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Your Wishlist for WWE2K22/WWE2K23? Any WWE2K Games

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This what I want in the game:


The Create a superstar mode: 


1. Surnames:

Adonis, Allot, Bakers, Bates, Barter, Bollenbach, Brinkman, Butz, Chuck, Cisneros, Colwell, Combs, Cooke, Couch, Dangerously, Dees, Del’Bonis, Eads, Favors, Fields, Francis, Frye, Furbacher, Garrison, Greenfields, Greenwell, Grubb, Grubber, Grubbster, Grubberg, Grubbauer,  Grubbe/Grubbie, Grubworm, Grubbstar, Grubbs, Grubbström, Harmon, Hartmon, Hatmen, Hisle, Hoskins, Humphrey, Jennings, Kaiser, Kanu, King, Levesque, Manak, Mastino, Meadows, Mollet, McGuffey, Miceli, Morehead, O’Neil/O’Neal, Perpich, Philbeck, Ramsey, Rose, Ryzin, Saxton, Spiritoff, Springer, Stamps, Striker, Supe, Voisard, Wheeler, Woolsey, Wray, and Wrestleton. 


2. First Names:

Ailen, Cara, Carissa, Cindy, Crystal, Damon, Dan, Daniel, Danny, Doak, Gary, Glen, Gunter, Hannah, Hank, Jean, June, Junpei, Laura, Loretta, Mishi, Monica, Nate, Nathan, Nathaniel, Nina (Nine-na), Placito, Romeo, Rita, Tybolt, & Zoey.


3. Nicknames:

Bones, Bricks, Dangerous, Dancing, Machine, Mission, Revelation, Sticks, Tribulation, & Trikkey


4. Funny Surnames (Last names):  Grerson, Grurson, Gruerson, Toprubb, Grupper, Grubper, Torubb, Gruopper, Grubvers, Wearubb, Courubb, Carrubb, Gruose, Rosubb, Grooke, Dooke, Gruoke, Gruke, Coorubb, Grilbeck, Phubb, Grulbeck, Philrubb, Grurrison, Garrisubb, Garrisobb, Grurrison, Grutz, Burubb, Gruitt, Gruork, Youbb, Grurk, Yorrubb, Grork, Gruril, Grunes, Jorubb, Gruones, Gristen, Deadows, Gruadows, Grubdows, Meadoubb, Growe, Horubb, Gruen, Griritoff, Diritoff, Gruiritoff, Grusher,


5. Funny First names: Grubielle,  Bethniel, Gethany, Hanniel, Gregan, Grarissa, Caraniel, Danissa, Grachel, Caniel, Phaniel, Meniel, Maniel, Dangan, Meiel,  Damanda, Ganiel, Gramanda, Amandiel, Raniel, Rebeniel, Rebaniel, Waniel, Reniel, Wianiel, Apaniel, Joaniel, Yoniel, Apraniel, Joniel, Taniel, Gretty, Tiffanel, Tiffaniel, Dettiel, Krianiel, Danisten, Hoaniel, Howiel, Howaniel, Danidra, Grundra, & Faniel.


6. More Other countries names. (As well in Custom Championship mode)


7. More Money terms names.  (As well in Custom Championship mode)


8. America's states' names.  (As well in Custom Championship mode)



9. Tag Teams or Faction names:
Genetic names:
Sisters of Destruction, Sisters of Pain, Welcome Party, Goodbye Party, Digital Sensation, Digital Connection, Dimension Demolition, Lunar Trials, Ghost Guild, Dawn & Dusk Connection.
Where you see Surname (You could put any surnames from the create a superstar mode into but add one of these suffixes.)
Surname Twins, Surname Sisters, Surname Brothers, Surname Bros, Surname Girls,Surname Boys,Surname Boyz, Surname Family, Surname Foundation, Surname Order,
Surname Clan, Surname Flock, Surname Club, Surname Nest, Surname Pack, Surname Army, Surname Gang, Surname Varsity, Surname Team, Surname Trio, Surname Triad,
Surname Duo, Surname Elite, Surname Cabinet, Surname Mafia, Surname Guild or Surname Titans.




The headband position:
Gloves and Socks:



A Bald spot that could be resized from small to Large.
Also, I would like to have hairstyle combine feature.
Smooth chin or cleft chin slide:
Belly Button options:
1. Innie or an outtie 
2. Shape
3. Position or aka Belly Button slider:
Family Suffixes:
Where you could choose any WWE Superstars or CAW to create your caw with the feature of both parents:
Create a Championship Mode:


1. Female or Male or Mixed or Any Gender.


2. Single or Tag or Trio.


3. PPV only defending.


4. Show only defending.


5. Match only defending.



Create a Championship's names:

1. More Other countries names.


2. More Money terms names. 


3. America's states' names. 


4. Match types names.



Creation Modes:


Create a Superstar

Create an Arena

Create a Referee

Create a GM 

Create a Manager

Create a Championship

Create a PPV

Create a Show

Create Crowd signs

Decorate the Backstage: 

GM Offices and Owner Offices, Lockerooms, Parking lot, Hallways, 


Owner Mode 
GM Mode
Manager Mode
Referee Mode
Superstar Mode
24/7 Title Mode 
Universe Mode 


More Music Genres besides the normal music genres.



This is my dream Rosters:


All the different duplicates of the current Superstars and their retro personas. 


Now I want to know your guys and gals' Wishlist?

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