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What's your favourite thing to do?

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When playing GTA V, you are left with endless possibilities on what you can do. My favourite thing to do is going on road trips as well as going around the Mount Chiliad area.


So, what is your favourite thing to do?

OFFLINE   Loves2Spoon


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Well I enjoy playing Heists but it is a pain to get a group together that stays. But when I'm not doing that, playing with my boys is where its at. Somehow we make our own fun doing the dumbest things. We all stood in the back of the large dump tracker and picked it up with the cargo. We all fell out.

That and I make races and demolition derbies. Rules.

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Exploring myths.

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Well, i usually get bored easily with GTA 5 so to not end up playing another game i usually go with michael to Mount Gordo and kill the innocent people there, or at night watching that ghost that appears in the mountain

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I didn´t actually played GTA 5, maybe only once, I have no idea. But my favorite thing to do in every GTA series in my boredrom moments, is to buy a lot of ammo for weapons, have a nicely speedy car and then to attack people till the police rank goes around 3/6 stars. After that I love to drive the car around the towns, and to be followed by police. Of course, later I increase the star level even till 6. But appear the tanks and that´s really worst. I end up by losing my cars(because the worst one I lose it anyway after like 5 minutes) and probably busted or killed. xD

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Go on a rampage, shoot stuff up. 

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