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World Wrestling MPire 2015; More fun than 2K15?Free Wrestling Game For PC

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World Wrestling MPire 2015 was orignally made by MDickie, where it was called (Wrestling MPire 2008 Remix). A group of modders on Facebook that go by the name WrestlingMPire Creations have been making modded versions of the games for 3 years and have even been verified by MDickie himself, so there are no viruses. But the game is probably one of the best I've played since Smackdown vs Raw 2006. The game has updated rosters and newer moves than the original game, and they look great. The gameplay is the most fun. There are many match types to choose from, but there are no Hell In A Cell, Table, Or Ladder, etc matches in the game. But there is still a Steel Cage match, which I'm pretty sure is called "Escape Challenge". The game is easy to get used to. By the way, you can change the controls by going to Options > Redefine Keyboard. You use your grapple button to grab and press any of the other commands (not including taunt/pin and Change Target commands) and move the arrow keys in any direction or without using the arrow keys to perform a move. Grappling and pressing the grapple button while moving one of the arrow keys will perform an Irish whip. The same button that you use to taunt is the same button to pin. It's just difficult for the game to get old. Anything can happen. Whether it's your guy losing his arm during a match, or getting a huge beatdown just to make a comeback and hit your finisher, it's just.. FUN. The things WWE 2K are now adding to there games, is something that MDickie has been doing for years. This includes crawling to the ropes (or any structure near you including opponents) and crawling into pins, or falling down after big moves, it's just amazing. Just to mention, I removed all of the music from the game because of all of the new moves, you could only have a 2 people in the ring at once, now you can have up to 7 (Sorry it's not more, the game can't handle too much memory!). I also updated a couple of the attires that were old. Career Mode is also something MDickie has been doing for years.. 10 years to be exact. In Career Mode, you start off in Wrestling School where you must fight in hopes of getting signed to a company. Career mode includes backstage confrontations, contract negotiations, injuries (that can also happen to you), and even deaths (that can also happen to you). You can build rivalries, turn face or heel (depending on your contract), and plus the Career Mode is infinite, until you choose to retire unlike WWE 2K15. In the game's main menu there is also a tournament mode where you select wrestlers to take part in a tournament. In the Royal Rumble/Battle Royal you can have up to 7 people in the ring at once since that is the max like I said earlier. The un-modded version of this game can be found on www.mdickie.com/downloads.htm where you can have up to 15+ people in the ring at once! Disclaimers: NONE OF THE SMALL ARENAS WORK, DO NOT USE THEM. NONE OF THE WRESTLING MPIRE GAMES WORK ON WINDOWS 8 AND HIGHER. SORRY :( If you want to know where I get the new attires, you can go to WrestlingMPire Creations page and check in the section "Photos Of WrestlingMPire Creations" or check out Wrestling Mpire - Textures on Facebook. To go in the ring, just walk towards the ring. You can also go in the crowd and even walk backstage during matches! Here's a link to the game:https://www.mediafir...8db5qysidvbdve7

Here's a link to my channel where you can see my matches of the game! https://www.youtube....ZF0U-eSL9obW1Owor just search TheWrestlePixel on YouTube! I rate this game 10/10. You'll have to play it for yourself to see how great it is!

May I also mention that this is the only Wrestling Game that has a First Person Mode! You can change the camera angles in-game by pressing keys 1-9

To perform your finisher, just grab your opponent while they are standing. You can even do your finisher while you don't have it stored by pressing Attack and Run while you have your opponent grappled but it is only a 40% chance of it actually succeeding. 

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Old topic!
Guest, the last post of this topic is over 120 days old. Post only if you have something relevant to add to the discussion.

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