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HACKED Created Finishers--Mewtron Bomb & Thoughtcrime

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I began hacking created finishers to try to find moves that look as dangerous/painful as possible. In other words, I'm trying to throw the WWE "banned-moves rulebook" out the window, and create moves that would NEVER be used in WWE programming, even during dark matches or house shows.


Two of the best ones I've created are the Mewtron Bomb and the Thoughtcrime. Neither of these moves would probably ever see any use by actual WWE superstars. But then again...Mewtwo's a Pokemon, and Pokemon aren't real, so...why not? Heh heh...


The Mewtron Bomb can concisely be described as a "Military Press Powerbomb". Its "official" formula is the Lift Up Clutch directly into the Last Ride Impact. Of course, this isn't possible just putting CAFs together in the game's finisher suite. You have to HACK the two animations back-to-back to be able to use this move on a CAW/in-game superstar (why would you make someone, even Kane, THAT sadistic?! You're SICK, man! LOL).


The Thoughtcrime could possibly be described as a "Military Press DDT". That's right--you read those words correctly. Military. Press. DDT. I don't think I could think of any move more dangerous than that. DDT-ing someone from about EIGHT feet up definitely ranks about an 8 or a 9 on the "ban-o-meter".


This is a video game, though. Banned moves can still be used during virtual matches, as you can't actually "kill" someone in this game, but you can sometimes trigger a "stretcher scene"...which doesn't really mean anything either, as often the "injured" superstar usually comes back the next week, and pretty p***ed off, to boot.


What crazy, "ban fodder" finishers can you think of?





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