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John Mercer Moveset(Created Superstar)

20 July 2011 - 03:46 AM

Abilities-Fired Up,Hammer Throw

Ring In/Ring Out-Triple H,Roll Ring Out

Apron Ring In/Ring Out-Triple H,Normal Ring Out 2 or 3

Apron Ringside In/Out-Normal In 4,Outlaw

Taunts-The Rock(The One He Uses to Sets Up For The Rock Bottom),Wrestling Hero 2,Batista 6,Wrestling Hero 2

Strike Attacks-Head Punch,Left Punch,Undertaker Punch®,Left Punch®,Undertaker Punch

Strike Combinations-Left Punch,Left Punch®,Undertaker Punch

Strong Strikes-Big Boot 6,Double Axe Handle(The One That Sheamus Uses)

Kick Reversals-Reversal Clothesline 1, Bell to Belly Suplex,Figure Four Leglock,Abdominal Stretch,Shove Back

Front Facelock-Elbow Smash 1,Sleeper Hold,Suplex 3,Exploder Suplex,Suplex 5,T-Bone Suplex 2

Side Headlock-Snapmare and Butterfly Lock,Elbow Smash 2,Scoop Slam 1,Undetaker Knee Strike,Scoop Slam 3,Front Facelock Knee Stike

Wrist Lock-Elbow Smash 3,Snapmare and Chin Lock,Snap Suplex,Belly to Belly Suplex 1,Suplex 6,Belly to Belly Suplex 2

Waist Lock-Elbow Smash 4,Full Nelson,Back Suplex 5,Electric Chair Drop,Back Suplex 4,Electric Chair Drop

Front Groggy Grapple-Batista Bomb,The Book of Ezekiel,Piledriver 1 or Pale Justice,Sitout Piledriver(DLC-Adjustment Piledriver)

Behind Groggy Grapple-German Suplex 4,Wrestling Hero Slam,Saito Suplex,Spin-Out Powerbomb

Struggle Submission-Abdominal Stretch,Full Nelson

Ground Strikes-Angry Stomp,Double Axe Handle Drop

Ground Grapple Moves Facing Up-Fist Drop 3,Knee Stomp,Leg Somp

Ground Grapple Moves Facing Down-Knee Stomp 1,Knee Drop 6,Knee Slam

Ground Submission-Surfboard Stretch,Camel Clutch,STF

Corner Strike Attacks-Shoulder Block 6,Overhand Punch 2,Players Boot 2,Clothesline 11,Stomping 3,Running Wash

Top Rope Strikes-Punch to Head 2,Big Boot 1

Tree of Woe Strikes-Kick to Gut,Running Body Splash

Front Corner Groggy Grapple-Batista Shoulder Block,Slingshot Corner Splash

Behind Corner Groggy Grapple-Snake Eyes,Rebound Suplex

Top Rope Front Corner Grapple-Pump-Up Buster

Top Rope Behind Corner Grapple-Tornado Bomb

Seated Corner Grapple-Alley Oop Bomb

Tree of Woe Grapple-Foot Choke 2

Exploder Turnbuckle-Belly to Belly Suplex 3

Groggy Against Ropes-Rope Whip Scoop Slam or Slingshot Suplex

Apron Strike Attacks-Hook to Ring,Axe Handle to Ringside

Apron Grapple-Apron Suplex 1 or 2,Hangman DDT,Apron Shoulder Block,Cut Down,Pull Down 2

Apron Ground-Apron Fist Drop,Apron Big Boot

Apron Running-Apron Clothesline,Aprone Running Knee

Diving vs Standing Opponent-Flying Clothesline,Flying Shoulder Block

Diving vs Grounded Opponent-Diving Fist Drop 3,Diving Body Press

Running Strikes-Clothesline 5

Running Grapples-Facebuster 5,Facebreaker Knee Smash

Running Grapples from Behind-Bulldog 2,One-Handed Bulldog 1

Running Ground Strike-Double Axe Handle 4

Irish Whip Rebound-Big Boot 2,Spinebuster 2 or 7,Sidewalk Slam,Reversal Kick,None

Pull Back Attacks-Pull Back Clothesline 1,Pull Back Spinebuster

Standng Tag Team-Double DDT,Double Neck Hanging Slam,Bonsoir,Double Neck Hanging Slam

Corner Tag Team-Double Back Suplex,Double Back Drop Body,Diving Throw Suplex,Flying Shoulder Block

