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EC3 On TNA’s POP TV Debut, If He Watches WWE And More

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TNA star Ethan Carter III took part in a Reddit Ama session while promoting TNA’s POP TV debut tonight. You can check out the full session here and read some highlights below.


What to look forward to on TNA’s POP TV debut:


“Me. Mostly. Some surprises. New look, I think. Solid direction. Good matches. I really think it will be a show that can set the tone. At least it is to be, and we must deliver on it. I’ll do my part to deliver on my end.”


If he watches WWE:


“I view them as the biggest show in this game. I watch constantly because I do not improve if I don’t watch what is taking place in all aspects of wrestling. As far as if it’s somewhere I want to go back, my focus is on where I am at, what I am doing, and what I am in control of. TNA is where I am at. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity here. I will always have a chip on my shoulder. A prove them wrong/ftw attitude. I like my angst. It helps me. Keeps me on edge.”


Dean Ambrose using his finishing move then switching it up:


“It’s a tough move for it to look great every time, so I understand him switching it up. If I could go back, I might consider something else, but it’s beaten everybody here, so I guess it works! If anyone had right to steal it first, it was him, since I think I stole it from Callihan and they tagged prior. Either way.”


The TNA World Title Series came down to a championship match between Matt Hardy and EC3. In the end it was Ethan Carter III that earned the right to call himself TNA World Heavyweight Champion. This is the second time that Carter has won the belt.


Before the match started Jeff Hardy challenged Tyrus to leave the ringside area and let Matt Hardy and EC3 have a fair fight. Tyrus agreed and the two men left. Hardy and Carter then battled back and forth with EC3 eventually getting the win. The end came when Matt Hardy tried to hit the Twist of Fate from the ropes in the corner but EC3 reversed it and hit the One Percenter.



TNA Impact made its big debut on POP TV tonight and it also featured a big reunion. Bobby Roode made an open challenge for his King of the Mountain Championship, a challenge which Bram accepted. Roode defeated Bram but he was then beat down by Bram and Eric Young.


It was then that James Storm came down to make the save. Storm rescued Bobby Roode as the fans chanted “Welcome back!” It was reported yesterday that Storm would possibly be working the Impact tapings, but he responded to the reports by saying he was only going to Bethlehem, PA for a meeting.


Apparently the meeting went well because Storm obviously worked at least one episode of Impact. At the end of his promo James Storm offered Bobby Roode a beer and we got a little Beer Money reunion. You can check out some pictures below.

Roode and Storm then cut a promo on Bram and Eric Young backstage. They announced that Beer Money would be reuniting this Friday on pay-per-view. James Storm had wrestled a few matches in NXT recently but it looks like he couldn’t reach a deal for some reason.



Rumors have been going around for a few weeks now saying that Mike Bennet and Maria Kanellis were TNA bound. The rumors proved to be true as they both made their debut on TNA Impact’s POP TV premiere.


TNA had been teasing the debut of “The Miracle” by using vignettes leading up to the premiere and it turns out that the vignettes were part of Bennett’s debut. The lights went out and Maria introduced herself as the “First Lady of Professional Wrestling.” She then played up the miracle aspect as she cut a promo and introduced Bennett.


Mike Bennett then made his way to the ring and said he’s the Internet Darling that’s going to save TNA.

We’re all down for Mike Bennett saving TNA. But we do have a few questions, such as:


Source: http://www.stillrealtous.com/

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As someone who is fairly unfamiliar with the Indies (but not uneducated) watching this guys vignettes and entrance... They hyped Bo Dallas, we got Cesaro in Armando Estrada's suit. Which don't get me wrong is great.

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Someone should tell Bennett it isn't Halloween. Though that Armando Estrada costume is grea- Wait that's his attire?

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Wait, EC3 is excited about the new look? Don't they get a new look every time they switch? (Which is like, every month?)

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