get past the fact that it's not gonna be as good as the new gen, then it will be enjoyable to you.  However, IGN totally blew it being horrible way out of proportion.  I will agree that a score of 7-7.5/10 would be a fair assessment considering the things that weren't up to par, but anything lower than that is simply wrong IMO.  Of course, that is also why I don't put much stock in IGN's opinions.  According to their logic, WWE 2K15 is worse than RAW, RAW 2, WWE Day Of Reckoning 1&2, as well as all the Smackdown games.  Maybe by today's standard's this game could've been better, but there is no freaking way it's worse than all those games IGN loved. 

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IGN didn't screw 2K15.

2K15 screwed 2K15.

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