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What's happening in your universe mode?

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No one has posted anything like this yet (as to my knowledge) so I thought I'd give it a try.
So, what is everyone got going on in universe mode? 
I'll try and get the ball rolling here! 

My 2k16 universe mode, will be a follow up to what I had going on in 2k14. this will be a small briefing of what happened there: Roman Reigns betrayed his brothers in the shield, to align himself with Money Inc (Million Dollar man, and I.R.S) Reigns soon beat his former tag team partner, Seth Rollins for the united states championship - and went on to defend it against Rollins and Ambrose at Wrestlemania in a triple threat match. Reigns successfully retained.

The WWE universe saw the passing of another stable, as Drew Mcintyre broke away from the group to pursue a singles career - which turned out to be quite successful, as he went on to win the Royal Rumble, and was booked to face the world heavyweight champion sting, in the main event at Wrestlemania. Mcintyre picked up the win and the title.

Undertaker found himself defending his WWE championship, against Randy Orton, and Goldberg in a triple threat - though with a well placed double choke slam, the deadman was able to keep his streak alive.

The Following PPV, saw Undertaker defeat a determined HBK, who had beat Dolph Ziggler to be named Number one contender.

Reigns had lost in his second title defense, to Damien Sandow (I'm giving him a slight push) But went on to wrestle a second match into the night, taking Dibiase's place in a tag team Cage match, with Money Inc defending their titles against the Hardy Boys. - Money Inc successfully retained. 

Drew Mcintyre title reign was short lived, as he dropped the championship to John Cena in a Tables match. Though Mcintyre got back the title, by pinning Cena in a fatal four way, that included both: Sting and Kevin Nash. 

Now onto 2k16

'Taker still remains a dominant force over on Raw; with Shawn Michaels failing to capture the title, his best friend has decided to step up to the plate, and just like the former, defeats Dolph Ziggler to be named Number one contender - Triple H vs Undertaker at Extreme Rules, for the WWE championship. 

Stephanie McMahon defeats Lita, to go on to challenge Mickie James for the Women's title at Extreme rules.

Ambrose Defeats Rollins, and will fight Sandow for the United states Championship.

Over on Smackdown, Bray Wyatt will take on Matt Hardy, the winner will go on to face Cesaro for the IC Championship at the next smackdown hosted PPV (Brand split still going on) 

Drew Mcintyre will be taken to his limits, as he will have to defend his championship, against Kurt Angle.

So here's a quick list of Champions:
WWE Champion - Undertaker
US Champion - Damien SANdow
Woman's champion - Mickie James
WWE Tag team champions - New Age Outlaws

World Heavyweight champion - Drew Mcintyre
Intercontinental Champion - Cesaro
World Tag Team champions - Money Inc

NXT champion: Hideo Itami 
NXT Tag Team Champions - Baron Corbin + Bull Dempsey (this team was put together at Random.)
NXT Women's Champion: Paige. 

What have you got going on in your universe? Post here and let everyone know! 

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I'm at TLC right now after getting the game for Christmas - here are my shows and champs:

WWE WHC: Seth Rollins
US: Zack Ryder
TAG: New Day
DIVAS: Paula

IC: Dean Ambrose

NXT: Finn Balor
TAG: Enzo and Cass

ECW: Christian

Current feuds:
Seth Rollins vs Sheamus
Really a heel on heel nothing feud for the title. Culminates in a TLC match and the debut of AJ Styles.

Zack Ryder vs Neville
Neville gets a rematch. That is it.

Layla vs Brie Bella
I'm quite glad with how this turned out. Layla, Paige and Nattie beat Nikki Bella in a handicap match for the title. They agreed pre match that, as whoever pins the champ wins, they will take it in turns for their shot e.g. Nikki kicks out of a finisher, they have to tag out. Layla didn't tag out though when Nikki kicked out of the neckbreaker, and pinned Nikki herself, starting a heel turn that culminated one month later. During a title match at TLC, Brie would capture the title when a returning Nikki Bella halted the plans of Layla and the also returning Michelle McCool, cementing the Bellas as faces again. Great rivalry.

