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Is it worth it?

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Since watching TNA Lockdown last night I've been thinking is taking risks to create memorable spots in a match really worth it? Often it's the spots and painful looking points of a match that are most memorable in the eyes of fans but is it really worth it when someone puts their body on the line for the sake of our entertainment? Are we selfish in that degree? There are two examples I can put fourth that occured in the last 10 years.

1. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett - Lockdown 2011: Now I am not bitching on TNA in any way in fact I seem to be in a small minority when I say that I actually liked the show. Kurt Angles spots in this match were both life threatening and irresponsible. In case you didn't see Lockdown this is what happened: 1. Angle totally missed a moonsault off the top of the cage which was barely helped by Jeff Jarrett and 2. Jeff Jarrett powerbombed Kurt off the top rope and Kurt seemingly attempted to reverse the move into a hurricanrana but instead landed on his neck. I know it's his life, his body, his decision, etc...., Except that it's not. When you become a father, you forfeit the right to be selfish like that. And despite what you might think, that WAS selfish of Kurt to do those spots. The match didn't need them. No match does. In fact, it hurt a match that was going pretty well, because I was taken so far out of the match itself out of concern for Kurt's well-being. That's not "getting caught up in the drama of the match," that's simply being scared shitless that one of your favorite performers is going to make good on the death wish he apparently has. He does these unnessaccary moonsault's (which he completely missed last night) that add nothing to the match, just makes him look more like an ass who can care less about his health. Seriously, I saw one of my favorite wrestlers of all-time come within a hair's breadth of killing himself last night. One FRACTION of an inch on that powerbomb, and we'd be discussing the live "Impact is Angle" special on Thursday. I understand you're a grown man capable of making his own decisions, but you have kids that depend on you, Kurt. Wise the fuck up.

2. Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar - Wrestlemania 19: This has nothing to do with Angle but rather Brock. If you remember this great match it was nothing short of a technical masterpiece and was a dream match during its time and a great way to close Wrestlemania. Now the big risk in the match that sticks out in my mind is at the very end. Angle is down after kicking out of an F-5 but Brock decides to go up to the top turnbuckle. He stares at Angle for a moment and does a SHOOTING STAR PRESS! A man his size can do that move! Brock botches the move and lands on his neck. This was a massive fuck up that could've resulted in a broken neck for Lesnar(Though the match did end with someone having a broken neck.). Brock was a big star at this time and just trying to impress a crowd is not worth breaking your neck at the age of 25.

My question to you:
Are big spots in wrestling really worth it all in the end

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The spot is different for a wrestler to anothere. Wrestlers like Undertaker, Cena, Lesnar, Triple H, and anothere have a big sopt, and they ALL ofered what fans want. But wrestlers like Rhodes, Dibiase, and more haven't that big spot, so they don't care if the fans are satisfacted or not.

So my answere is yes. What will be a match at WM if Undertaker just go there and not beat his opponents ass? What was TLC1, and 2 if Edge, Cristian, Hardy Boys, and Dudley boys didn't get all they want? I think you know the answere. <_<

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