Signatures-Bicycle Kick,Corner Body Splash(Closest to Stinger Splash)

Finishers-F5(Cyclone 1),Spear 4

Royal Rumble Grapple-Knee Lift,Shoulder Thrust,Body Punch 2,Shoulder Thrust

Royal Rumble Finishers-Powerbomb 6,Attitude Adjustment 4,Spear,Player's Boot 3

Ladder Strike Attacks-Punch to Head,Powerful Punch

Ladder Grapples-Smash to Ladder 1,Back Suplex 3

Ladder Finishers-Rock Bottom,Attitude Adjustment

Hell in a Cell Finishers-Attitude Adjustment 5,Spear 5

1.After You Throw Your Opponent Hard Into the Turnbuckle and They Stay Up Hit the Angle Slam(Wrestling Hero Slam)
2.Throw You Throw Your Opponent Hard Into the Turnbuckle Hit the Piledriver
3.Hit the Book End(The Book of Ezekiel)after You Counter a Ground Grapple Into a Low Blow or Counter a PB Attack Into a Gut Kick
4.Hit the German Suplex After You Counter a Kick or a Ground Grapple Into an Eye Rake
5.Hit the Front Facelock Knee Strike Then Hit a Vertical Suplex
6.Hit the Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex Then Hit the T-Bone Suplex
7.Hit the Batista Bomb After You Hit a Spinebuster
8.Hit Two PB Clotheslines or Two Big Boots and a Spin-Out Powerbomb as Your Comeback Attack
9.To Set up for the Spear Use Batista's Taunt
10.To Set up for the F5(Cyclone)Use The Rock's Taunt

Who thinks they know who the new legend is

11 July 2011 - 11:39 PM

i think golberg is the new legend because he hasnt been in any games since the smackdown series
or it could bethe ultimate warrior

Patrick Hawkins(Original CAW) [SVR2011]

09 June 2011 - 10:45 PM

Patrick Hawkins Formula
Nickname-The Xtreme Highflyer
Audio Name-Anderson
Weight Class-Light Heavyweight
Face Template-1
Height-5 foot 9 inches,220 pounds
Chest Shape-Negative 20 for everything except for height
Traps Shape-Negative 10 for everything except for length
Shoulders Shape-Negative 10 for everything except for height
Abdomen Shape-Negative 15 for everything except for height
Biceps Shape-Negative 20 for everything
Thighs-20 for everything
Calves-20 for everything
Arm Tatoos-9,Brown(Fixed Designs)
Back Tatoos 1-20,Brown(Design,Lower Body)
Back Tatoos 2-47,Brown(Design,Upper Back)
Bottoms-26,Camoflauge Design,Brown
Hand Accessories-18,Camoflauge,Brown
Same Attire for Entrance and Cinematic
Crowd Signs-Air Bourne,TLC Legends,Kicks,Super Roundhouse Kick
Screen Pose-3

Patrick Hawkins(Created Superstar)

08 June 2011 - 08:49 AM

Patrick Hawkins
Abilities-Outside Dives,Springboard Dives,Kip-Up,Leverage Pin,Fired Up

Ring In/Ring Out-Rolling Ring In,Quick Ring Out

Apron Ring In/Ring Out-Rolling Apron Ring In,Jumping Apron Ring Out

Apron Ringside in/Out-Normal In 1,Normal Out 1

Taunts-Back Flip,Rob Van Dam 1,Buzzsaw,Rob Van Dam 1

Strike Attacks-Back Spin Kick®,Right Middle Kick,Flying Kneel Kick,Roundhouse Kick,Back Kick 2

Strike Combination-Right Middle Kick,Back Spin Kick®,Roundhouse Kick

Strong Srikes-Roundhouse,Rolling Savate

Kick Reversals-Spin Kick,Sweep,Sharpshooter,Crossface,Left Kick

Front Facelock-Knee Strike,Anaconda Vise 1,STO,Leg Sweep 1,STO,Leg Sweep 2

Side Headlock-Knee to Gut,Anaconda Vise 1,Flying Kneel Kick 2,Spinning Roundhouse Kick,Running Dropkick,Spinning Roundhouse Kick

Wrist Lock-Middle Kick 1,Armbar 4,Arm Wringer Flip 1,Arm Twist/Leg Lariat,Arm Drag 2,Arm Twist/Leg Lariat

