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Pokémon GO: Augmented Reality vs. Real World, Should You Play?

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Should You Play Pokemon GO?

Published on Jul 11, 2016

Need ideas for new activities? Here you go:



Say hey in the comments. I respond to each one.







This is the journal I mentioned in the episode:




In this video we talk about whether or not you should play Pokemon GO, and what some of the bigger lessons are from the game and how they can help you live a great life. Check out the video and find out. If you like it, hit thumbs up and subscribe.

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Special thanks to Game Quitters for uploading the video!


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Alright, after 6 minutes I stopped him because for me he is extremely boring. Maybe not everybody have a damn reason to go outside, so Pokemon Go was the only reason. Well, expecting the time when your mother tells you to go outside, to buy a bread... you HAVE to do that, it doesn`t matter what you do in that moment. Just go outside and buy the damn bread!


In other way, yeah, I am like that too. I mean, when I move to a new city, or I go in vacation, I generally go outside and walk a lot to know the place. But I am NOT interactive. This means, it doesn`t matter how awesome are the people, I will NOT interact with them. The best you will take from me will be an "hi" and nothing more. When I want to walk, at the best is to only walk with or without somebody, and to not meet people I know during the walk. Why? I have no idea, but that`s me.


In the other hand, everybody makes a problem from Pokemon Go. You know what is the real problem? Football! Why? Because most of the persons are crazy about football just how some teenagers are crazy about Pokemon Go. Does it means that I have something against football? No! And I will not attack it. Is a sport. Such as Pokemon Go is a damn game. This fever will pass, while the Football fever will never pass. :xd:

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It is a fun game to get off your ass and get some exercise with indeed, shoot you get to meet new peeps and who knows maybe score with a hot chick playing the game..


I had it for a week deleted it after this weekends hack and sever glitches erasing all my data, was soooo pissed. R.I.P PokemonGO

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Love Pokemon Go but there sure is a lot of negative stuff that makes the game and the players look bad. Such as people walking into cemeteries and people offering driving for pokemon as a taxi service. However this game has done more then get people outside and socialize with others. This game is actually bringing business. Several people venture out for PokeStops and such so if they need a bite or something they will stop somewhere. There is this bar in my area that is actually a PokeStop. The owner drops Lure modules on it all the time to attract people to come in and stay.

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More folks walking like mindless zombies looking at their phones.

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