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My Projected WWE 2K15 Divas Roster

08 August 2014 - 02:01 PM

It's been a while since I posted but I am back in action, at least for today I am. I have been looking up some other people's predicted and projected Divas rosters for WWE 2K15. In 8 days we will know for sure but here's my guesses as too who is in.


AJ Lee - IN (I believe she has been confirmed already) 

Aksana - NOT IN (She was released a month ago so a no there)

Alicia Fox - DLC (This is the one I'm most unsure about, I'm gonna say DLC, maybe)

Emma - DLC (I think will be DLC I'd imagine)

Brie Bella - IN

Nikki Bella - IN

Natalya - IN

Cameron- IN (I think confirmed already)

Noami - IN (Confirmed already)

Paige - IN (I think pretty likely to make the cut just in time)

Eva Marie - IN (Hopefully will be in, might be a DLC tho) 

Stephanie McMahon - IN (What model tho, retro?) 

Rosa Mendes - NOT IN (Will never be in a game sadly I feel)

Summer Rae - IN

Lita - IN

Tamina Snuka - IN


So that's 12 with 2 DLC, thoughts people?

Desperate For 100 CAW Slots In WWE 2K14

10 September 2013 - 02:46 PM

It seems unlikely that we will get 100 CAW slots, we havent any news on Creation Suite at all with less than 8 weeks until release, which too me indiciates no changes have been made


I am hoping that we get 100 CAW slots, year after year I come here asking 2k for this and on the 2k forums, year after year I am ignored


Does anyone else think this has a chance or no chance?

Story Designer Could Be Removed! Petition/Protest Thread

31 May 2013 - 12:36 PM



A minor leak from a source has been revealed. It reveals 2k plans to ditch story designer after 4 years having the mode


I use story designer mostly, 95% time, I see this as a disgrace and insult to myself and the community so it is with deep regret


that I start a protest , petition thread against WWE 14 until this rumour is confirmed or denied to date it has not been denied


it hasnt even been addressed



I urge all of this community to sign this petition, to voice their opposition to the removal of any game mode not just story designer


Also the other details in the leak show the game to look like a total flop 101 if you ask me



Please if you love WWE Games sign this and lets get story designer back in there soon as poss!



This is my first post here in months but probably most important. Even slight off chance this is true we need to know from 2k what is full story

Why Can't THQ Use Scenes From WWE 13 Attitude Era Mode & RTWM In WWE 12 As Story Designer Cutscenes?

05 December 2012 - 05:21 PM

Why Can't THQ Use Scenes From WWE 13 Attitude Era Mode & RTWM In WWE 12 As Story Designer Cutscenes?

Extreme apologises for the title length but I couldnt think of a way too shorten it without telling people what this new thread is all about.

With that said I was thinking of potential new cutscenes for WWE 14 for story designer then I thought why don't they save time and use some previous cutscenes from previous game??? Some of these are great, imagine if you could use some these, so I did some digging to show what I am talking about exactly, see below now









So why cant THQ use these scenes? I don't get it? Some of these would be awesome promo cutscenes for story designer, already made in WWE 12? Also there are attitude era mode WWE 13 cutscenes too for example

A great cutscene using the titantron, why cant they include these for WWE 14? Surely if they have the animations that would save them a massive amount of time?

If anyone can state a reason they cant please state below, and lets not have some jerk say "cos there's audio" you can take the audio out

Any and all responses welcome, THQ if any of you are reading these forums or any moderators please seriously consider this new idea


29 November 2012 - 03:48 PM

I am now about to put forth my Story Designer WWE 14 Suggestions having given the mode a fair chance in this version, by way I will be using this mode mostly so dont worry I will alert them to glitches if I find any. I actually was impressed by the CAW loading times for scenes - imagine that something positive about WWE 13 :o shock horror!

Anyway onto this thread. THQ did put in some new scenes, sure some title animation smacks need fixed and are bugged, I will put my faith in them to fix them. But most the new scenes work okay apart from major story designer sound issues and lack of sound I should say

Now I will make my suggestions for WWE 14, post below if you agree or disagree with me. Now as we all know 300 new scenes were added mostly to the following catergories Mid Match, Post Match, Pre Match and the new catergory Entrance which was needed and is an awesome addition so they did improve the mode for WWE 13 but they needa go further. These new scenes I suggest can also go into Universe 4.0 so your actually getting double use outta them so without further ado, my ideas

Diva - Add about 50 new Diva cutscenes, including, Diva Bikini Contest (this is still PG before anyone points out), Catfight Backstage, Diva Tag Showdown, Makeout Scene, Flirt With Referee, Diva Show Off, Diva Top Rope Dive, AJ Lee Skipping Around Ring, And other character specific scenes. Currently this section has only 12 scenes or so, far too few

Promo - Most IMPORTANT section to update, Add about 60 new Promo scenes including, or superstar talking into a mic, including CM Punk Pipebomb were he is sitting in ring with his legs crossed delivering a pipebomb, Cena Promo, arm movements of Cena, MITB Promo Red & Blue, MITB Winner standing in ring with briefcase, 3 way mic promo, 3 wrestlers moving around and cutting a promo, 4 way mic promo, and other Promos. Currently this section only has 20 or so cutscnes again overlooked and far too few

Prop - Also important, including new cutscenes, Debate w Podium, 2 superstars debate with a guy in middle to moderate, 6 way debate, same thing only 6 guys perhaps could use before MITB Ladder debating who will win. MITB V MITB, Both MITB Winners in the ring challenging each other to a match, Bar fight, a new location will be needed in a bar, two wrestlers fight using tables, beers in a long cutscene, hammer attack, superstar attacks with sledgehammer backstage. This section only has about 10 props including coffin ones and badly needs improved.

NEW SECTION* - MITB Cash In****-, 6 New cutscenes needed, including both red and blue briefcase cash ins, cash in with referee being dragged to ring, eg, D Bryan's cash in, slow walk to the ring cash in, epic cash in.

Union - Add 5 new cutscenes showing different types of unions and a few different handshake animations, including a hi 5 cutscene etc. Only slight improvement needed

Outside - Add 10 new scenes. Add a bar scene, a scene in another locker room with lockers, a new interview area with a TV in background, a shop fight

These are my ideas for a close to perfect story designer with lot more this is a rough overview. Any ideas please post below!!