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14 December 2014 - 06:32 PM

Hey guys it's Sheamus,first of all I'd like to say that I'm sorry for the sudden departure and the message I left on my about me page.I was just not into wrestling anymore and I didn't like where the forum was going and most of the motives of the staff. I've heard Vee has left,which truly saddens me as he was a great staff member. I've come back to help the forum(not because of wrestling or anything) I've heard of a lot of recent in-activity,which to me doesn't sound anything like the SDH.. I would have expected a lot of users on here because of 2k15(speaking of which I picked up 2k14 a few months ago and played with it for a while,I'm impressed with it) I haven't seen or heard of Andy or Simone either,so I'm not even sure what direction this forum is going in,some of you are new members,and might not have an idea of who I am,I'm not one of the originals but I'm known by the majority on here. 


I won't be as active as before but I'll help out whenever I can,this forum has always had a place in my heart,liking wrestling or not.

I'd also like to acknowledge the fact that I have been here for three years now,which is a big achievement for me,although I mentioned I won't be as active i'll try my hardest to.


Also I'm not sure what I think of the supporter badge colour,guess it looks snazzy.The layout looks awesome too(cred to whoever designed it)


I'm going to change my name of this to my personal name(Darragh) so I can get rid of the Sheamus gimmick that I had going on the past few years( I don't even know if Sheamus jobs in WWE nowadays haha)


Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!




(Oh and PS: Apologies to those I may have unfollowed on Twitter,I was trying to make room for some new followers so I could follow them back)


If you would like to follow me my name is @Radameddling and you can also find that on the left beneath my avatar.

Brogue Kicking since '11

20 August 2013 - 02:40 PM

So I've done it,I've been here 2 years..and 6 days...yeah I missed my own anniversary,I was on holidays so I can't really complain about that,I'm just going to take A's idea from his 3 year topic..so yeah thanks Alex ;) Damn the color is so wrong..


First a shoutout to my favorite Owners,the men brought us all into this fantastic world.Well forum I guess. Simone is just a flat out amazing person to be around and does a hell of a job here.As does Andy,we don't talk as much us two,but he does an amazing contribution to this fine forums.


To my favorite admin RKHT,his words of wisdom are just simply fantastic,he also knows when to step into an argument owning mofos at the same time,so a big kudos to him,and his recent promotion was well deserved.Amir,Amir,sexy profo pic,what more is to be said,fantastic video creator with the WWE games,deserves way more subscribers,is a pervert,you guys pretty much know the rest. Vee is also another mention,another great administrator who did his job to perfection,another big kudos to that man,ma dawg,he in my fav 20


The mods are another great part of this forum: Alex(double mention you lucky SOB),Dozer(ma drinking buddy),Replay,my recently promoted buddy Nick,well deserved by the wa,and Nic.. 


Onto the VIP's!: Awesome John,because lets face it he is truly awesome! Believe..well Patrick..when i first came here my first thought was,girl.Lul,but nonetheless the biggest diva supporter on here,or the biggest Eve fan on here,dedication <3 El Fantis- nah I'll go with Dom,fantistico guy ;) Jet,amazing person,great at FIFA,had some classic matches with him,and hopefully more to come! HBK,an all out funny guy,great at RAGE comics,hope to see more soon my friend ;) Static,Stat whatever you want to call him..fantastic guy,across the sea from me,pretty good guy.Winds of Change,fellow United supporter,probably the only one on here..great guy,good chats about United and banter on Twitter and hopefully a lot more to come..and Wpr96 our official post tester,bah gawd all mighty, great guy to talk to ;) youngest member on here I think?Simone and Andy should consider making an award for that.


Onto the supporters: and first let me give a huge shoutout to Sheamus,fantastic guy here,does a lot for the site in general ;)

Damn there's lots...first goes out to my good friend and fellow man in charge of the Colliding Forces Raul Marian,we've known each other a long time man,it's been great getting to know you,and i guess if it wasn't for the CF we wouldn't know each other as much!So thanks for that!AAM...Antonio(Portugal FTW),Andy,ChrisIcon,Fallon,Dizzy,Oldsie,Goldberg,Invincible,Latino Heat(can you feel it?)Dante(oh Robin Van Persie ;)) The Cuh(SPIRIT HUNTAH)Jack(Lamps <3) Joker,and then there's Rob(#RobforOwner),loving dat banana since August of '10 ;)  joking of course,fantastic member overall,


Lastly the only member I can think of is Dazman,my good friend,and we both have the potential of sucking on Kaitlyn's,am cartons of milk,PG FTW!


Thank you all for an amazing 2 years and i hope to stay around for longer,I might be Broken's age before I stop doing what I do..;)



BTW: Sorry to those who i forgot,but lets just say I mentioned you eh? ;)


I'll leave you with this picture at which i found hilarious.



Replying to a topic issue.

03 April 2013 - 08:10 PM

Well for me,I'm not so sure about everyone else,but when I go to ''quick reply'' on a topic(at the bottom basically)it just has the words I typed,no inset image,emotions,font,size,anything of the sort,I am able to use the ''More Reply Options'' to go into full editor though,is it just me who is having this problem?I cleared my cache,I tried everything basically,help?

Problem solved,I had to restart my computer,


Wrestlemania 29 Wallpapers,by Kupy and Unchained!

25 March 2013 - 06:17 PM



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Favorite Male Artist/Singer

23 March 2013 - 05:51 PM

Just like Wpr's topic about the your favorite female artist/signer,how about your favorite male signers?

My favorite artist would be Eminem or 50 Cent..