Dean Ambrose vs The Miz
Feud for the IC title that culminated in a table's match. Will end when Miz and Mizdow split, the night after TLC, then I have something else planned.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs The Wyatt Family
An ECW feud. Cesaro vs Braun Strowman at TLC, Strowman wins. Rivalry continues.

Long post but more to come!

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Now at Royal Rumble but I've no idea who should win

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General Notes on my Universe:

  • With such a vast roster for each show, some wrestlers are "away on leave" or "injured," and not used in "story-lines." They will be brought back in the fold when others "go on leave or get hurt." i.e. The Rock is currently not active (but is still on the Raw is War roster), but could become active if Batista or Big John Studd decided to "take time off" in my "story-line." This keeps the shows fresh with constant fresh feuds.
  • Champions (single & tag-team) on the major brands usually don't wrestle on weekly shows unless their PPV is coming up at the end of the week.
  • The Cruiserweight Championship is defended every week on Thunder.
  • Wrestlers typically fight within their brand, even on mixed shows. Occasionally there may be an interleague match to prove brand superiority.
  • Wrestlers who perform on Saturday Night's Main Event are there to prove themselves to move up the ranks on the major shows during the week to contend for titles.
  • I stream and archive all my shows on Twitch for anyone who wants to watch
  • You can view the complete roster: here

Championship- Champion

WWF World Heavyweight Champion- Bret "Hitman" Hart
WWF Intercontinental Champion- Daniel Bryan
WWF World Tag Team Champions- The New Day

WCW World Heavyweight Champion- Sting
WCW United States Champion- Diamond Dallas Page
WCW World Tag Team Champions- The Nasty Boys

ECW World Champion- Tommy Dreamer
ECW World TV Champion- Shane Douglas
ECW World Tag Team Champions- The Dudley Boyz

Cruiserweight Champion- Rob Van Dam

My WWE Universe April Schedule:



Monday: Raw is War (WWF Roster)
Tuesday: Nitro (WCW Roster)
Thursday: Thunder (All 3 brands of Cruiserweights)
Friday: Hardcore TV (ECW Roster)
Saturday: Saturday Night's Main Event (All 3 brands of mid-carders)


Sunday Week 2: Spring Stampede (WCW)
Sunday Week 3: Backlash (WWF)
Sunday Week 4: Barely Legal (ECW)

Week 2: Monday Night Raw is War

Match 1:

Tatanka (w/ Ted DiBiase) vs. The Big Boss Man
Winner: Tatanka w/the help of Ted DiBiase distracting the ref to score a win for the Million Dollar Corporation.

Match 2:

The Beverly Brothers (Beau & Blake) vs. The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara & Kalisto) in a Tornado Tag Team Match
Winners: The Lucha Dragons after a high-flying match involving ladders.

Match 3:

Money Inc. w/Jimmy Hart (Ted DiBiase & IRS) vs. The New Age Outlaws w/X-Pac (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn)
Winners: The New Age Outlaws after a Shake, Rattle, & Roll by the Road Dogg

Match 4:

Crush vs. Roman Reigns
Winner: Roman Reigns after spearing a bloodied Crush who recently turned heel embracing the Japanese, karate culture.

Match 5: Triple Threat (non-title) match:

Daniel Bryan (c.) vs. Rick "The Model" Martel vs. Owen Hart
Winner: Rick Martel, earning himself a potential IC Championship match against Daniel Bryan in the future after beating him twice within the past month in non-title matches.

Match 6:

Batista vs. Big John Studd
Winner: Big John Studd- after the match Batista claims in a backstage interview he did not put all of his effort into the match since he is focused on facing Bret "Hitman" Hart at Backlash in 2 weeks for the WWF World Championship.

