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Patrick Hawkins(Created Superstar)

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Patrick Hawkins
Abilities-Outside Dives,Springboard Dives,Kip-Up,Leverage Pin,Fired Up

Ring In/Ring Out-Rolling Ring In,Quick Ring Out

Apron Ring In/Ring Out-Rolling Apron Ring In,Jumping Apron Ring Out

Apron Ringside in/Out-Normal In 1,Normal Out 1

Taunts-Back Flip,Rob Van Dam 1,Buzzsaw,Rob Van Dam 1

Strike Attacks-Back Spin Kick®,Right Middle Kick,Flying Kneel Kick,Roundhouse Kick,Back Kick 2

Strike Combination-Right Middle Kick,Back Spin KickĀ®,Roundhouse Kick

Strong Srikes-Roundhouse,Rolling Savate

Kick Reversals-Spin Kick,Sweep,Sharpshooter,Crossface,Left Kick

Front Facelock-Knee Strike,Anaconda Vise 1,STO,Leg Sweep 1,STO,Leg Sweep 2

Side Headlock-Knee to Gut,Anaconda Vise 1,Flying Kneel Kick 2,Spinning Roundhouse Kick,Running Dropkick,Spinning Roundhouse Kick

Wrist Lock-Middle Kick 1,Armbar 4,Arm Wringer Flip 1,Arm Twist/Leg Lariat,Arm Drag 2,Arm Twist/Leg Lariat

Waist Lock-Dropkick,Cobra Clutch,DDT 10,Hurricarana 6,DDT 10,Hurricarana 6

Front Groggy Grapple-Reverse STO,Fisherman Driver,King Side Kick,Buzzsaw High Kick

Behind Groggy Grapple-DDT 10,German Suplex 4,DDT 10,Standing Sea Fire

Struggle Submission-Armbar 3(Jiu-Jiu Gatame,Cross Armbreaker),Cobra Clutch

Ground Strikes-Flip Leg Drop,Flip Senton Attack 1

Ground Grapple Moves Facing Up-Standing Moonsault 2,Shooting Star Splash,Double Leg Drop to Groin

Ground Grapple Moves Facing Down-Low Dropkick,Kick to Head,Romero Special

Corner Strike Attacks-Knife Edged Chop,Forearm Smash,Moonsault Kick,Jumping Knee 4,Slap 3,Corner Senton

Top Rope Strikes-Jumping Back Kick,Leg Lariat 2,Springboard Enzugiuri

Tree of Woe Strikes-Middle Kick 3,Low Dropkick

Corner Front Groggy Grapple-Starship Pain 2,Whisper in the Wind

Corner Behind Groggy Grapple-Lucha DDT,Corner Bulldog

Corner Top Rope Front Groogy Grapple-Frankensteiner 1

Corner Top Rope Behind Groggy Grapple-Spider Suplex

Seated Corner Grapple-Turnbucke Dropkick 3

Tree of Woe Grapple-Stomping 2(Warrior's Way)

Corner Springboard-Starship Pain 1

Exploder Turnbuckle-Rope Grip High Kick

Groggy Against Ropes-Double Chop 3

Springboard Attack-Springboard Spinkick 1

Outside Springboard Attack-Shooting Star Press 2

Out of Ring Dive Attack(Run)-Rope Flip

Apron Strike Attacks-Kick to Ring,Kick to Ringside

Apron Springboard Attacks-Shooting Star Press 3,Tornillo 2

Apron Grapples-Apron Guillotine Drop,Dropkick 5,Apron Shoulder Block,Pull Down 1,Pull Down 2

Apron Ground-Apron Leg Drop 1,Apron Leg Drop 2

Apron Running-Apron Hurricarana,Running Elbow Strike

Diving vs Standing Opponent-Diving Kick,Diving Heel Kick

Diving vs Grounded Opponent-Diving Rolling Senton,Diving Corkscrew Moonsault

Running Strikes-Calf Kick

Running Grapple-DDT 13,Running STO

Running Behind Grapple-Frankensteiner 2,Frankensteiner 2

Running Ground Strike-Flip Senton Attack 2

Irish Whip Rebound-Front Flip Heel Kick,Arm Drag 4,Japanese Arm Drag,Reversal Forward Roll,Leapfrog

Pull Back Attacks-Pull Back Midle Kick,Pull Back Hurricarana

Standing Tag Team-DTO,Double Kick Combination(ASCS),DTO,Double Enzuguiri

Corner Tag Team-Poetry in Motion,Complete Shot & Facebuster,Hip Toss & Low Kick,Neck Snap & Soccerball Kick

Signatures-Flip Bottom,Shirianui

Finishers-Rolling M4(Rolling Moonsault Side Slam)(M4 is a Moonsault Side Slam),Air Force(Triple Flip Shooting Star Press)

Created Finishers-
Rolling M4-Legs Outside,Superkick 1,Jumping to Top Rope,Chokeslam Clutch,Chokeslam Take Off,Chokelift Spinebuster Dive(540 degrees),Chokeslam Finish 1
Air Force-Take Off 23,Dive 12,Dive 66,Dive 12,Descent 9,(Any Finish to a Grounded Opponent)

Royal Rumble Grapple-High Kick,Spinning Heel Kick 2,Elbow Smash 6,Spinning Heel Kick 2

Royal Rumble Finishers-Sweet Chin Music 2,Hurricarana 7,Sweet Chin Music 3,Trouble in Paradise 2

Ladder Strike Attacks-Elbow Smash,High Kick

Ladder Grapples-Elbow Smash,Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Ladder Finishers-Rock Bottom,Rock Bottom

Hell in a Cell Finishers-Sweet Chin Music,German Suplex

Well,there you have it one of the greatest highflyers of all time who isn't afraid to go extreme,hardcore,or ultraviolent.

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