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SDH Guide: WWE '12 Ratings and Reviews List

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LK Zoyak


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I don't tend to listen to reviews. I only listen through experience of playing the game. If I am not sure about a game, I usually rent it first, but this one I am sure about.

Sadly, if i only listen to the actual gamers opinions, this game is maybe a 7.5-8/10 at best. I have no idea why its getting these great scores from other places. I get the odd feeling THQ shelled out some bribes this year. I hear the online is just awful, even with no lag. the breaking up of every move just by being able to run into the animation sounds so stupid.

hahahah you have to like it for yourself! you dont have to wait other people to like what other people like , thats stupid

OFFLINE   Xtonish


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I only have one thing to say about GameInformer's review...

Look at GameInformer... now look at everyone else's review.

One of these things, is not like the others....... one of these things just doesn't BELONG.

GameInformer is trash, anyway. Always has been.

OFFLINE   Ishan Champ

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Today I Got WWE 12 Is Really Awesome :lol: :(



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Users Awards

Don't worry about just 1 bad review guys. Everyone I have talked to loves the game. G4TV says its the best wrestling game ever, even IGN gave it a 9/10 this year! Just enjoy the game! We all know it rules xD

It's difficult to ignore, I just brought a (12) month subscription along with my Gamestop card which gives discounts, etc. I will survive and won't lose any sleep over it. I shall rename thier review and call it GameInformer: A Rough Road To Getting A Boot In The A**.




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GameInformer.com 5,5 / 10 Are Your Serious Bro :)




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Can't wait to buy mine !

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