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Aries Says TNA “Dropped the Ball” on His TNA Title Reign, EC3 Talks, Negative Feedback to TNA/GFW Angle, TNA Star Calls Out Donald Trump

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--Former TNA star Austin Aries was a guest on Busted Open Radio on SiriusXM this week, and had the following to say regarinding his 2012 TNA Title reign:

“I guess as frank as I can say it … somebody dropped the ball, and it wasn’t me,” Aries said (via The Inquisitr). “I was ready to run with it and somebody knocked it out of my hands from behind. I’m not sure where the decision was made, but I agree with your assessment and I think a lot of people agree with that assessment [that TNA had red hot momentum when they put the title on Aries]. You know, sometimes you have too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak. At that time, that could have been the case of what was going on. You have different people fighting for different directions. All I wanted to do was to go on television every week and have the best… wrestling match of any company, anywhere.”
--TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III joined CBS Radio & Play.it’s Chad Dukes Wrestling Show. He discusses many topics, including his response to being released by WWE and who he looks at to help his character.
On his mindset after his WWE release and starting up with TNA: 
“I always look at that Stone Cold mentality. Steve Austin, Stunning Steve over in WCW was always a good hand, but he just never breaks through, whether it was on him or was on to someone not seeing it in him.  He kind of had a rough deal on his exit.  Wasn’t he fired via FedEx or something just ridiculous like that while he was injured?  Kind of a similar mindset that I had and experienced.  You take that motivation, even though he was a guy that’s probably incredibly motivated as it was, much like I was, to come out there and be like, ‘you know what, the only thing left to do is shove it up their ass and show you what I can do.'”
On his character influences: 
“Like a Stone Cold, a Rock, a Kurt Angle, a John Cena were guys that can, they are entertaining and they can entertain you and they can make you laugh a little bit, but they’re not comedy.  They’re not out there pulling a sock out of their junk, they’re not with a little Anaconda thing doing finger pokes of doom.  They’re entertaining and being entertaining and endears you to the fans to either love you or love to hate you.  As opposed to being, you know, our business is kind of ridiculous in a sense that when you take it uberly seriously, right off the bat, I think that it’s hard, at least from my perception, it’s hard to endear to a character when it’s too dry. I think there needs to be different levels of entertaining but to be able to be serious is also important especially when you’re in a main angle  or main guy because comedy can only get you so far, where an entertaining personality who takes this business very seriously is what makes money.”
--According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are a lot of people negative about the GFW – TNA angle that’s in the works with the feeling that it won’t work.
There’s a feeling within TNA that the production crew, still waiting to get paid for their May work, will get paid next week for the July tapings because they could not show up the following week of tapings and put TNA in a troubling situation.
--TNA star Tigre Uno took to Twitter recently and called out Donald Trump over recent comments Trump made about Mexicans.
TNA has announced Uno will address Trump and his own comments on Impact Wrestling next week:

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it probably won't work. Just look at their roster. Plus GFW has barely any fans so this helps GFW, if anyone

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