Main Event:

The Wyatt Family w/Bray Wyatt (Braun Strowman & Erick Rowan) vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Hulk Hogan
Winners: The Wyatt Family in a huge upset after Austin & Hogan couldn't get any chemistry going.

Week 2: Tuesday Nitro

Match 1:

Lex Luger vs. The Great Muta
Winner: Lex Luger, showing he is ready for his WCW U.S. title shot this weekend at Spring Stampede!

Match 2: (non-title match)

The Steiner Bros. (Rick & Scott) vs. The Nasty Boys (c.) w/Jimmy Hart (Jerry Sags & Brian Knobbs)
Winners: The Steiner Bros. win despite Jimmy Hart's ringside antics & earn a shot at a #1 Contendership match for the WCW World Tag Titles at Spring Stampede.

Match 3:

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. Nikita Koloff
Winner: Nikita Koloff in a long hard-fought match between the two powerhouses.

Match 4:

Haku vs. Alex Wright
Winner: Haku, ending Alex Wright's winning streak after an impressive win over Vader last week on Nitro.

Match 5: (non-title match)

Jeff Jarrett vs. DDP (c.)
Winner: Jeff Jarrett, proving that he should be in the hunt for DDP's WCW U.S. title in the future.

Match 6:

"The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Miss Elizabeth
Winner: The Macho Man, earning the final spot in the #1 Contendership match for the WCW World Title on Spring Stampede.

Main Event: 6-Man Over the Top Battle Royal (non-title)

Big Van Vader vs. Booker T vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper vs. Goldberg vs. Ric Flair vs. Sting (c.)
Winner: Roddy Piper after tossing out Flair in the end, showing that he deserves to be in World Title contention going forward.

Week 2: Thursday Night Thunder

Match 1: Triple Threat Extreme Rules

Jerry Lynn vs. New Jack vs. Justin Credible
Winner: Jerry Lynn, who is on a 3-match winning streak moving up the ranks on Hardcore TV & Thunder.

Match 2:

Vampiro vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Winner: Vampiro after delivering a devastating Vampiro Strike.

Match 3:

Taka Michinoku w/Funaki vs. Kalisto w/Sin Cara
Winner: Taka Michinoku in an aerial affair.

Match 4: 6-man ladder match for a contract to face the Cruiserweight Champion next week

Finn Balor vs. Dean Malenko vs. La Parka vs. Super Crazy vs. Psychosis vs. Chris Benoit
Winner: Psychosis sneaks up the ladder and grabs the contract for a date next week with the winner of the upcoming Fatal 4-Way match.

Main Event: Fatal 4-Way Cruiserweight Championship

Rob Van Dam (c.) vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho
Winner: RVD retains for the 2nd week in a row against multiple opponents in a ladder match. He will finally only have to defend his championship against a single opponent next week when he takes on Psychosis.

Week 2: Friday Night Hardcore TV

Match 1: Extreme Rules

Mike Awesome vs. Jack Swagger
Winner: Mike Awesome in a hard-fought back & forth match.

Match 2: Triple Threat Extreme Rules

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Raven vs. Cactus Jack
Winner: Raven despite being battered and bloodied, in a brutal match involving chairs.

Match 3: Tornado Tag Extreme Rules (non-title)

bWo (Big Stevie Cool & Da Blue Guy) vs. The Dudley Boyz (c.) (Bubba Ray & D-Von)
Winners: The Dudleyz in a rare show appearance by champions who do not have a PPV coming up on the weekend.

Match 4: Extreme Rules

Kevin Owens vs. CM Punk
Winner: Punk gets Owens to tap to the Anaconda Vice.

Match 5:

"Ravishing" Rick Rude vs. "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman
Winner: Rick Rude after delivering a debilitating piledriver after multiple Rude Awakenings.

Match 6: Fatal 4-Way Extreme Rules

Dean Ambrose vs. Taz vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy
Winner: Dean Ambrose squeaks out the win after pinning a worn-down Taz.

