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WWE SuperCard Fusion Chamber Guides & Recipes

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In an update available for free since February 2015, WWE SuperCard added the Fusion Chamber, a card-creating mechanism capable of generating new Fusion cards stronger than any released to date.

  • Fusion cards are created by combining certain cards according to a 'recipe' that is defined in the "Fusion Chamber". When combining these cards you will be assigned a random fusion card after a certain period of time. The higher the tier the more valuable the cards the recipe requires and the longer it takes to 'fuse' the card.
  • There are 5 fusion cards per Rarity tier (4 Superstars & 1 Diva) + 1 Support Card (a Freddie Blassie manager card that increases all stats). The new WrestleMania tier makes an exception and features10 Fusion (8 Superstars & 2 Divas).
  • Creating a fusion card requires sacrificing a fusion card from the tier below, with the exception of Common Tier. For example, to get an Epic Fusion Card, you must sacrifice an Ultra Rare Fusion card amongst several others. You can only create one Fusion card at a time. You do not need to train cards before using them to create fusion cards and they can be any card of that level, including support cards.
  • Fusion cards are amongst the highest rated cards in each tier, and it is also possible to create Fusion Pros

Fusion Recipes, Waiting Times and Rewards
See them at this link: http://www.thesmackd...pes-rewards-faq

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