Waist Lock-Dropkick,Cobra Clutch,DDT 10,Hurricarana 6,DDT 10,Hurricarana 6

Front Groggy Grapple-Reverse STO,Fisherman Driver,King Side Kick,Buzzsaw High Kick

Behind Groggy Grapple-DDT 10,German Suplex 4,DDT 10,Standing Sea Fire

Struggle Submission-Armbar 3(Jiu-Jiu Gatame,Cross Armbreaker),Cobra Clutch

Ground Strikes-Flip Leg Drop,Flip Senton Attack 1

Ground Grapple Moves Facing Up-Standing Moonsault 2,Shooting Star Splash,Double Leg Drop to Groin

Ground Grapple Moves Facing Down-Low Dropkick,Kick to Head,Romero Special

Corner Strike Attacks-Knife Edged Chop,Forearm Smash,Moonsault Kick,Jumping Knee 4,Slap 3,Corner Senton

Top Rope Strikes-Jumping Back Kick,Leg Lariat 2,Springboard Enzugiuri

Tree of Woe Strikes-Middle Kick 3,Low Dropkick

Corner Front Groggy Grapple-Starship Pain 2,Whisper in the Wind

Corner Behind Groggy Grapple-Lucha DDT,Corner Bulldog

Corner Top Rope Front Groogy Grapple-Frankensteiner 1

Corner Top Rope Behind Groggy Grapple-Spider Suplex

Seated Corner Grapple-Turnbucke Dropkick 3

Tree of Woe Grapple-Stomping 2(Warrior's Way)

Corner Springboard-Starship Pain 1

Exploder Turnbuckle-Rope Grip High Kick

Groggy Against Ropes-Double Chop 3

Springboard Attack-Springboard Spinkick 1

Outside Springboard Attack-Shooting Star Press 2

Out of Ring Dive Attack(Run)-Rope Flip

Apron Strike Attacks-Kick to Ring,Kick to Ringside

Apron Springboard Attacks-Shooting Star Press 3,Tornillo 2

Apron Grapples-Apron Guillotine Drop,Dropkick 5,Apron Shoulder Block,Pull Down 1,Pull Down 2

Apron Ground-Apron Leg Drop 1,Apron Leg Drop 2

Apron Running-Apron Hurricarana,Running Elbow Strike

Diving vs Standing Opponent-Diving Kick,Diving Heel Kick

Diving vs Grounded Opponent-Diving Rolling Senton,Diving Corkscrew Moonsault

Running Strikes-Calf Kick

Running Grapple-DDT 13,Running STO

Running Behind Grapple-Frankensteiner 2,Frankensteiner 2

Running Ground Strike-Flip Senton Attack 2

Irish Whip Rebound-Front Flip Heel Kick,Arm Drag 4,Japanese Arm Drag,Reversal Forward Roll,Leapfrog

Pull Back Attacks-Pull Back Midle Kick,Pull Back Hurricarana

Standing Tag Team-DTO,Double Kick Combination(ASCS),DTO,Double Enzuguiri

Corner Tag Team-Poetry in Motion,Complete Shot & Facebuster,Hip Toss & Low Kick,Neck Snap & Soccerball Kick

Signatures-Flip Bottom,Shirianui

Finishers-Rolling M4(Rolling Moonsault Side Slam)(M4 is a Moonsault Side Slam),Air Force(Triple Flip Shooting Star Press)

Created Finishers-
Rolling M4-Legs Outside,Superkick 1,Jumping to Top Rope,Chokeslam Clutch,Chokeslam Take Off,Chokelift Spinebuster Dive(540 degrees),Chokeslam Finish 1
Air Force-Take Off 23,Dive 12,Dive 66,Dive 12,Descent 9,(Any Finish to a Grounded Opponent)

Royal Rumble Grapple-High Kick,Spinning Heel Kick 2,Elbow Smash 6,Spinning Heel Kick 2

Royal Rumble Finishers-Sweet Chin Music 2,Hurricarana 7,Sweet Chin Music 3,Trouble in Paradise 2

Ladder Strike Attacks-Elbow Smash,High Kick

Ladder Grapples-Elbow Smash,Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Ladder Finishers-Rock Bottom,Rock Bottom

Hell in a Cell Finishers-Sweet Chin Music,German Suplex

Well,there you have it one of the greatest highflyers of all time who isn't afraid to go extreme,hardcore,or ultraviolent.