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A proper Spiral Tap ?

22 February 2011 - 01:01 PM

Just as the title says , can someone post a formula for a proper spiral tap ? Most the ones online are either inaccurate or too imaginary .

I would appreciate if it included the trajectory points as well .

*Note , for svr 2011 , just sayin .

Weight class changing for SvR 2011 CAWS

15 November 2010 - 10:09 AM

Well basically , i created Kurt angle , and i missed up his weight class setting him at heavyweight , this resulted in his Submission and Technical stats not going as high as they should for a Kurt angle CAW .

Is there a way to change the weight class (I tried editing him) without having to recreate him ??? If there is please tell me how , i would really appreciate it :( .

Thanks in advance .

Some SVR 2011 Questions

14 November 2010 - 06:09 PM

Hello , i have some question i wish to ask regarding some situations in game that i wish you would help me with , thanks :( :

1) CAW stats : Okay , since i have a PS2 , i cannot download CAWs , only make them . So i decided to make Kurt angle , after making him , his Moveset (Which was pretty much ruined thanks to the moves removed) and his Entrance , i went to set his stats . I tried to raise his SUB. , but it wouldn't go above 85 .... and that is Kurt Angle , meaning i should have 95 or 100 on SUB . I tried to get his TEC. above 90 and it wouldn't accept ....

Now here is the deal , i have another CAW that i made few weeks ago who have 90 on SUB (Can go to 100) and 95 on TEC (Can go to 100) , but i do not care about his SUB actually .

What effects the stats ? Weight limit ? I have Kurt on 240 (The lowest limit for Heavyweight) , while my other CAW is 237-238 ( Highest limit for L. Heavyweight) .

2) I created E&C , on the universe Tag Team ranking , they are ranked 7 (Lowest team) , i practically defeated everyone on the list of contenders , yet they do not rank up . Instead , they rank in the singles competition (Edge is the Number 1 contender for the world title while Christian is the number one contender for the IC championship) . How can i get them to rank up on the TT division ? Should i cause them to lose their way out of the singles ranking ?

3) In unlocking the wrestlers in the Universe mode (Not the legends) , it says that i have to win a certain number of 1-on-1 match's to unlock a particular wrestler ... do i have to play match's with "UNCHANGED" wrestlers and conditions ?

4) How come when playing with Hard difficulty , and seriously injuring an opponents limb (Lets say head) , and then you apply a sig/finisher Struggle Submission (Say Crossface) , they could really easily break from it (Sometimes they have Resiliancy as an ability , other times they don't) i mean in less than 5 seconds , i could even sometimes even bust them open ... does it depend on their Durability ???

And if Q.1 Does indeed work on Weight Divisions , can someone give me the Weight Division - Stats relationship ? Which Weight Division boosts what stats mostly ?

Appreciate all help ASAP , thanks in advance .