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SDH Hall of Fame: First Inductees - Class of 2015

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OFFLINE   Noob Saibot

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Well , that was a really shocking return !

OFFLINE   angelbreak



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Such a warm welcome guys! Thank you all :D This is why I always liked this place so much, I haven't seen another forum where everyone got along so nicely. I may not be around as much as I would like, but it's nice to be somewhat back. Mainly I wanted to come here to thank you all, especially Andy, you got maybe one of the greatest and nicest persons managing this forum, he was the one who contacted me just to give me this surprise, after all this years I couldn't believe he still remembered me haha. This is a great community, I hope it continues growing and always being so friendly and close as you always have :)

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SDH HOF nods cues two returns from the inductees. There's no doubting what mark you left on this forum (Vee, angelbreak, Nova). Feels like yesterday when all three of you were regulars on here but time goes on and you moved on! Cool to see the first roundup making it to the big time, congratulations lads!



    Stephanos Oro Sonne Ramsteen

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Now that we've got the formalities out of the way and none of you three will back here for another second until your names are bought up again for another award XD


Dear Mr. HOF 'I'm Too Good To Post Here Anymore',


The one person that stands out to me in a most personal way really affected me early on. I couldn't help think we had some interesting things in common (other than our looks) but let's face it...you had an uncanny ability to point out things to the staff and made your voice heard despite who's toes you might step on. You've got balls. You were very outspoken and took notice of me, I appreciate what you've done for me and the other Administrators that came after you. Despite no longer being here, I feel that your presence is greatly moving because of the impact you made and the friends along the way you've influenced from your examples....even upon the many acquaintances that come and go. You will never be forgotten, I still shake my head and question why you haven't dialed that cell phone number I gave you. Asshole. Anyways, I love you and I hope you're having a better life outside this forum. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me when I didn't really have any friends here. I'm sorry if whatever I said to you about your past actions affected you deep down inside your core but I'm honest about those things. I don't bullshit people. So if you're not coming back to the forum than it was nice knowing you and I'm not going to force you to do anything against your will---you're a grown man---my PM inbox is never difficult to find. Whenever you've got free time, give me a call or even a message (text messages aren't covered from a $20/mo. plan so my phone won't even accept them or send them out) because I would like to hear from you again Vernon. I do miss you around here though, I need someone to laugh at my stupid jokes. Lastly, thank again you for everything.


- RKHT8709     

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OFFLINE   Vee is Me

Vee is Me

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Didn't know my presence affected you, brother. I'll be around more. But there's only so much to do on a android phone. I don't even call my mother. She asks the same question. xD

Thanks for the kind words though.

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