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WWE 2K22 Controls Theory

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Firsts I would like to share that I already shared this theory on caws ws website as tbonetaker as my username there, 

here is my theory on why WWE2k22's new control scheme is not compatible with the WWE 2k 15 thru 19 or even 20's control scheme.....

WWE 2k22 Controls





WWE 2K22 and why the controls for

WWE 2k15-19 may not be compatible.

We have only seen the basic controls and not the advanced and after carefully looking into the basic controls and looking into the past games like some n64 games and even raw 2 on the xbox and past svr games this is my theory on why we need the new controls over the 15-19 controls a majority are complaining about not having.

Light Attack and Heavy Attack

Are we all that sure these are only striking controls?

Moving Grapple Button

 I don't think its just a button move and we still execute the same way keep in mind they say the game hits different.

Combining Strike or Attack Buttons after executing Grapples....

If you look at No Mercy after tapping or holding to start a grapple with the A button there are Grapples with the A button after but there are Grapples with striking button B after the starting lockup. My theory is this...

Press X for light attack strikes with left analog stick to do different light attack strikes.

Press A for heavy attack strike with left analog stick to do different heavy attack strikes.

Press B to execute grapple lock up followed by...

B and left analog to do your different medium attack grapples

X and left analog to do your different light attack grapples

A and left analog to do your different heavy attack grapples

RT+B and left analog to do your different submission grapples.

This would explain why the need for 2 different attack buttons for striking and why the controls for WWE 2K19 are not compatible for this game. It may even explain the new combos category on the left menu. It would also explain why there are no longer any notes about tap for light or hold for strong next to the B grapple button on the new basic controls layout like next to the A button for Grappling like in the past few games.   Again this is only a theory but again we have not seen all the actual advanced controls.

Think about all this and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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