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Mewtwo Memory Address Pics

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Here are two pics of Mewtwo's layer addresses. If you wish to create Mewtwo EXACTLY like mine, follow them TO A TEE!


Attached File  HNI_0002.JPG   106.64KB   2 downloadsAttached File  HNI_0003.JPG   104.89KB   0 downloads


The reason for posting the memory addresses is to eliminate the need to enter a mile-tall post trying to explain exactly how to fit each individual piece in place, and what exactly needs to be hacked (and what to leave alone).


I will now post Mewtwo's body and face shape.


First off, start with a DIVA template (you can change his gender later--the gender codes are located exactly 30 bytes after the beginning of the CAW's full name).


Enter the values you see for each part IN ORDER. If you see "all (enter number here)", simply enter that number all the way through the editing of that part.


Head Shape


Head:  -50,100,100

Forehead: all -100


Face Morphing


Eyebrows: -100,-100.-100,100

Eyes: 100,100,100,-100,-100,0,100

Nose: 100,100,100,-100,100,100,50,-100

Cheeks: -100,-100,-100,100

Mouth: 100,-100,0,-75,-100,-100,50

Jaw: all -100

Ears: all -100




Height: 6'7" (first tick that shows 6'7")

Body Type: -100 (gives best curvature; more feline appearance)




Neck: 0,25,50

Chest: -25,-50,-75

Bust: all -100

Shoulders: -75,50,-50

Abdomen: -25,25,15

Waist: all 100 (makes Mewtwo's belly "rounder")

Arms: -25,25,25

Hands: all -100

Legs: -100,100,100

Feet: -100,100,100


Final "Stuff":


Name: Mewtwo

Nickname: Your choice(I use "Genetic Magnum Opus")

Placement: Your choice

Abbreviated Name: MEWTWO

Announcer Intro: Mercer (has the correct number of syllables)

Hometown: Parts Unknown OR Japan (Pokemon started in Japan, you know! ;))

Weight Class: Heavyweight (269 pounds)

Crowd Reaction: Your choice (mine is a heel; kind of feels cool to simply rip John Cena a "new one"...heh heh)

Show: Your choice (mine is on RAW, and has a shiny "twin" on Smackdown)


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, but please be nice about it. NO TROLLS! LOL

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