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Impressed with Matt Hardy?

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I was wondering out of those who watch TNA on a regular basis how many of you are impressed with Matt Hardy. I was sure him coming in would be a mistake and really just a waste of space. I didn’t see him as a detriment as much as seeing him as just a complete non-factor.

However, if any of you have seen the last two ppv’s Matt Hardy has had arguably the best match on both cards.
Sure, he didn’t have that much competition from the other matches on the card but even without comparing it to the rest of the card he had two impressive matches with both RVD and AJ Styles.

From a singles standpoint, it was some of the best matches I’ve seen from Hardy.

Normally, I would chalk up his great match with AJ Styles as just giving credit to Styles because he can make his opponents look good but considering he had one of, if not the best match, on the previous PPV also, I figure I’ll give him the credit for putting on two great show stealing matches in a row.

Not to mention, I set the bar pretty low with him coming in so I can’t help but be impressed with what I perceive to be his overachievements the past two PPV’s.

Anyone else impressed with Matt Hardy, specifically from an in-ring standpoint?

Also, TNA has also seemed to take notice by deciding to actually package him with a gimmick of the whole “Cold Blooded” Matt Hardy. He has been living off the Hardy Boyz name way to long and even WWE hadn’t packaged him with any particular gimmick in a really long time since way back in the Mattitude days

Thx to wwnba

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I watched his match with AJ Styles, was pretty nice. He used a nice submission move, I believe its a Double Underhook hold.

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Well will help me much more to see his too matches. ;) Sorry but I don't watch TNA(probally a big mistake). But I think I will watch now if Matt Hardy is so good as you had said. ;)

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