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15 March 2014 - 10:02 PM

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15 March 2014 - 06:38 PM

OK so you got Bradshaw and Farrooq who are in a tag team called The Acolytes and they report to The Undertaker and his Ministry of Darkness as like the henchmen of the group. Never really got anywhere as far as winning titles or anything, they were just pretty a defence tag team for The Ministry. So after a while their loyalty to The Undertaker drizzles away and they depart from the stable. It was time for them to venture out and win some tag team gold but after months of teaming up they never got anywhere in their career as far as winning titles. So they were at breaking point and they had a few arguments about whether or not they wanted to continue doing what they were doing or go their separate ways. They agreed to carry on as a team. That was until The Rock approached Farrooq one night. 

OK so The Rock was apart of Vince McMahon's Corporation which at the time consisted of guys like Hardcore Holly, Sycho Sid and Stone Cold Steve Austin. They were all guys that achieved greatness at some point during their career and The Rock was one of those guys. Yet regardless of The Rock's success, Vince McMahon was never a massive fan of The Rock. In fact Vince McMahon always favoured Stone Cold Steve Austin a lot more. So we had some problems. The Rock was fed up of being a shadow in Stone Cold's success and plus The Rock never got any title opportunities. It was always Austin yet Rock had far more accolades under his belt than what Austin ever did! 

Frustrated and agitated The Rock wanted to leave The Corporation but he knew that if he did Vince would have his Corporation hunt The Rock down and beat the crap into him. So he had to be careful. The Rock had to give himself time to think about what he was going to do and how he was going to leave The Corporation. Then it came to him. Around him were other guys that were just like him! Guys that were never used. Guys like The Godfather! That's right The Godfather came into Walking The Trail thinking he was going to win titles and go somewhere but he became nothing more than a guy that interviewed wrestlers after their match! Godfather hated his job but that's what Vince made him do every single week until eventually The Godfather walked out on the company! You had guys like D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry who wrestled as a tag team. They were featured prominently on Walking The Trail until one evening when Mark Henry gained bad publicity after he approached a female member of staff and tried asking her out on a date! Since then Vince rarely booked the duo in match! And then lastly you had Ahmed Johnson, a big a guy with a lot of potential. He made his first appearance in the early days of Walking The Trail way back when the Royal Rumble was a match featured on a regular basis. His debut was very impressive, however Vince McMahon failed to notice this man's great potential and never gave him a permanent contract with the company. So there you have it, 6 guys all in the same boat. Guys that were held back. Guys that never had a chance to shine. But The Rock was about to change all that! 

So The Rock approached Farrooq first of all and the two began discussing their similarities. From there Farrooq then reached out to Ahmed Johnson and The Godfather. Two guys that were no longer with the company remember. Whilst Farrooq did that The Rock spoke with D'Lo and Mark Henry. Boom there you have it. 6 guys all in talks with each other! The Rock was about to lead a new army of men that would burst to the scenes on Walking The Trail! The Rock was about to form....The Nation! But what Farrooq and Rock didn't realise was they were caught out. Someone saw The Rock and Farrooq talking. Someone overheard their conversation. That man was Bradshaw! It was shear luck that Bradshaw happened to notice these two in talks with each other. Bradshaw heard everything. How they planned to reach out to The Godfather and Ahmed Johnson, how they wanted to draw D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry in too and how they wanted to form The Nation. He heard it all! Bradshaw was fuming and went straight to Vince McMahon. Who else would he go to? The Rock was about to betray The Corporation just like Farrooq was about to betray him! Vince didn't believe Bradshaw at first. Said he was out of his mind but Bradshaw swore he was telling the truth. When Rock returned to his locker room Vince approached him and told him about Bradshaw. Rock was quacking in his boots! He couldn't believe it. Bradshaw knew about their plans!!

The following week Stone Cold had a match scheduled against The Undertaker. It was a title match. Vince McMahon wanted to test The Rock's loyalty and therefore placed him into the match as the guest referee. So the question here was would The Rock help out Stone Cold or The Undertaker? There was no way The Rock was going to have Austin win the title from the Undertaker so he screwed him out of the match and attacked him with The Rock Bottom! Bam! There it was! The Rock turned on The Corporation and The Nation appeared from The Crowd to take The Rock's side! Vince couldn't believe what he was seeing! Bradshaw was right and his early warning prepared The Corporation for coming of The Nation!

So with Farrooq and Bradshaw no longer a team Vince McMahon gave Bradshaw a place in The Corporation. Stables such as The Ministry of Darkness, D-Generation X and Ludford's Den etc were getting much bigger in numbers and Vince McMahon couldn't afford to loose anymore men, so Bradshaw was a good addition to have. Bradshaw would now perform under the name John Bradshaw Layfield which was full name. (JBL for short). JBL was about to receive a massive push from Vince McMahon for his early warning about The Nation forming. Vince had massive plans for JBL too. He wanted him in the major title hunt just like Stone Cold. He respected JBL so much and the two of them were about become great friends. That was until The Nation took away all of JBL's dreams! 


