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WWE 2K17 Creation Suite Trailer And Details Revealed!

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The WWE 2K community is the most creative group of fans there is, and our goal is to always push the envelope to transform your imagination into reality in the smoothest way possible. For WWE 2K17, we’re stepping it up with new features and options and can’t wait to get them in your hands! Watch the trailer above and then get reading.

Starting with Create-a-Superstar, we have all-new body hair functionality to compliment the several all-new hair styles and facial hair we’ve added this year. It’s all the hair you can handle! Skin effects add more character to your character with new wrinkles, blemishes, scars, burn marks, bags under the eyes, and more. Dental enthusiasts can now customize teeth with various colors, yellowing, fangs, and even missing choppers for a mouth that Mick Foley would approve of.

Once you have your Superstar looking just right, it’s time to make a Championship worthy of them. Creators can now select normal-mapped textures for the strap. In layman’s terms, this means that you can have a textures like metal, wood, and reptile skin with 3D depth to it rather than just a flat image.

To show all this off to the world, the Highlight Reel returns. At any time you can pause the game and review footage of the in-ring action that just took place. Choose a camera angle, clip out what you want from the footage, and export it as a video. You can have it play in slow motion as well to really show off the details of a particularly intense scene.

Highlight Reel works great for creating videos to post online, but also can be incorporated into custom Titantron videos and Create-a-Show opening videos. Cut together a variety of in-ring footage, add in new animated backgrounds and logos, select from a wide variety of music, and you’ll have the feel of a genuine Titantron or show-opening video.

Create-a-Show includes new visual filters on the in-ring action like black and white, sepia, and our favorite “bad VHS” to recreate the feel of old sports entertainment tapes that fans used to trade. Select from a variety of referee clothing options and audio commentary styles (tailored to Raw, SmackDown, and more) and your Universe will feel more like a real WWE-caliber show. More on that down the line when we talk Universe Mode!

Lastly, for Create-an-Arena, we have a small, but helpful change that should please creators that like to tweak even the finest details. All three turnbuckle pads on a post can now be tweaked to different individual colors. Want to have every pad in the ring a different color? Go for it! Maybe you want to pattern them after your national flag? Red, white, and blue pads are there as an option.

That’s all we have for today. Several other smaller, specific tweaks await your discovery when WWE 2K17 launches on October 11!

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Cool I suppose. Not interested in anything but what's in the DLC now though.

It was 3 weeks before launch last year the dlc trailer dropped, so hopefully next week we'll know.

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Nice body templates.

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there was one guy that said he didn't want to get the game cause the nitro arena didn't have the blue wcw ref costumes, well now we can customize maybe he'll consider buying now lol

i think this is a huge step in the right direction. height and weight is also separate now

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