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As WWE fans continue to hope for a Matt Hardy return to the company he once worked for, he’s been one of the bright spots of their competitors TNA Impact Wrestling. Just recently, Hardy was part of the Total Nonstop Deletion event and hurled a serious diss towards the man who could be part of bringing him back to WWE. In addition, a former star from the company also joined in with Hardy’s event, as many WWE talents that go missing seem to show up with TNA at some point.


According to Wrestling Inc, the latest Impact Wrestling show featured Total Nonstop Deletion, which involved The Hardysand a Tag Team Apocalypto match. During the match, not only did the team of Matt and Jeff Hardy win, but several wrestlers with ties to the WWE made appearances and competed in it. Among them were the Road Warrior and Shane “Hurricane” Helms.

In particular, Helms played an integral part in the match. It was reported that Helms came out of the lake of reincarnation toward the end of the match as his Hurricane character and helped Matt Hardy to eliminate the Helms Dynasty. They buried the Dynasty after hitting them with shovels.

As Hardy and Helms posed for the camera, Hardy made an interesting comment afterward about Triple H.

“Even the man with the three H’s would approve of how we buried those promising young talents.”

The remark refers to Hardy and Helms burying their opponents, but also to the notion that Triple H makes it difficult for young talent to break out within the WWE. That is highly arguable based on the success of a lot of the NXT stars that have transitioned from NXT to the WWE’s main rosters on Raw and SmackDown. The irony of his statement is also how TNA’s match involved older WWE talents in a ploy to get fans more interested.

Also appearing during the event was Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl, who formerly worked with the WWE as the Leprechaun wrestler who used to live underneath the ring. He teamed up with another wrestler of smaller stature, Rockstar Spudd. In his latest role, Hornswoggle was referred to simply as “Swoggle.” He was last with WWE earlier this year before getting his release in early May. Postl had also been suspended back in September of 2015 for a Wellness Policy violation. It appears Swoggle was either involved in this match as a way to increase the entertainment value, or he may have a recurring role within TNA. As of right now, that’s unclear.

The Matt Hardy diss towards Triple H comes days after Hardy had tried to invite the former WWE champion and several other big names to this Total Nonstop Deletion event. According to WrestleZone, Hardy went on Twitter three days ago and called out D-Generation X, The Wyatt Family, The New Day, as well as Edge and Christian, and a few other legendary tag teams to come to the big match. None of those teams showed up, but TNA managed to lure in some other former WWE talents to the event in Cameron, North Carolina.

It’s interesting to hear Hardy’s comments, based on the fact there had been rumors and reports that he may make a WWE return within the next year or so. In September, various sites reported WWE rumors that Triple H (real name Paul Levesque) wanted to get the Hardys back to WWE as soon as they could.

Matt’s brother, Jeff Hardy, had also made recent comments about a possible return. He mentioned always wanting a big match against Undertaker, who has what seems like limited time with the company in terms of how many more matches he may participate in. As for now, it appears TNA knows it has some star power with the Hardys on their roster, so it will be surprising if they let them get away to the WWE. Then again, the promise of a more alluring contract could easily be the answer from Vince McMahon and Triple H, if The Game can ignore the repeated diss comments.

WWE fans, what did you think of TNA’s Total Nonstop Deletion if you witnessed it? Also, do you expect that Matt and Jeff Hardy will ever make a return to the WWE wrestling ring?

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