Main Event: Triple Threat Steel Cage

Sabu vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar
Winner: Brock Lesnar in his huge return to show that he is ready to contend for the ECW World Title.

Week 2: Saturday Night's Main Event

Match 1:

Viscera w/Mideon vs. Titus O'Neil w/Darren Young
Winner: Viscera scores a big win for the Ministry

Match 2:

Mr. Perfect vs. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
Winner: Beefcake wins to prove his worth to make the Nitro card in the upcoming weeks.

Match 3:

The Powers of Pain (Barbarian & Warlord) vs. The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)
Winners: The Road Warriors as they show why they are the #1 contenders for the WCW World Tag Titles.

Match 4:

Randy Orton vs. The British Bulldog
Winner: Randy Orton with a surprise pop-up RKO.

Main Event:

Shawn Michaels vs. Marty Jannetty
Winner: Marty Jannetty in an upset against his former partner in a very entertaining show of technical skills on both sides.

Upcoming: WCW PPV Spring Stampede

Pt 1: http://www.twitch.tv...rd84/v/41023435

Pt. 2: http://www.twitch.tv...rd84/v/41024106

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Literally joined this forum just to post here, because Universe Mode is why I love the WWE games and whenever I talk about it IRL people just kinda glaze over.


Okay, my Universe is split over 5 main shows each week, and two PPVs a month on a bi-weekly basis. When I set up the Universe, the titles were held by the IRL champions if they were in my roster.


My shows are:


Monday: RAW: A mixture of current roster and recent roster wrestlers. For instance, I've added newcomers like Tyler Breeze and AJ Styles, but people like Layla and CM Punk are still active. Also part-timers like Triple H and The Rock are on roster.


World: WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Seth Rollins (#1 Contender - Kane)

Single: WWE Intercontinental Championship - Cesaro (#1 Contender - Bad News Barrett)

Tag: WWE Tag Team Championship - The New Day (Kofi and Woods) (#1 Contenders - Prime Time Players)

Diva: WWE Divas Championship - Nikki Bella (#1 Contender - Naomi)


Seth started my Universe as Champion but since then it's travelled from him to Brock Lesnar, to Chris Jericho who immediately lost it to Triple H on a MITB cash in, to Roman Reigns and then back to Seth. The New Day have dominated as so they should.


Tuesday: WWF CLASSIC: Wrestlers who used to be on the main roster and now aren't. Mostly 80s and 90s names, with a few more recent.


World: WWE Championship 88-98 - Stone Cold (#1 Contender - Andre the Giant)

Singles: WWE Intercontinental Championship 90 - Bret Hart (#1 Contender - Ultimate Warrior)

Tag: World Tag Team Championship 97-02 - The New Age Outlaws (#1 Contenders - The Allied Powers (Lex Luger and British Bulldog))

Diva: WWE Women's Championship - Awesome Kong (Kharma) (#1 Contender - Trish Stratus)


Wednesday: NXT: Current NXT roster, recent call ups (like Tyler Breeze, Charlotte etc) and NXT/FCW alumni such as Adam Rose and Bo Dallas.


World: NXT Championship - Finn Balor (#1 Contender - Neville)

Singles: N/A

Tag: NXT Tag Team Championship - Hype Bros (#1 Contenders - Enzo & Big Cass)

Diva: Bayley (#1 Contender - Cameron)


Thursday: IMPACT: Although using the TNA Impact logo, this is more of a mixed indies show. It has a custom arena featuring logos from TNA, ROH, GFW, AAA, UFC, LU, ICW etc. and features wrestlers from all kinds of brands, plus WWE wrestlers who have also done indy promotions, and a few celebrities.