OK so this is how they did it. JBL was scheduled to attend a press conference alongside Vince McMahon later that week to help promote an upcoming PPV called "The One Year Anniversary Show" however in light of the situation with JBL spoiling The Nation's formation Farrooq worked with The Godfather to ensure JBL didn't make the conference. So when JBL got to the venue he was greeted by Farrooq and Godfather who attacked JBL in the street! Godfather wanted to know when Vince McMahon was arriving and where he would be. JBL wouldn't tell but Farrooq continued hitting JBL until he told them. Why did Godfather want to know where Vince McMahon was? 

Simple answer. Godfather wanted payback on Vince McMahon for never giving Godfather a chance to wrestle back in the early days of Walking The Trail. Instead Godfather got lumped with a microphone and had to go around interviewing everybody else. So not only did The Godfather get to Vince McMahon in the end, he and Farrooq also screwed JBL over in the meantime by holding him responsible for the whereabouts of Vince McMahon in the first place! They framed JBL! So their planned worked. They made JBL talk, attacked Vince McMahon and now all they had to do was wait! 


The following night Vince McMahon didn't show up. He was beaten so badly that he needed medical attention and because Vince McMahon only owned only 50% of the company, Co-owner Ted Ludford had full run of the show. So Ted immediately had Stone Cold defend his Alliance Championship against one of Ted's stable members, Vicious Victor. Not good for Vince McMahon because Stone Cold lost that match and with it his title! Had JBL not told The Nation where Vince McMahon was then none of this would had happened. But what could JBL do? He was being ganged up on! Vince returned the following week and was furious! JBL tried to explain what happened but Vince wouldn't listen. Instead he blamed JBL for everything. When JBL tried to explain how he was outnumbered Vince didn't give a damn and at the heat of the moment booked JBL in an Inferno Tables match against new comer Goldberg as punishment! JBL lost the match which annoyed Vince even more!

Ok so we are now at the point of the storyline where Walking the Trail was about to celebrate it's one year anniversary by putting on a massive PPV called "The One Year Anniversary Show". Many matches were booked on that night including Stone Cold vs The Rock and Farrooq vs JBL. But perhaps one of the biggest matches that took place was a match between co-owners Vince McMahon and Ted Ludford as well as a man called Paul Williams who was trying to take over the company at the time. The match was put into place to determine a new owner of Walking The Trail since the co-ownershiop feud between Vince and Ted got out of hand. So you got three men, one company and there could only be one winner. A TLC Triple Threat match took place to determine the winner who went on to be Ted Ludford. Stone Cold beat the Rock and JBL lost to Farrooq. 


The following week Godfather wanted his debut match against JBL  and so Commissioner Foley booked the match accordingly, however Vince McMahon ordered Stone Cold to interfere during the match. Stone Cold hit the ring and began attacking The Godfather. Shortly after he gave a Stone Cold Stunner to JBL which meant Vince McMahon no longer wanted him in The Corporation! JBL was now on his own!


Ok so at this point Vince McMahon was down to about 5 men in his Corporation. A smaller number than what rival Ted Ludford had in his stable. Ted had about 7 men. But that was about to change because Ted Ludford and The Rock merged their two stables together creating a faction called Ludford's Nation! A total of 13 men! The Rock knew that with Ted in power he could finally get that attention he so desperately wanted meaning he could have title matches after title matches! He would have the protection of The Nation as well as Ludford's Den too. He could have it all! And with The Nation and Ted Ludford fighting the same battle against Vince McMahon, the merge made sense!


Things took a turn for the worse for JBL too as he became a victim of massive assault from Ludford's Nation. JBL was booked in a King of the Ring tournament that takes place every month on Walking The Trail and the winner of the tournament goes on to face the Triple Crown Champion. JBL's opponent was Farrooq but after the attack from Ludford's Nation JBL was unable to compete. Ted Ludford was all smiles. He thought that with JBL out of action Farrooq would automatically advance to the next round. Not quite though as Commissioner Mick Foley replaced JBL with Edge which made Ted furious.


