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Guess Who?

02 May 2015 - 08:53 PM

I know, I come and go :(

Wanted to say i miss everyone here and my old buddies and welcome to the best site to the new members :)


So anyways I'm sorry I've been gone so long.. and leaving and coming back..

Just been busy with work and you know.. Anyways I have two twitters.. @Latino_Heat1 and @KiddGuitarist90 (YouTube Twitter)


And my youtube is YouTube.com/thatkiddguitarist

support me please? :)

I'm starting to make videos again and im trying my best to make fun videos


If you have a youtube comment on my video(s) so I can check them out as well :)


I want to thank the owners of this wonderful website for having me here :)

Can't believe i was member since Aug 24, 2011 :')

I remember watching Andy's video of a wwe game on youtube and after that i saw this site and i joined and im glad i saw the video

but might come and go again and i will come visit here again and i am sorry :(


RIP Eddie Guerrero, You already know... much love vato locoooos!

GTA Online: Some Fun Plays I had made :)

27 August 2014 - 09:48 PM

Not sure I post it here, But I would like to share this few fun matches I made and Would like you guys to check it out for me :)

The first one is the most fun played race :)


Downhill Race



Fun Prison Deathmatch



Lost Island Deathmatch



Lost Island Deathmatch 2



Mile High Club Deathmatch



Concert Deathmatch



WWE 2K15 - Eddie Guerrero??

27 August 2014 - 09:12 PM

Sorry guys That I haven't been on lately.. I don't have a computer nomore and also I work like 3rd shift :(

So I'll be on and off :( I miss my old buddies and Hope you guys are still active :P


I hope they add Eddie Guerrero and hope is not the Latino Heat era time.. I really wanted his last current but I'll be fine with this WWE SvR 2006 attire.

A saying about Eddie Guerrero..

06 January 2014 - 10:52 PM

I was going to make a Eddie Guerrero but I didn't cause I got mad cause what they do with him, Same damn model and it's a Attitude Era model and comes out with a low rider and only one song!! and noticed what they added where you can edit/add clothes to wwe superstars.. It would of been nice of WWE/Yukes/2K Sports to added Eddie Guerrero model (with short hair That would of been ok with me and having another song "Viva la raza" ) in the Creat a wwe superstar where you can add your own stuff on them like the wwe superstars john cena, DB, chris J, ETC.. BUT NO... Those stupid WWE/yukes/2k company sucks, lazy monkey butts..* ..


*sorry for my typing language*.. :(


and sorry if its in the wrong section..

So I got WWE 2k14 this xmas

31 December 2013 - 11:15 AM

I was happy,But once I played it and Looked what was in it.. I was soo disappointed :(

Thought was going to be good but no.. Oh well.. Nomore WWE games for me not even 2k15,

I hate yukes, wwe and 2k sports :P

I should of gotten SR4 :P

That's is all i wanted to share lol.