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Article on WWE's "Music Producers", Possibly Questioning Their Future.

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So, I found this article while on Twitter, posted 9/1/17 (today), and while I don't know how much truth there is to it, really hope it is true, I thought I would share it and possibly get opinions on it.


Personally, as I stated, I hope it's true, I mean those douchebags scream douchebag just by looking at them and I agree with what people said on Twitter, these guys are nothing more than 40 second loopers. They wouldn't know talent if it slapped them in the face with a wet fish.


Anyway, The article........................






CFO$ Future With WWE In Question?


WWE music composers, John Paul Alicastro and Michael Conrad Lauri, who are collectively known as CFO$, may be in getting on the company’s bad side as of late.


GT spoke with a source who stated that CFO$’s attitudes have rubbed some people in management the wrong way. WWE often has their composers tweak and make small changes to their music over time to evolve with their characters; Sometimes adding voice overs, new intros, etc. CFO$ reportedly have refused to do this on several occasions, telling WWE’s production team that they’re “interfering with their art.” Jim Johnston, WWE’s long-time head composer, has been asked to tweak his music several times on a moment’s notice.


Johnston’s music has been used increasingly sparingly over the last few years, but two new Johnston tracks have appeared on WWE television the last few weeks—Baron Corbin and Emma—with supposedly more in the pipeline, giving more credence to this rumor.


What could this mean moving forward?


A WWE Music representative told another source that Johnston is not in charge, but that he is now the “Director” of WWE Music. Neil Lawi is still the General Manager at WWE Music Group. CFO$’s role may be altered, possibly soon, if these reports are true.


CFO$ work has been a bit controversial since they arrived in 2012. Their music often involves short, looping samples that don’t contain much musical variation. There have also been several complaints that many of their entrance themes don’t fit the respective characters. Johnston is known for his eclectic range of musical styles. He is also often seen as being able to better capture the essence of a character through music.


Check back soon as GrappleTrax sorts out all of these rumors.




Now, as I said, don't know how true this is, but just the thought of this scenario is enough to make me excited, even though I don't watch WWE anymore, I still keep up with it & the music is what is the best part, in my opinion & CFOs, I refuse to use the dollar sign cause they aren't money, is really killing it, in a bad, very bad, way with their extremely bland generic music, sans a few hits like Nakamura's theme.

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Maybe they hired douchebag looking people to appeal to the kids for PG. Kids nowadays are  into modern douchebagish music  So WWE tried to capitalize on it maybe.  

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They just had to ruin EMMA didn't they?

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If this is true:



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