OK so let's have a look back at exactly what sort of ride JBL has been on so far. Firstly his tag team career with Farrooq was a flaw. Farrooq then ditched JBL and joined The Nation. After hearing Farrooq's conversation with The Rock about forming The Nation JBL went straight to Vince McMahon who then took JBL under his wing. From there JBL was attacked at a press conference for screwing up The Nation's plans to form quietly without no one on Walking The Trail knowing. Whilst being assaulted by The Nation JBL was forced to tell them where Vince McMahon was. This then led to The Nation's attack on Vince McMahon as well as connecting JBL with the whereabouts of Vince McMahon at the same time. As punishment Vince booked JBL in an inferno tables match against Goldberg which JBL then lost. Following that JBL had a match against Farrooq at the One Year Anniversary show but failed to win that match too. Vince McMahon then kicked JBL out of The Corporation leaving him defenceless leading up to his King of the Ring first round match with Farrooq. This then gave the newly formed faction Ludford's Nation a prefect opportunity to wipe JBL out of the tournament completely without the worry of The Corporation getting involved.


If you ask me, JBL has been on a pretty rough ride throughout his entire career.


So let's change that !!


It's time to make JBL change the fate of this company! Wouldn't that be cool!? That's right! But how?? Let me tell you.


Remember before all this happened JBL was part of The Ministry of Darkness! Well at this point in the storyline The Ministry of Darkness were actually quite a dominant stable. The Undertaker was the Alliance champion as well as one half of the Undisputed Extreme Hardcore tag team champions with his brother Kane. The Undertaker had just beaten D-Gerneration X leader Shawn Michael's at the One Year Anniversary show which led to Shawn Michael's getting fired from the company. Not only that but that meant D-Generation X were now without a leader! So with pretty much no where else to go and after being so fed up with all the beat downs, JBL went to confide in The Undertaker who would take JBL back under one condition.....he got Ted Ludford back on the booze and framed him! That's right! Ted Ludford is a EX-alcoholic and if he started back on the booze it could ruin him!


So The Undertaker told JBL to go up to Ted Ludford and apologies for everything he has done. Apologies for joining The Corporation. Apologies for all his performances and to ask Ted if could he join Ludford's Nation as nothing more than a slave. JBL could suck up to Ted and basically do anything Ted asked him to do. JBL could persuade Ted even more by letting out information about The Corporation and what sort of conversations they had etc. And it worked!! Ted agreed to have JBL join Ludford's Nation and although Ted clearly hated JBL, he was fine having JBL be his slave. He liked the idea of treating JBL like crap! Little did Ted Ludford know though was that JBL was only pretending. Eventually JBL would be alone one night in Ted's office. This was a perfect opportunity to strike whilst Ludford's Nation weren't about. JBL made Ted a drink and poisoned it with a lethal drug that sent Ted absolutely crazy. The Undertaker provided the drug to JBL. In his youth The Undertaker took a lot of drugs medically prescribed to him to control his mental state at the time. The undertaker knew exactly what he was dealing with here. Ok so with Ted Ludford feeling good, JBL could easily persuade Ted to have an alcoholic drink with him. After a few more drinks Ted was finally a drunken mess! Boom! JBL beats the absolute crap into Ted Ludford and leaves!


The following week on Walking The Trail Ted Ludford doesn't show up. He had not contacted anyone and no one knew where he was. Not even Ludford's Nation! It would only be a matter of time before Ted Ludford finally returned on Walking The Trail in a complete drunken mess in front of thousands of fans! He was addictied to booze again and eventually his unstable condition led to his dismissal as owner of Walking The Trail! 


All thanks to JBL! (And Undertaker U guess) But JBL got the job done!


So there you have it JBL then returns to The Ministry of Darkness as Bradshaw and completely changes the fate of the company! Where do things go from here now? What will happen to Ludford's Nation? Exciting stuff to come!


Hope it all made sense. Any questions fire away!


Who do you think should be the next owner of Walking The Trail? i'd like to hear your thoughts.


That's all for now ;-) Thanks for reading!


The Ron






Walking The Trail - Photo of the Week!

12 March 2014 - 08:34 PM

The Ron and Number 4 making their way to the ring. Together they are The Fallen!

Do you want to be apart of Walking the Trail?

12 March 2014 - 10:25 AM

We are looking to expand our roster for our wrestling federation called Walking The Trail.


If you want us to create you then fill out the following questions.


We can post a picture here on this forum when we have created your character.


What would you like your name to be?

Where do you come from?

Give a brief description of how you would like to look?

What abilities would you like?

What would you like as your finisher or would you like us to choose?

What would you like as your signature or would you like us to choose?

Any other preferred moves that you would like?

Would you prefer to be in a tag team, a stable or solo?

Who is your favorite wrestler?


We will choose the best responce and the confirm who we have chosen in a few days.


If you are on Xbox Live then we will upload your character to community creations for you to download!



Representing The Fallen.....