World: TNA Heavyweight Championship - Cactus Jack (#1 Contender - Arnold T2)

Singles: ROH Championship - AJ Styles (#1 Contender - Sting 99)

Tag: ICW Tag Team Title - The Bullet Club (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) (#1 Contenders - The Hardy Boyz)

Diva: GFW Women's Championship - Ronda Rousey (#1 Contender - Asuka (Kana))


Friday: WCW CLASSIC: Older wrestlers well known for being on the WCW roster.


World: World Heavyweight Championship - Diamond Dallas Page (#1 Contender - Stunning Steve Austin)

Singles: WCW United Stated Championship - Paul White (The Giant) (#1 Contender - Ultimate Warrior)

Tag: WCW World tag Team Championship - The Road Warriors (#1 Contender - 3-Count (Hurricane and Shannon Moore))

Diva: N/A


I've also got three floating championships in circulation:


The WWE United States Championship - Heath Slater: I use this as an open challenge title, like when Cena had it. At the start of their respective show, I play as the champion against a randomly picked opponent. If they beat me, they then defend it weekly on their own show. Sami Zayn had it for quite a while but I got overly comfortable in a cage match against Slater, who knocked me down and made the quickest escape I'd ever seen.


The Universal Undisputed Championship - Finn Balor: This is a cross-promtional title defended monthly in a 6-man match. The first 5 men are the respective champions of each show, the sixth can either be the UUC Champion, if he is no longer the champion of his show, or a randomly selected wild card. If one wrestler is the champion on two shows (either the same character or a different incarnation of the same man), a second wild card is added.


The Universal Women's Championship - Awesome Kong: As with the men's, but as a 4-way match.


My PPVs follow the default WWE ones as set by the game, with RAW hosting and either WWE CLASSIC or NXT co-hosting, and on the second Sunday of each month I have either a TNA, NXT or WCW PPV. Or at least I did have, before the future stars DLC wiped them. I'm going to fast track through this year and re-add them at the start of next year.

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here is mine just started https://www.youtube....h?v=gELxp8OU5BQ

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Alright, so in my Universe mode (for PS3), you've got Monday Night Raw, Wednesday Night NXT (Planning to be phased out soon in favour of starting up the AWA) and Friday Night Smackdown. Here's a lost of the current champions for each brand, the current rankings as well as stables.




Universal Champion (WWE Championship 2002-2006 design) The Miz (Champion for 3 weeks after cashing in MITB on Angus Webmaster on Raw)

Number One Contender: JBL

2. Angus Webmaster

3. Jordan Kuykendall

4. Sting

5.Brock Lesnar

6. Randy Orton


United States Champion: Jack Swagger (Champion for 4 weeks after defeating Sheamus at Payback)

Number One Contender: Sheamus

2. Bradley Youngblood

3. Issac Reid

4 Kofi Kingston

5 X-Pac

6 John Cena


Raw Tag Team Champions (World Tag Titles 2002-2010 Design: The Union (Edge and William Regal, Champions for 4 weeks after ending KIdd and Cesaro's 55 week reign at Payback)

Number One Contenders: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

2 Jeri-KO

3 The New Day

4 Lucha Dragons


Divas Champion: Dynamite (CAW) (3 time Champion, held the title for a grand total of 16 weeks, defeated Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules to become the champion)

Number One Contender: Alicia Fox

2. Tamina

3. Paige

4. Natalya

5. Naomi

6. Heather Goldman



NXT Champion: Chet Andersen (CAW) (Champion for 10 weeks, defeated Hideo Itami at Revenge of the Taker (April NXT PPV) for the title)

Number One Contender: Finn Balor

2 Bo Dallas

3 Sami Zayn

4 Hideo Itami

5 Heath Slater

6 Yosef Akane

7 Baron Corbin

8 Big Show

9 Neville

10 Dolph Ziggler

11 Adam Rose

12 Tyler Breeze


NXT Tag Team Champions: Enzo and Cass (Champions for 6 weeks, defeated the Vaudevillians at Fully Loaded (May PPV) for the titles)

