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26 October 2013 - 05:27 PM



So yeah, I did this review for SDH because Im a Supporter and I want this site to grow ;)


Every Mode Pictures are at the bottom of the review(Every section have pictures) :)




  • Main Menu is the best we ever had, loading screens are very quick if you installed a game, this games Main Meny is way more fast than WWE 13's one
  • Every non-current superstar is locked and every current superstar is unlocked when you start a game
  • You can  EDIT  or Add your custom  music to Menu, if you don't like Otunga's music playing over and over again, you can delete it from menu (This Is Awesome)
  • Loading screens looks amazing, I like gameplay ones ;)



  • Gameplay feels different from WWE '13 (for those whos wondering)
  • The new knocked out animation looks amazing after finishers, OMG moments
  • You can't flood catching finisher(Y) anymore
  • If you are something like Orton, you will get "Corner Finisher" when your opponent is on the ground
  • Unlike in WWE 13 , there is a big difference with who you play, Andre The Giant is very slow and moves are generic and it feels different when you play with Jericho, Shield Etc.
  • Running graples/strikes running is better, people will not flood that too much
  • OMG Moves are good, I did DDT and smashed a head in the ring appron :)
  • Theres a new Pin-Bar, it goes slow but the line is far so if you miss, you will probably get pinned but when you have more damage, pin line will go fast
  • Resiliency is very helpful in I like it



  • A.I is more agressive this year
  • A.I is smarter this year
  • A.I don't flood OMG's anymore (thank god)
  • I got my ass kicked by John Cena on Legend difficulty and Cena have a new title win animation


  • I nearly  completed "Hulkamania Runs Wild" and so far this mode is very good
  • Tons of unlockables
  • Good presentation
  • It feels good and different controlling all these legends if you compare to current guys
  • If you loose WM 6 for e.g, Hogan will celebrate with both titles but then you will ger "Objective Failed"



  • You Can't have more than 1 team in Universe mode.
  • 1 MITB
  • When setting up Tag team rivalry, you don't have to make Tag team partners to feud, you can do "Taker and Marella Vs Orton and Bryan" and its awesome :)
  • You can make 3 rivalrys on RAW and 3 on SD
  • Tag team rivalry don't have to be RAW Vs RAW, you can make SD superstars Vs RAW superstars or One SD and One Raw Vs One SD and One RAW, so you can make SD VS RAW survivor series rivalry :)
  • SmackDown won't have any rivalrys at the start so if you don't add them, they will add by themselves


  • That thing was my favorite thing in WWE 13 and its EVEN BETTER this year :)
  • Gameplay sounds are delicious
  • Sounds in 30 of WM are decent, have no problems so far
  • Sounds of weapons are new
  • Sounds of moves are new


  • Nothing really new (faces,hair, clothes)
  • There is some new Roddy Piper logos
  • There is "Body Art" and its tattoos
  • There are new trunks designs such as old Cm Punk(I think its ROH) and Chris Jericho's "Save Me"
  • There are new Ring-announcer names
  • Twitter names looks good
  • No new commentary names
  • You can use HHH body on your Caw



  • This mode is very fun, I created some awesome attires
  • Superstars body looks weird in gameplay because of the waist that Caws has
  • There is a new Ref T-Shirt so its more easy to create for e.g Orton in Ref attire
  • 4 or 5 heads are locked at the start because you don't have any legend at the start of the game.
  • Some bodys are weird but HHH one is perfect
  • If you make your "Heads" as Alt attire, it will cost you a caw spot anyways




  • There is no "Superstar 01" anymore, there is something like "Angry Man"
  • Other superstar themes are called "Name WM **"
  • You can turn Off minitrons etc.
  • You can make 3MB with HHH minitron
  • You can switch motions
  • Theres minitron called "WWE" and its WWE logo with 2K background
  • Cm Punk Champion entrance is from last year


  • There some new stages (mostly WM ones)
  • My favorite Size for WM is the last one because it has that "billboard" near the crowd
  • Some new patterns for trons
  • There is 4 screen filters
  • 3 crowds (classic, Attitude, Modern)


  • Champioship creator is not as good as I expected, I was ready for more title "sizes" stuff but you just slam logos on them...
  • You can change color, put logos including custom ones
  • Just check pictures at the bottom of the review :)



  • Yes we can edit entrance attire
  • The Boy asked me if we can edit Ryback attire fully. YES :)
  • Superstars have more things editable
  • You don't have to wait while switching Ring/Entrance attires its faster than 1 second
  • Check pictures :)



  • Streak Mode is in 30 Years Of WM section
  • I tried to defeat the streak and first 2 minutes I dominated but then he did me a chokeslam and tombstone but kicked out and later he did his submission while reversing
  • Its very hard to defeat it
  • Defend the streak is slobberknocker style match


Q: Latino Heat: Check Eddie

A: I will when I will unlock him :)


Q: y2jjerichoholic: How often Superstars bleed?

A: Same as last year I think


Q: y2jjerichoholic: You can take someones minitron/sideplates off?

A: You can turn them off of change it to other wrestlers.


Q: King Mafia: Does Jericho have the undisputed title entrance outside of WM mode?

A: Jericho is still locked for me, I will edit that post when  I will unlock him


Q:Broski Barrage: Piper has his titantron and music for the superstar head model?

A: No at the moment that I play


Q: Silver Bullet:  how many superstars are unlocked from the start?

A: All current guys, non legends


Q: TheBoy Can we fully edit Ryback's attire?

A: Yes, Check pictures ;)


Q: rise. : The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy a theme in there?

A: No


Q: Hipster Showoff : Does Jericho have any new logos in CAW?

A: Save-Me trunks and Y2J blue pants


 Q:  Robstar : Cu stom soundtracks ?

A: YES!! You can edit them or add your custom :)






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                                                                                                                                  You can request Pics as well







I've a question, can we see more pictures of story designer and also two CAWs facing over a custom championship belt?

In Topic: [#37] Brodus Clay - WWE 2K14 Entrance and Finisher Video

12 October 2013 - 06:13 PM

Oh dear, well Brodus looks great in that outfit he has on, and with the hate but Cameron and Noami are same as last year, and don't look like them. 

Does that mean there not DLC either is the next question? How will that work if they are DLC?

Will we be able change them into this entrance if they are DLC?

In Topic: WWE 2K14 Info Leaked During Livestream

12 October 2013 - 01:00 PM

Anymore word on if this is a fake leak or what guys?

In Topic: WWEA - It's Coming...

12 October 2013 - 12:59 PM


Welcome, man


Welcome to the Hotel ;)

He isn´t new


Yes, he isn't new. But he's like how I was when I first joined. He just hung around for a while.


Unfortunately, since I moderate the official forums, hanging out on another forum making several posts a day would hurt my ability to do my job.

Also, while I make the WWEA story designs and therefore am certainly plugging it (I don't deny that - as said in the OP), doing so also plugs the creators that aid with their content. More importantly though, the point is to assist players in finding and enjoying content in more entertaining ways than just flipping through a menu. The purpose of the project is to develop a creative community, while entertaining the players at the same time - and I'm happy to put in the time and work to help.

No need for me to defend why this post is here, though. Time will be all the evidence the nay-sayers need. 

Until then, if you're a talented creator or player, feel free to hit me up or enjoy the content that's coming :)



I just wish they could reveal the Story Designer news today, I'm desperate to know what it is

In Topic: What if WWE 2K14 Gave us 100 CAW Slots?

07 October 2013 - 04:38 PM

Would be cool because 60% of my CAW roster turns out to be ECW members. I would like to add more.


Looks like we are gonna be able to add more then :D