11 March 2014 - 12:54 PM

Aaron Jones‘s interest in wrestling started back in 1994 where he would spend his break times and lunch times at school wrestling with his classmates. At school he created his own wrestling gang and called them the Swindon Wrestlers Gang (SWG). Although only a playful gang, it began gaining popularity in the school. Years later when Aaron moved to secondary school, he continued the gang. Not only was it popular at school, it also became popular outside of school with Aaron’s other friends. It was during this time that Aaron met his best friend Derek Welton, who joined the SWG and formed a tag team with Aaron. They called themselves AD, using their initials of their first names. Both Aaron and Dereks parents saw how interested they were in wrestling and decided to enroll them in a wrestling academy known as Ludford’s Den, ran by Ted Ludford. It was here that Aaron and Derek met Toni Fasulo, the fourth person to join the academy. Aaron, Derek and Toni became good friends early on and formed a group called TAD (including Toni’s initial). TAD took the academy by storm and during events that were put on they had the crowd reeling with excitement. It was here that it became apparent how much the three were dedicating to the sport. High flying moves were becoming the norm with TAD and every month the crowds got bigger for their events.

After several years at Ludford’s Den, Aaron decided it was time to persue a professional career in wrestling, more notebly Sports Entertainment. After spending his young years watching WCW and WWF on the TV, Aaron grew more and more fond of a career as a pro and made it his goal to one day become a champion within a professional organisation. Toni and Derek remained at Ludford’s Den for another year before leaving, by this time Aaron had joined the UK’s top wrestling academy, the United Kingdom Wrestling Division (UKWD) where he had fast become a heel, going by the name I-Ron, a play on the word iron and the end of his own name. I-Ron was despised by fans due to his controversial swearing and hand gestures. His sarcastic personality however had gained him a cult following. Many people began turning up to UKWD events just to see I-Ron’s sarcasm at the other wrestlers. The UKWD began to embrace this and created storylines where I-Ron would interfere in matches by turning up at ringside to mock other wrestlers whilst the fought. His popularity grew and within a year I-Ron was given a shot at the UKWD’s top title. The stage was set for I-Ron at an event held in Manchester. He was to face the then champion Nvagio, an older wrestler who was near retirement. Nvagio was the father of Nvagio Jr, and you lad who had began to follow his fathers footsteps. I-Ron won the match by pinfall after a long 45 minutes. This cemented his transformation from heel to face. I-Ron held the title for two months before losing it to a young wrestler called Havoc. The following year, he won it back and held it for six months. During this reign, I-Ron had caught the attention of a scout working for Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). I-Ron was offered a two year contract with ECW, which he accepted. Finally Aaron had reached the big time. ECW gave Aaron the chance to create a new persona. After much deliberation he called himself Iron Jones. It was during his time at ECW that Aaron began to enjoy extreme rules wrestling. Every chance he got he would pull out a chair to use on his opponent. Soon he had turned to bringing tables into the ring. He was fast becoming a fan favourite as his shomanship was unmatched.The fans had also began chanting various thingsduring his matches, most notebly chanting Ron Ron Ron, shortening the name Iron. His sarcasm remained but a maturity had began and Aaron fought many of the younger stars in extreme rules matches. Aaron was enjoying his time at ECW but something was missing. Although he felt he had made it, it didn’t seem to be enough. ECW never put Aaron forward for any titles due to their roster of already popular wrestlers. This gave Aaron the push he needed to leave.

Aaron remained in the USA after leaving ECW and within a week was contacted by none other than Vince McMahon of the WWE. Vince explained to Aaron that his people had been watching him since he was in the UKWD, and also had been watching another two young wrestlers at other academies. He explained that after delving into their wrestling pasts that these three wrestlers were once all together. The other two wrestlers were Derek and Toni. Vince explained that he was putting together a new show for the WWE and was really pushing the extreme rules side of his company to make up for the collapse of the Attitude era. Aaron was willing to listen and soon met with Derek and Toni to discuss what to do, knowing that they would be very keen on joining the WWE. Derek decided that it wasn’t the right time for him, but Toni being a few years older than Derek jumped at the opportunity. Soon both Aaron and Toni were signing the contract to make the WWE superstars.

Their debut into the WWE was not on the new show Vince was talking about as it was still being finalised. Instead they debuted on an episode of Monday Night RAW. Both Aaron and Toni had created their character names, Aaron became The Ron, and Toni called himself Number 4. Together they called themselves The Fallen. After a few weeks of being in the WWE the Fallen had settled right in. Both men were high flyers and were not afraid to take risks. Both had come from a background of extreme rules wrestling, one of the main reasons Vince had picked them. This made for very enjoyable watching, mainly for the fans who were used to the extreme rules and carnage displayed during the Attitude era.

Since then, Aaron “The Ron” Jones has been enjoying huge success as one half of one of the worlds best tag teams and has already achieved his goal, and more. The Fallen have been a driving force to the WWE’s success, appearing every Thursday on the federations biggest weekly show, Walking The Trail, a show created to enhance the hardcore style of sports entertainment, a show destined to include The Ron.