Number One Contenders: Vaudevillians

2 Vicious and Delicious (Finn Balor and Sami Zayn)

3 The Ascension

4 Social Outcasts


NXT Women's Champion: Kaiva Mercer (CAW) (Champion for 26 weeks, defeated Paige at Bound for Glory (Jan PPV) for the title)

Number One Contender: Cameron (Don't even know how that happened)

2 Lilith Barnett

3 Morgan Tomassian

4 Summer Rae

5 Eva Marie

6 Amy Natoli (You know you suck when Eva Marie is higher than you)



WWE World Champion: Seth Rollins (Champion for 2 days so far, defeated Mark Henry on Smackdown)

Number One Contender: Mark Henry

2 Roman Reigns

3 Bray Wyatt

4 Batista

5 Rusev

6 Triple H '01


Intercontinential Champion: Rikishi (Champion for 4 weeks, defeated Stardust at Payback for the title)

Number One Contender: Stardust


3 Bolek Sokolov

4 Ric Flair

5 Dean Ambrose

6 Daniel Bryan


Smackdown Tag Team Champions: HBK & Kevin Nash (Champions for 2 days, defeated PTP on Smackdown to win the belts)

Number One Contenders: PTP

2 The Usos

3 Harper and Rowan

4 Brothers of Destruction


Women's World Champion (Brahma Bull Desgn): Vassily (CAW) (Champion for 8 weeks, defeated Layla for the belt at Extreme Rules for the title)

Number One Contender: Nikki Bella

2 Layla

3 Emma

4 Victoria

5 Jessica Ralston

6 Brie Bella


Factions and Alliances 

The Union - JBL, Jack Swagger, Edge, William Regal, Dynamite. I plan to have JBL win the title from Miz at the June PPV which is Rock Bottom.

Natalya is alligned with Kidd and Cesaro

Heather Goldman is alligned with Jeri-KO


In terms of PPV's I've kept the big 4 as joint shows between Raw and Smackdown (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series) Feb, May, July and October are Smackdown only PPV's and April, June, Sep and Dec are Raw only PPV's. NXT has a PPV every month on the second Sunday.


Here's the match card for Rock Bottom


Match 1 - Tag Team Match

Jeri-Ko (with Heather Goldman) VS The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods)

Winners: Jeri-KO after KO delivers a Pop Up Powerbomb to Xavier Woods for the 3 count


Match 2 - Iron Man Match

X-Pac VS John Cena

Winner: John Cena after making X-Pac tap out to the STF with 5 seconds to go, scores were 1-2 Cena wins lol


Match 3 - Ladder Match for the Raw Tag Team Titles

The Union © VS Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Winners: The Union after Tyson Kidd was put through the announcers table, Edge speared Cesaro off the apron onto a ladder letting William Regal claim the titles


Match 4 - Singles Match

Angus Webmaster VS Jordan Kuykendall

Winner: Jordan Kuykendall after countering a Butterfly DDT into a Shoulder Switch Powerslam for the 3 count


Match 5 - Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship

Jack Swagger © VS Sheamus VS Bradley Youngblood

Winner: Jack Swagger after Sheamus delivers a Brogue Kick to Youngblood, Swagger throws Sheamus into the ring post and covers Youngblood for the 3-count.


Match 6 - 6 Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Dynamite, Naomi and Tamina VS Alicia Fox, Paige and Natalya

Winners: Dynamite, Naomi and Tamina. Tamina eliminates Natalya after a superkick. Tamina and Paige both get counted out after a superplex to the outside. Alicia Fox eliminates Naomi after a Scissors Kick, but Dynamite hits Fox with a spear for the 3-count


Main Event - Last Man Standing Match for the Universal Championship

The Miz © VS JBL

Winner: JBL after delivering a Clothesline from Hell to The Miz for the knockout.


I plan to have The Union reign over Raw until around Night of Champions, and they will lose all titles by the end of Royal Rumble.

I simmed it for a year, and only started the brand split after the Payback PPV so it's still in it's infancy.

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