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TNA Wrestlers Reportedly Unhappy

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According to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, many TNA superstars are reportedly unhappy with how the company is running, and consider it all but dead. It was previously noted that TNA has had a hard time paying talent and staff their checks on time. Now it appears that an entire overseas tour has been canceled, and talent is not happy.

Dave Meltzer claims that while TNA hadnt announced the tour just yet, the boys and girls in the back knew about it and had made plans to work the 10-days in China that they were previously asked to mark on their calendar. However, TNA just canceled the shows a few days back, and told talent that the tour was no longer a go.

He writes,

The talent was told that the China tour scheduled for the end of this month isnt happening. It was a significant amount of money tour so the talent booked is very unhappy about it, plus now they have to scramble to get dates for that ten day period. This was a loss of faith in the company.

Some have expressed to friends they believe the company is all but dead when they got the word the tour was canceled. TNA had never publicly announced it, but guys had been told it was on until just a few days ago.

He goes on to say that they are so unhappy, that some are looking to other promotions like Global Force Wrestling and WWE for new places to work. He writes,

A lot of guys are putting out feelers to other promotions, but theres really not a lot of options except for GFW and ROH, with Lucha Underground shut down for now. The talent that has contacted WWE has been told that WWE is not interested in anyone from TNA, even if they would be willing to go to a tryout camp.

There is a June camp but some have been told outright that it would be a waste of time to even ask for a spot, because thats the current mentality. Others have contacted AAA, but they arent looking for new foreign regulars. A lot of talent just found out about the 6/28 PPV date, even though it had been reported for weeks, and others said they knew but thought it was bad they read about it before the company told them

Source: wrestlingrumors.net



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TNA is just on a rollercoaster man, I don't have any other way to put it.

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Meltzer is saying this for the past 13 years.

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I truly believe Meltzer works for the WWE.

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This has always been an issue.

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Mixed feelings on TNA right now.

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