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Some Female Twitch Stremer CAWs

16 February 2017 - 04:36 AM

for my all-female Universe Mode, titled Thursday Night Divas, i Make CAWs off of the female Twitch Streamers that i watch the most of.  I do have the permission of the streamers to do this and also to put them up on CC, so here is the first set of them that i have put up, just search the hastag Thursday Night Divas
First off is MinnieMorgan, she uses a lot of kicks and stuff becuase of her short size but is able to go toe-to-toe with the best of them. She has purple and white as her colors.



Second, we have LifeWithLaughs. She is basically a kid at heart and she tries to keep things positive, so I used the new day as her entrance and she has Kofi's move-set to fit in with being able to fling around like crazy



Next up is BuffyBot, who is a streamer who usually goes for stuff like H1Z1 and Rust and stuff, but plays CSGO and WOW on occasion. She isn't goth, but does wear a lot of black and loves purple and the two do go together. for her she is Seth Rollins based for being all about wanting to hurt you.



Fourth is one of the new members of TND this year, ElleBee.  She Crochets mostly but plays Stardew Valley on Sundays.  She has the colors of the Charlotte Hornets basically (not intentional, just the ones she picked out) and has a wide variety of moves. 



And the last one in this set is the other new member, SissyPitty, she usually bakes something on her channel, which is SissysKitchen, and is known for having a drink while having fun with the chat.  She is the Shortest member of the roster and makes up for it with moves that can bring down even big show. LOL



Hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you do decide to download any of these, please tell me on twitter or reply to this post.  Hope you enjoy the CAWs


Introduction You Guys to TAR (Me)

30 January 2017 - 10:46 AM

Hey Guys, i am Rob, AKA TheAutismRob on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and more.  I have been a pro wresting fan for about 10 years now, since 2009, mostly focusing on the Women's side of things.  I just found wrestling randomly one day back years before i became a fan during the late 90s but i didnt stick, but in one day around 08 or so, i found TNA randomly on TV at my grandpa's (i think) and i just stuck with it. I focus more on the Women, as mentioned previsouly, as i thought them as more creative and i was younger, so the attracitveness did drive me a little bit, LOL.  I do live in East Central Indiana, about an hour NE of Indianapolis and have a Bachelors degree of Media Production from a small private Christian school, i follow at least all of the major teams and collages here in Indiana and enjoy talking about Media, wrestling, sports, and odd stuff. Most favorite Wrestlers are Undertaker for the guys, and for the Ladies, i have Michelle Mcool for the last generation of WWE and then Paige from this current gen.  I dont really hate wrestlers, but i dont like some.  Hope to enjoy my stay and hope to be a part of a good community.  Also, i do play WWE games, but i mostly stick with the ladies, and i have actually built an all-female universe mode in both the PC port of 2K16 and the PS4 version of 2K17 titled Thursday Night Divas, which i have basically taking the Ladies already in the game plus CAWs of other actual wrestlers i like and CAWs i make of the Female Twitch Streamers/Youtubers that i most like, i did season 1 in the 2K16 and currently in Pre-production in 2K17.